Cloé Luv on Breaking Barriers and Bridging Gaps With Passion Projects

Although women have made great strides in gaining access to different sectors in society, the struggle for equality continues as they face significant hurdles that men generally do not encounter.

Passionate about sparking parity, Cloé Luv envisions bridging any gap to ensure everyone duly gets their chance to pursue their dreams. Emboldened by her vision, she marches forward and takes the patriarchal society down with three of the world’s most transformative ventures – Brook Brovaz, Women With Voices, and Cloe’s Corner.

Being one of the foremost advocates of women empowerment, Cloé proves herself worthy of her sterling reputation by stepping up and turning her visions into a reality. But despite her exceptional philanthropic and humanitarian works, the visionary is most known for her accomplishment in the music industry as the first and the youngest African American woman to own and operate a music production company – Brook Brovaz.

The well-renowned musical studio is orchestrated by a team of celebrated music composers who have worked with the hottest as well as up and coming multi-platinum Grammy award-winning artists. With its exceptionally sterling reputation, Brook Brovaz has some of its esteemed compositions used by today’s most popular television shows, films, and advertisements around the world.

Impressing the music industry with Brook Brovaz, Cloé Luv decided to take her vision to a whole new level by creating Women With Voices – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization geared towards helping a large number of women achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. Addressing crucial issues such as mental health, sexual liberation, financial literacy, and family life, the organization stands as a haven for protecting the rights of women. Although it was created to cater to women’s needs, Women With Voices is a movement open to everyone who supports the cause. 

Regarded as the representative for the new face of America, Cloé Luv has also caught the attention of Michael Bloomberg’s team with her entrepreneurial acumen as well as her outstanding work with Cloé’s Corner. Before the suspension of the presidential campaign, Cloé was appointed as Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Cloé’s Corner was used as the official Brooklyn field office. And being the frontier of the campaign, Cloé was given unprecedented access to the ear of Bloomberg’s team regarding how the presidential candidate can serve women and other minorities. 

Cloé’s Corner began as a passion project that eventually blew up into a massive community of women from different backgrounds. It is now popularly known as the go-to professional space for female entrepreneurs who dream of making it big in their respective careers. 

Initially being just a dull and flat storefront property nestled in the Boerum Hill section Of downtown Brooklyn, Cloé gave her space a complete makeover. Grounded on her mission of empowering business-minded individuals, she then turned it into a colorful and lively avenue where ethnically and financially disadvantaged women are given the support they need. 

Giving women an accessible, collaborative environment, Cloé’s Corner has quickly become the ideal workspace for conducting lectures, training, and other mentorship programs. And intending to reach out to as many women as possible, she created We Uplift Women (WuW) annunciation “WOO” – a social and digital platform for women by women where they will come together, blog, share ideas, businesses, newsletters and interact with each other in the community. Through this digital platform, women can enjoy more convenience with readily available online resources.

As an entrepreneurial icon, dedicated activist, and music extraordinaire, Cloé Luv is transforming the world one brave act at a time. She encourages everyone to use their voices and to speak up for those who can’t. 

To know more about Cloé and all her projects, you may visit her website.