The Allure of Entrepreneurship for Seasoned Professionals

Embracing Entrepreneurship in Later Years

Entrepreneurship, often associated with the vigor of youth, is proving to be an increasingly attractive avenue for older adults. The landscape is evolving, with individuals aged 55 to 64 constituting a substantial 22.8% of entrepreneurs in 2021, as reported by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation. Beyond stereotypes, the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor notes a rising trend of business ventures initiated by adults in their 40s and beyond across the U.S., U.K., France, and Germany. This shift challenges the notion that entrepreneurship is exclusively a young person’s game.

Pioneering Trends in Later-Life Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship’s Demographic Shift

Contrary to common perceptions, the entrepreneurial sphere is no longer dominated solely by the younger demographic. Statistics reveal a significant uptick in businesses founded by individuals aged 45 and over. This demographic shift signifies a departure from the conventional narrative, emphasizing the growing allure of entrepreneurship for those with a wealth of life experience.

Exploring Entrepreneurship Trends Across Borders

Analyzing the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s findings, it becomes evident that the surge in later-life entrepreneurship is not confined to a specific region. The U.S., U.K., France, and Germany collectively witness a transformative wave, where older adults are actively contributing to the entrepreneurial landscape. This international perspective challenges preconceived notions about the age limitations of venturing into business.

Motivations and Opportunities

Extended Careers and Changing Priorities

As life expectancy increases, so does the length of one’s career. By 2034, individuals aged 65 and above are projected to outnumber those aged 18 and below in the U.S., reshaping traditional career trajectories. The 40-year linear career is becoming obsolete, giving rise to more flexible, non-linear paths. For older adults, entrepreneurship emerges as a compelling option when priorities shift towards flexibility, fulfillment, and potential caregiving responsibilities.

Experience: A Precious Asset

Older professionals, armed with a treasure trove of skills and experiences, possess a distinct advantage when venturing into entrepreneurship. Financial stability, a deep understanding of personal strengths and weaknesses, and an extensive professional network contribute to the viability of starting a business later in life. This unique set of assets makes the leap into entrepreneurship a calculated and strategic move.

Strategizing Entrepreneurial Ventures in Later Years

Planning for entrepreneurship in the later stages of one’s career involves a meticulous approach. Crafting a strategic business plan that aligns with personal values, skills, and market needs is paramount. Furthermore, recognizing the potential for a phased entry into entrepreneurship, such as through a side hustle, can serve as a prudent risk mitigation strategy.

The Innovation Advantage

Innovation in the Later Years

Research suggests that entrepreneurs who embark on their journey later in life (50 years and above) play a pivotal role in introducing groundbreaking innovations. The Research Policy journal outlines that older founders are more inclined to disrupt markets by introducing novel products and services. With every additional decade, the likelihood of introducing market novelties increases by up to 30%, highlighting the innovation potential inherent in later-career entrepreneurs.

Fostering a Culture of Innovation

Encouraging innovation in later-life entrepreneurship involves cultivating a workplace culture that values creativity and welcomes diverse perspectives. Establishing mentorship programs that connect seasoned entrepreneurs with aspiring innovators can further enhance the exchange of ideas, fostering an environment conducive to groundbreaking advancements.

Entrepreneurship vs. Corporate Jobs

Challenges in Corporate Sectors

Age discrimination remains a prevalent issue in corporate environments, with over 40% of employees above 40 reporting such experiences in the last three years. This discrimination, coupled with the inherent instability of corporate jobs—underscored by mass layoffs in recent years—positions entrepreneurship as an appealing alternative.

Seeking Meaningful Work and Autonomy

AARP’s survey indicates that job seekers prioritize meaningful work, with 90% emphasizing the importance of purpose in their employment. As traditional job security diminishes, the autonomy and flexibility offered by entrepreneurship become increasingly attractive, providing a pathway to meaningful work in the later stages of one’s career.

