Kaden Asher Captured Global Audiences and Empowers Minorities

Many upcoming artists have truly maximized the strengths of online platforms to showcase their talents and skills. But while some are struggling to find their niche, others like Kaden Asher are rising to the top. The artist is best known for empowering content and comedy across Twitter, YouTube, and numerous live streams. Today, Kaden focuses on using his influence to tackle pressing issues.

Kaden Asher was born as Randolph Stoughton in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 12, 1996. And he has come a long way since he released his first video on October 24, 2017. He has transitioned and discovered his talents in music. Kaden has been passionate about creating songs that speak to diverse audiences across the globe. As he was starting to make waves in the music industry, Kaden encountered many upcoming artists, including Molly Moore, creator of the popular EP Piece of My Heart. Soon after, he was able to drop his first album entitled Rebirth.

The artist has dropped multiple albums since his debut. Along his journey as a music artist, Kaden Asher met Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter. Eventually, the attention he received from the music icon led to the production of his second album called Awakening. Later on, Kaden produced his third album named Inverted Creations. With his steady momentum in producing music combined with profound lyrics, Kaden made it clear that he was made to last in the industry for a long time. 

Since then, Kaden Asher has grown his presence in the digital space. His videos generated combined views of 30,000 and reached a global audience. But beyond his unique flow, it was the messages carried in his songs that truly captivated music lovers and led them to appreciate who Kaden is.

On top of being a one-of-a-kind music artist, Kaden Asher is also known for taking action in community causes and issues. The artist is an avid mentor for domestic violence victims. He also advocated for the members of the LGBTQ+ community and amplified their struggles through his music. Indeed, Kaden is using his influence and reach to help and uplift others out of their struggles. He sets the example for other artists to use their voices in making a change in society.

For fighting alongside worthy issues, Kaden Asher is genuinely an artist with a cause. Asked what motivates him to keep producing music the way he does, the artist answered that he wants to amplify the voices of those who are fighting to be heard. “If I can get somebody to smile, then I would have fulfilled my main purpose,” Kaden said. Not only does his music capture the ears of his listeners, but they urge their hearts to understand and sympathize with the lesser-represented minorities.

Kaden Asher makes people feel included in society’s narrative through his music. Over the years, his sound has become reliable companions that have eliminated the feeling of being alone. No matter the immense success he has achieved, Kaden remains humble and focused on why he started: to make a change.

To learn more about the music artist, visit his Twitter account and listen to his music on Spotify

The Beauty in Standing Tall Amid Misfortunes: Cass Cardelle

One of the hallmarks of excellence is the ability to stand firm amid adversities. Having the strength to move forward breeds a character that allows people to go beyond the confines of their doubts and fears, leading them to a path towards greatness. To simply put, success lies in those who battle difficulties head-on.

As someone who has been greeted with countless challenges in her entire life, Cass Cardelle shares that the first step towards achieving one’s dream is to face trials with a goal of overcoming them in the end. 

Born and bred with an undeniable talent and a passion that is beyond measure, Cass Cardelle’s disposition was inherently built to sail through the stormy seas. And with a beautiful voice designed to delight the ears of many, Cass was fully settled on fulfilling her dreams of becoming a household name in the world of entertainment.

However, her path to stardom met an unfortunate circumstance that struck the lives of many in just one blow.

With health measures in place, some industries’ operations were put on hold due to the pandemic’s unique demands. Because of the need to strictly comply with safety protocols, the entertainment community had to come up with unorthodox ways to work around these misfortunes. And determined by her overarching will power to succeed, Cass took it upon herself to make bold strides amid these trying times.

By independently shaping her own course towards higher grounds, Cass has kept herself busy while being at home. As a content creator and a recording artist, Cass has collaborated with several brands that help her build and strengthen her name in the business. And aside from establishing and concretizing herself, she has also been composing and writing songs in her makeshift studio in her own home.

But behind Cass Cardelle’s formidable disposition lies a story of overcoming her own doubts and fears.

Admittedly, the past has a unique way of shaping one’s current character. It could either transform an individual into someone better or remind the person that there is luster in taking a few steps back. For Cass, her history of recovery from a severe injury was her ultimate breeding ground for her strength and resilience. 

Back in 2018, Cass Cardelle had to experience one of the most painful accidents in anyone’s lifetime. With eight fractured bones, and learning to walk again, Cass thought that it was the end of her star-studded journey. Doubts then started to creep in, which almost made her give in to the luring sound of defeat. But somehow, along the way, Cass remembered the vigor she once had when everything was according to her plans. So, she stood up, fixed herself, and treated challenges as part of the journey.

