Tony V. Is an Artist You Should Be Looking Out for This Year

The next artist to watch can come from any direction. After all, every year has become so exciting with more acts that have the potential to define the sound of the decade. Michael Antonio Almeida, or as what he’s known for right now, Tony V., is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, disc jockey, and music producer, and he is definitely an artist to watch out for this year.

If you ask Tony V. if he’d expect to be where he is now, the answer is no. In fact, he did not even expect himself to be the kind to make a career in music. Born in Manhattan, New York, and raised on the island of Puerto Rico, he set out on a path and served with the United States Marines for ten years. He then decided to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Human Services to pave the way for his mission to serve and help his community. He worked with non-profit organizations to help and set an example for troubled youths. Then the rest of his life unfolded right in front of him.

While getting to know himself more and finding out what he really wanted in his life, he chose to switch his major to an MBA in marketing, and later on, Tony V. found himself fulfilling his passion and pursuing a career in music.

This year, he released his first album, 0703, which featured 11 songs in its tracklist. Releasing three more singles after that, “Ride For You,” “It’s A Vibe,” and “How Do You Sleep,” he saw the potential he had and committed to further his career as a musician and be heard by more people.

With a strong music influence ever since he was young, Tony V. is well-versed in any music genre. His discography shows hints of his influence in RnB, pop, hip-hop, rap, Latin music, and more. He is bilingual and can speak in both English and Spanish, allowing him to go beyond one market. Aside from that, what sets him apart is his energy, experience, wisdom as well as the way he tells his story through his music.

While he always had a mission to inspire others and make a difference, he was able to do all that with music. Known for having a big heart, he is able to connect with others in ways that cannot be expressed. He is rooted by many of his peers in the music industry for his down-to-earth personality and sense of humor. Besides his ability to create, produce, and develop his own music, it is his attitude that makes all the difference.

Today, Tony V. is working on developing his craft, working on several music videos, and cooking up something to once again put his name out there. He does all this while making sure he is able to connect with his fans and genuinely reach a bigger audience. Reaching the top of the charts is the goal, but along with that, he wants to encourage others, share his life experiences and values for those who wanted to succeed, just as he did.

Keep up with his album releases and listen to his music through his LinkTree and Instagram.