Entrepreneurial Resilience in the Face of Economic Uncertainty

Navigating the unpredictable landscape of entrepreneurship requires a resilient mindset. Unlike corporate jobs, where layoffs are commonplace, entrepreneurs have the autonomy to pivot, adapt, and innovate in response to economic challenges. This adaptability fosters a sense of control and resilience, crucial attributes in an ever-evolving business landscape.

Embracing Entrepreneurship at Any Career Stage

Regardless of career stage or proximity to retirement, the call of entrepreneurship beckons. Crafting a well-defined plan, setting clear goals, and taking measured steps can mitigate risks while leveraging the wealth of experience, skills, and connections accumulated over the years.

Entrepreneurship as a Solution to the Gender Pay Gap: The Complex Reality for Women

In the ongoing battle against the gender pay gap, entrepreneurship emerges as a potential solution. It offers the promise of both financial independence and flexibility, making it an attractive choice for women seeking to balance their careers with family life. However, as we delve into the stories of women entrepreneurs, it becomes clear that this path is far from perfect. Madeline Reeves, a small business owner, shares her insights on this matter, shedding light on the complexities that women face when they decide to embark on the entrepreneurial journey.

The Choice of Entrepreneurship

For many women, entrepreneurship represents a conscious choice, a decision to chart their own paths. They seek the elusive balance of career and family, something that conventional corporate roles often struggle to provide. This choice is marked by ambition and a desire for both financial stability and personal freedom.

The Sacrifices and Challenges

  • Limited Financial Stability: The financial stability that a traditional job provides can be notably absent for women entrepreneurs like Brandelyn Green, the founder of Voice of Hair. In the early stages of entrepreneurship, the consistent paycheck of a corporate job can be sorely missed.
  • The Balancing Act: Entrepreneurship doesn’t eradicate the age-old juggling act between making a living and maintaining a flexible schedule. Women entrepreneurs, while gaining control over their work hours, often encounter the challenge of keeping their businesses profitable.

The Decision for Family

  • Returning to Work: Sophie Blake, a jewelry designer and business owner, found herself compelled to return to work shortly after giving birth. As the face of her business, she was expected to be present in her store.
  • Reevaluation and Online Transition: However, Sophie Blake’s story took a different turn. About a year ago, she decided to close her physical store and transition to an online-only model. Her family became her priority, and the quest for a balanced life took precedence over profit.

Prioritizing Family Over Finances

The experiences of these women underscore a common theme among women entrepreneurs. They prioritize family time over the pursuit of maximum income. This personal choice stems from the belief that family moments are invaluable and irreplaceable.


In conclusion, entrepreneurship can be an empowering path for women, offering them both financial compensation and the freedom to manage their own schedules. Yet, it’s essential to recognize that this journey is deeply individual. The decisions women make are influenced by a multitude of factors, not least of which is the desire to balance entrepreneurship with family life.

Empowering Women in Small Business Financing

A Historical Perspective on Women’s Access to Business Capital

Not too long ago, women who aspired to secure business capital faced a daunting reality: they were often required to have a male relative co-sign their loan applications. It was a challenging era for women entrepreneurs. However, significant strides have been made since 1988 when this restrictive law was revised. Despite the progress, gender disparities in accessing financial resources continue to persist, spanning the realms of investor equity and traditional bank loans.

Gender Disparities in Venture Capital and Global Challenges

The gender gap in venture capital funding in the United States remains a critical issue. In the past year, women-founded companies received a meager share, accounting for less than 3% of the total capital invested in venture-backed startups. The situation is even more severe on a global scale. According to data from Goldman Sachs, women-owned small and medium-sized enterprises worldwide face a daunting gender credit gap, estimated at a staggering $1.5 trillion. These numbers underscore the significant challenges that women entrepreneurs continue to encounter.

A Milestone for Women-Owned Small Businesses

In fiscal year 2023, the Small Business Administration (SBA) reached a remarkable milestone in its support for women-owned small businesses. The SBA approved loans that surpassed the $5 billion mark, representing approximately 21.3% of all loans extended to small businesses. These statistics are a testament to the growing influence of women entrepreneurs in the business ecosystem. The latest data from the Census Bureau’s Annual Business Survey also reveals a positive trend, with 21.4% of employer-owned businesses being led by women.

The Biden Administration’s “Bidenomics” Initiative

While the $5 billion loan volume in fiscal year 2023 did not exceed the peak of $5.7 billion in 2021, the Biden administration is actively promoting this achievement as part of its “Bidenomics” initiative, particularly in anticipation of the next year’s election. The 21% share of loan volume is a significant milestone and reinforces the commitment to economic equity.

A Commitment to Economic Equity

SBA Administrator Isabel Guzman has expressed unwavering support for women-owned small businesses, emphasizing their pivotal role in driving America’s historic small business boom. The Biden-Harris Administration remains dedicated to ensuring that women receive the necessary capital and resources to build resilient businesses, thereby contributing to job creation and fueling the economy. In Guzman’s words, “Bidenomics is about growing our economy equitably.”

Remarkable Growth in SBA Loans to Women-Owned Small Businesses

The SBA’s efforts have resulted in remarkable growth in loans to women-owned small businesses. In fiscal year 2023, over 13,059 SBA 7(a) and 504 loans were granted to these businesses, marking a substantial increase from the 7,715 loans in 2020. The total loan volume exceeded $5.18 billion, demonstrating a remarkable 61% growth compared to 2020.

Impact of Women Entrepreneurs on the Economy

Quantifying the real-time impact of women entrepreneurs on the economy can be challenging. Nevertheless, their businesses make significant contributions. Women-owned businesses generate an estimated $1.9 trillion in receipts, provide employment for 10.9 million people, and have an annual payroll of $432.1 billion, according to the Census. This data, available through calendar year 2020, underscores the pivotal role women entrepreneurs play in shaping the business landscape.

Challenges in the Current Credit Environment

The SBA’s accomplishments come in the midst of one of the most challenging credit environments in recent history. The Federal Reserve has raised interest rates by more than 5% in a year, resulting in small business loan rates reaching double-digit percentages. A survey by Goldman Sachs’s 10,000 Small Businesses Voices indicated that 78% of small business owners are concerned about access to capital. More than half (53%) of them cannot afford a loan at the current interest rates.

The SBA’s Lending Programs

The SBA’s pivotal lending programs play a crucial role in supporting small businesses. The 7(a) loan program provides guarantees to lenders offering financing to small businesses, with loans available for amounts up to $5 million. Meanwhile, the SBA’s 504 loans provide long-term, fixed-rate financing of up to $5.5 million, primarily directed at major fixed asset purchases.

Sweat It Out Podcast is Quickly Rising as the Top Discussion Hub for Health, Fitness, and Entrepreneurship

With a vision to encourage, motivate, and inspire people to maximize their potentials to the highest level, Anthony Mendez and Josh Evans took the initiative to establish a discussion hub where thought-provoking conversations can take place, and listeners can gain insights and inspiration. The iconic duo spearheads the Sweat It Out podcast as the best avenue for health, fitness, and entrepreneurship discussions.

Sweat It Out is a rising platform where hosts discuss educational, high-energy, health-driven, business-hungry, and high-value-hitting topics. Each conversation is designed to impact people’s lives in the most positive ways possible by helping them discover and maximize their true potentials in life.

The two visionaries behind the rising podcast movement are Anthony Mendez and Josh Evans. Both professionals have worked in the health and fitness industry for more than 11 years, respectively. Throughout a decade in their career, each of them has mastered the ins and outs of the health and fitness business industry. The two hosts have championed leading a high-performing business. 

As their way of giving back to the community, Anthony and Josh have committed to helping others achieve their fitness and business goals through the Sweat It Out podcast. The vision behind the podcast is geared towards guiding people in maintaining success and happiness in life. The discussions take into account how uncomfortability, failure and other challenges ultimately lead to success. It also serves to remind listeners about the immense control they have over their lives and the decisions they take in pursuing their goals. 

In the podcast, Anthony and Josh dive up-close and personal into their experiences. From massive challenges and failures to small and large victories, they discuss everything to deliver an impactful insight on how intention can be set for lofty goals. The hosts will discuss different ways of achieving anything a person puts his or her mind into through determination and coming up with a plan of action. 

On top of being informative, educational, and insightful, the podcast ensures delivering entertaining episodes, bringing the best and the brightest professionals in their respective fields to fuel the discussions and provide access into the daily life of high-performing entrepreneurs. Top entrepreneurs and personalities such as David Meltzer, Kevin Curry, Michael Chernow, Tim Kennedy, and more have been featured in the podcast and have discussed the different formulas they have used to attain their version of success. Some of the most notable sessions include those with American Football star Chris Gronkowski, leading sports specialist Dr. John Rusin, Kettlebell Kings’ Master Trainer Marcus Martinez, coach Kenny Santucci, and many more.

Indeed, Sweat It Out is quickly becoming the top health and fitness podcast as it gains thousands of listeners from different parts of the world. Its recent inception has not stopped it from gradually becoming a household name in the podcast arena and making a lasting impact on its listeners. 

To know more about the Sweat It Out podcast and its engaging sessions featuring the best of the best, you may check it out on Apple Podcast or Spotify.

Positive B White on Keeping a Positive Mindset While Building His Brand

Children dream of becoming many things at an early age as the possibilities are endless for youthful minds. However, as they grow older, they become more uncertain of what they want to do as they near adulthood. Positive B White was sixteen when he shared this dilemma, and it wasn’t until he worked for his uncle that Positive B White knew what he wanted to do.

Born in the heart of Atlanta, Positive B White was raised in Lithonia, Georgia, where he filled his childhood with sports. He participated in basketball, football, baseball, and even track, which taught him the value of teamwork. Positive B would attend five different elementary schools before graduating from Stephenson Middle and High school. During that time, he would end up working for his uncle’s business.

It was Positive B White’s uncle Mike who gave him the entrepreneurship mindset he has today. Uncle Mike ran a business, alongside many of their family members, and Positive B saw the impact his uncle was making with their family and community. He knew he wanted to start a brand or business that could allow him to do the same. 

After high school, Positive B White was recruited into D-1 college by UNC Wilmington and Hampton University. He decided to attend the University of West Georgia, where he would graduate with a Bachelor’s in Business Marketing/Advertising. He would also go on to get a Bachelor’s degree in Aviation Management from Clayton University.

After college, Positive B started his entrepreneurial journey. Taking inspiration from his uncle, he set his brand to focus on positive images within his community and others, promoting individuals and companies making strides to change the narrative. 

He created Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising in 2014, a company that advertises individuals and companies staying positive and following their passion. The brand offers superior advertising and promotional services, specializing in internet-based advertising through social media, company websites, YouTube, and many more.

Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising helps communities and small businesses get more online presence. They provide affordable advertising and promotional services that include social media publicity and various online and internet-based opportunities. The brand instills confidence within their clients to allow them to walk in faith. By partnering with Positive Passionate Motivated Advertising, clients receive the opportunity to utilize their access to podcasts and radio promotions. They aim to provide value to their clients and help them successfully push forward with their future endeavors.

While it may seem that Positive B White got into the industry with a good start, not many know about the adversity he faced. Early on, Positive B struggled with financing his business. He made the decision not to take out any loans to finance his business. Instead, he worked several jobs over the years, saving tax returns, working overtime, and even delaying starting a family to fund his business.

In the end, the struggle paid off as his hard work, preparation, and perseverance made everything possible. Positive B White attributes his success to a positive mindset, a strong passion for his craft, and staying motivated as he navigated adversity.

To learn more about Positive B White, you may visit his website.

Entrepreneur Brittany Whitaker Emphasizes the Importance of Vision and Dedication in Finding Success

To believe that successful entrepreneurs who went on to dominate the industry were just lucky enough to do so undermines the hard work and perseverance that these powerhouses religiously observed on their rise to the top. But it is a common misconception and has led to people not exerting the necessary effort to improve themselves and expand their ventures.

Brittany Whitaker used to have this kind of mindset. But, numerous firsthand business experiences gave her the chance to see that, more than anything else, hard work is one of the most significant determinants of success. And now, she serves as an icon of hope for others, giving testimonials to the power of working hard and wanting something hard enough.

This entrepreneur behind a successful Amazon enterprise has always demonstrated an inclination for business, and her entrepreneurial knack is profoundly demonstrated in how she enjoys learning about running a venture.

As a female business owner, she is privy to the fact that a lot of women feel that their options are limited. For some, establishing a business may not even be a choice. But her tale of commercial victory will prove that even for those staying at home, dreams can find fruition.

For this Amazon seller, it all started when her family moved back to northern Nevada after her husband graduated with a degree in Veterinary at Washington State. They bought a farm, capitalizing on a new veterinarian’s salary that could only go so far. As they planted twenty thousand dollars worth of seed, the picture that Brittany saw on her head is that of money being blown into the wind. 

With that image in mind, Brittany followed the recommendation of Jason Stone from Millionaire Mentor. She watched a webinar on starting an Amazon business and banked on what she learned to craft a business pitch. The commercial venture she was able to design earned a go signal from her husband, jumpstarting the establishment of their company.  

Brittany currently offers wholesale products through the Amazon business she has founded. She takes pride in her inventory that consists of products that are part of everyone’s everyday needs as well as in the way her company treats its employees. With her strong belief in prioritizing people over profits, Brittany makes sure that the individuals she works with are provided with the utmost respect.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy endeavor, and it has provided Brittany with a lot of learning insights that she is ready to share with others. One of the greatest lessons she gained revolves around the importance of having a support system. Running a business alone is near impossible, and one should not hesitate to pay the right amount for the help of experts who can provide guidance in terms of bringing in one’s desired results. 

More significantly, she has surmised that business is not exclusive to the lucky ones. Brittany believes that, as long as dedication and hard work are present, anyone can reach the goals they want to achieve. 

Know more about Brittany Whitaker by visiting her website and Instagram page. 

Joseph Song’s come up and path to success

Joseph Song is an entrepreneur from Southern California who has been independent and making money for himself since he was 16 years old. Joseph’s main business is YouTube Automation where he runs cash cow channels and outsources all of the content. He found the motivation to start his own business and choose a non-traditional path because he saw other successful entrepreneurs his age making good money online. Joseph has always wanted to be his own boss and has a brand but never knew how to take the leap to start that journey until he got the inspiration from others doing it.

We live in a world where all the knowledge we could ever need to know is at our fingertips all day long. Technology is evolving every day, and in order to stay current and run a successful business, each entrepreneur needs to follow and adapt to the changes in technology. Joseph Song’s business is in YouTube Automation and he started this because of the income he was generating through affiliate marketing, ads, course sales, and services. He soon realized that this did not take up nearly as much time as managing a Shopify store because the majority of the income was passive. Like any businessman, Joseph saw the value of having multiple passive sources of income which allows him to dedicate his time to other business ventures.

When starting his own business, Joseph Song wanted to gain as much knowledge about the industry as possible, analyze his competition, and figure out how his business can stand out. He noticed that the YouTube videos he was already watching were pretty easy to make, dove into their analytics, and was inspired by seeing that they were making 6 figures off ad revenue by posting these videos. Joseph made the decision to start his own business and channel and hire freelancers to create and outsource the videos for him from a scriptwriter, video editor, and thumbnail designer. Joseph Song knew that in order to succeed he had to revamp his strategies and invest in mentorship to help him get through the obstacles that come with entrepreneurship.

One of the biggest challenges Joseph Song faced on his journey to entrepreneurship was his parents. Living in an Asain household, it was difficult for Joseph to convince his parents to let him not take the typical path of being a full-time entrepreneur and not going to school. Something Joseph struggled with talking to his parents about his goals to focus on being a full-time entrepreneur and taking that risk while pushing the comforts of a college education aside. Despite all the obstacles along the way, it is Joseph Song’s determination and belief in himself that put him on the path to success and he is just getting started. To learn more about Joseph and his YouTube Automation business, click here.

Dr. Velma Trayham is the Beacon of Hope and Success for the African American Community

The Black community has been treated poorly for ages, wherein racial discrimination is rampant. In this generation, some may be more accepting, but the fight is not over. Dr. Velma Trayham is ready to fight in the battle with words as her weapon. 

Dr. Velma Trayham is an entrepreneur and the founder of multiple businesses. She garnered awards as one of the outstanding entrepreneurs. Currently, she is the owner and CEO of Thinkzilla Consulting Group. Their agency provides innovative solutions for the branding and marketing industry. Their offices are situated in Atlanta, Houston, and Los Angeles. Thinkzilla Consulting Group has helped numerous companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Some of these are Atlanta Business League, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company, NASCAR, and the University of Phoenix.

Aside from being a businesswoman, Dr. Trayham is the voice of hope and change in the United States. She is an empowerment expert, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader who has led 4,600 women to succeed in their fields through her program, Millionaire Mastermind Academy. She mentored these women to be the best versions of themselves and start turning their dreams into reality. Dr. Trayham authored a book entitled When God Says So, which sold more than 400,000 copies. 

Dr. Trayham aims to empower and inspire women of color to succeed in the business world. She established a non-profit organization that helped more than 5,000 women. She wants to serve as an example to African Americans and minorities as someone who has pulled through poverty. Dr. Trayham is no stranger to poverty as she was exposed to it while growing up in Houston, Texas. A change of mindset and garnering will power helped her pass through all the hurdles in her life. She then chose to follow the voice of God and left her hometown to help others. 

Recently, Dr. Trayham is in Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Velma Trayham, a talk show wherein she gives insights and wisdom that most people need during trying moments, such as this COVID-19 pandemic. The show will be aired by AIB Tv network on Fridays, through cable systems of Comcast Channel 295 and AT&T U-verse Channel 6, for Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Through this platform, Dr. Trayham will be able to reach more than 2 million households. Her reach widens even more as her show is also accessible through AIB offers streaming services for all devices through Dr. Trayham’s empowering empire now stretches to different corners of the world. 

Dr. Trayham hopes to build more blueprints of entrepreneurial success for the next generations to inherit. She hopes that in the years to come, she will be able to establish more businesses in the hotel industry, wherein only 2% of African Americans take part. Also, she aims to build her network to give an avenue to economic stability and an increase in job availability. 

Her battle to create more opportunities and open more doors for people of color in the business world has just begun. Head on to her Facebook and official website to accompany her on her journey to empowerment. 

Deron Keeton: Successful Businessmen and Women Securing Financial Freedom with Cash Flow University

Cash Flow University is a company that teaches entrepreneurs how to open multiple streams of income for business ventures in several fields. With connections within countless industries of business, it will become one of the leading companies in the country that provides blueprints about financial literacy. Whatever the venture—real estate, e-commerce, online businesses, investment opportunities, and traditional business—Cash Flow University has experts who are well-versed in managing their finances. 

The company’s CEO, Deron Keeton, has had the opportunity to work with many businessmen and women and has been a part of their successes. Deron began this entrepreneurial venture after realizing that he could do more if he pushed the boundaries. He formerly worked as a personal trainer and was adept at what he did. Deron loved his job, but he had other plans for himself. He wanted to do different things like taking a vacation and  spending more time with family and friends. Being pinned down by a full-time job under an employer was not helping him realize that desire. “I knew I had to make a change,” he said.

So Deron took advantage of the changing landscape of business, often characterized by the shift to cyberspace. He began to look into online business opportunities and studied its mechanisms. Several months later, he found an opening and invested in the venture. It reaped the rewards after just ten months. “I was making more money residually, in my sleep, than I was making at my full-time job.”

Deron primarily attributes this unprecedented success to an interest that started when he was young. He read numerous books about entrepreneurship and grew to love the possibilities of being an entrepreneur. Even as a college dropout, Deron was never disheartened. He knew that he was never meant for academic superiority; he didn’t want to fit into the same mold as everyone. Realizing that, he found himself on a path that he was always destined to take. 

As the founder of Cash Flow University, Deron looks to inspire others to create a life by design while also providing the necessary education to thrive in the business world. He has opened a portal for many people to unlock the doors of their planned venture. Deron asks others the same two questions he asked himself long ago: “If time and money weren’t an issue, what would your ideal life look like?” and “Is what you’re currently doing ever going to create that life for you?”

To Deron, knowing the answer to the questions is almost always the beginning of one’s path toward success. Deep down, he knew the answer to the questions, acted on it, and succeeded. Deron plans to share this with others.

Cash Flow University does not fall short of community service as well. Its community service branch, The Cash Flow U Foundation, donates relevant causes of the international community. As much as 20% of their sales are given to causes like malnutrition and the prevention of child sex trafficking. 

Led by a dynamic leader, Cash Flow University is sure to capture the public’s eye. The plan to expand its operations is within reach. 

For more information about Cash Flow University, visit their website. Stay updated about Deron Keeton by following his Instagram account (@deron.keeton) and Cash Flow’s Instagram (

Reach Digital Mkt Helps Their Clients Reach Greater Heights Through Sophisticated Social Media Marketing

Reach Digital Mkt is a business built by two siblings, a brother and a sister born and raised in Mexico City. Tere, who is a graphic designer by profession, and Mauricio, who is a business manager, both siblings have always had a passion for entrepreneurship ever since they were children. Until now, they have always been looking for new opportunities and new markets to expand on.

Nowadays, their focus is on delivering client results through automation with chatbots and building databases. They have seen a great need for brands and organizations to establish a more open and fluid communication with their clients, which ultimately drives their sales.

Reach Digital Mkt’s philosophy is rooted in the importance of adapting and thriving in a technologically demanding world. Businesses should be ahead of the curve and always seek innovation opportunities, and that’s what Reach Digital Mkt brings to their beloved clients.

At such a young age, Mauricio has worked in different projects and companies, and he believes that everything can be sold to a client with the right approach. Meanwhile, Tere has also worked with a lot of different brands, and she understands that each brand must have a unique identity to distinguish them among the rest.

Utilizing the breadth of both their experiences, the siblings have managed to bring all their knowledge and skills into their own company, Reach Digital Mkt. This is why as a team, they believe that working with clients and growing with them together is extremely valuable. They give a more personalized and more intimate approach to working with their clients, fostering great client relationships and allowing seamless communication on both ends.

With this approach, Reach Digital Mkt is able to create highly personalized client results based on their clients’ demands. They help companies create a well-structured marketing plan and help companies grow as big as they want. Fully utilizing the power of technology, they use chatbots and social media in order to create a strong connection between businesses and consumers.

They have an automated service that works 24/7, allowing their clients to focus on other tasks rather than mainly attracting customers. Most businesses are already on Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, and Messenger, so they want their clients to also corner the social media market in order to get a huge slice of the potential market.

In Mexico and the United States, Reach Digital Mkt wants to make its clients thrive within the competitive business industry by utilizing classic techniques with an innovative twist. Their results pretty much speak for themselves; they have potentially created a system where a business can thrive with little to no human intervention through their personalized chatbots.

Business owners and companies alike no longer have to stare at their screens 24/7 to make their money. With Reach Digital Mkt’s elegant solution, they can make money even while they sleep so they can focus on other business operations and strengthen their e-commerce strategies.

With both siblings Tere and Mauricio at the helm of Reach Digital Mkt, it’s clear to see how their combined experience and teamwork have greatly developed into a wildly successful company that helps other businesses thrive in the digital space. It’s safe to say that there’s no one else doing it better than these two siblings in the e-commerce game.

To know more about Reach Digital Mkt, check out their official website.