As Cass continued to combat her life’s gruelling battles, she was able to attain small victories along the way. In fact, Cass recently dropped a music video of her original song entitled “LYIN’.” She hopes to get her music placed in feature films, commercials etc. 

With everything Cass has gone through, she wishes to help people understand that a good and empowered life awaits those who remain resilient amid trying times.

To learn more about Cass Cardelle, you may follow her Instagram page. You may also listen to her recently released music video on Youtube.

John Wayne III Leads the Film Industry Through Londyn Town Pictures

There is no shortage of successful people encouraging others to chase after their dreams. And one is often inundated with reminders to pursue what they want, but taking that one step forward could still prove to be immensely difficult because of one issue — not knowing where to start and what questions to ask. Producer and director John Wayne III once told a young filmmaker that every answer to his concerns about the craft was right at his fingertips and was met with the aspirant’s admission that he did not know what question to ask.

What seemed elementary for John Wayne III was a challenge for others. So, he made it a mission to reach out to industry hopefuls and guide them to the next level of their career. And as an authority in filmmaking, he has the skills, knowledge, and experience to back him while he enables others’ success.

John Wayne III is the creative mind who produced and directed the critically acclaimed independent film Red All Over. This story-teller behind the powerhouse Londyn Town Pictures possesses over two decades of achievements in his film and music career. He started as a production assistant for director George Tillman Jr.’s first feature-length film called Scenes for the Soul. When the production wrapped up, John Wayne III then dipped his toes in the competitive waters of the music industry. He worked with Grammy-nominated producer Steve “Silk” Hurley, and eventually became Director of International A&R, supervising talents in both the UK and Japan.

The expertise that would become the foundation of his career was even more solidified by John joining forces with a Chicago director to produce music videos. Shortly afterwards, this production and publicity mogul established JWS Productions. Since its inception in 1993, JWS Productions has been responsible for producing over two hundred music videos, seventy commercials, and various media projects.

Included in his impressive portfolio of achievements is being named President and General Manager of DL Records, where he guided the label’s trajectory and helped propel its artists into mainstream media. The time John Wayne III spent with the company birthed the hit single We Don’t Play Dat, by Bodaiga which was produced by Lil John and featured Bun B of UGK.

In 2009, aspiring to reach greater heights and return as a leader in documentary and feature filmmaking, John Wayne III started Londyn Town Pictures. With its focus on producing quality entertainment, it is credited for the Last Step Before Reality, a documentary that followed six young adults attending an alternative school.

Banking on his experience in multiple industries and his mastery of creating masterpieces that appeal to audiences, John made his film directorial debut with Red All Over, which stars Slim Thug, Donna Biscoe, Charmin Lee, and Victor Love, and explores the issues of gun violence, mental health, and bullying.

Fueled by his passion for telling stories of people and events that are important despite being swept behind the scenes, this esteemed filmmaker continues to produce and direct movies and TV projects. John Wayne III also remains dedicated to the craft because he sees it as his medium to live forever. Through his films and documentaries, he hopes to leave a legacy, have his voice heard, and his words cemented for eternity.

Furthermore, he has been assisting young filmmakers as they bring their projects to life. By providing much-needed guidance when it comes to filmmaking nitty-gritty, John Wayne III aims to contribute to the realization of their dreams.

Learn more about John Wayne III and Londyn Town Pictures by visiting his website and Instagram profile.

Lito Jordan Storms the Music Industry

Humans are emotional beings, which is one of the reasons people from different cultures and places connect more through music. Lito Jordan embodies this kind of deep connection and attachment.

Lito Jordan is a recording artist, self-acclaimed entrepreneur, and the founder of Family Over Everything Records. He makes it a point to cultivate entrepreneurship and self-sustainability through his music and running his music label. 

It is beneficial for Lito to have his recording label, which helps in generating music efficiently. Promoting his music is also not a difficult task since the people behind Family Over Everything Records ensure that his music gets maximum exposure and promotion. Having his own music company also allows him to save a lot of money as he does not need to hire other labels to generate the music he wants. Moreover, Family Over Everything Records gives him the freedom and optimize creativity to explore through various kinds of genres and generate the kind of music that he wants to produce.

The music that Lito Jordan makes is quite different from what typically airs on the radio, as his style is quite distinctive and one-of-a-kind. Other artists make music based on what other people say, like their producers and directors, but Lito Jordan takes the lead in producing his music. He holds all the cards and pulls all the strings in the creative process of making new music.

Moreover, Lito Jordan’s music is relatable to everyone. His lyrics speak of typical, everyday life scenarios that surely feels real to the audience. Lito Jordan evokes different emotions through his songs, feelings of sadness, joy, grief, sorrow, hope, and love. His music and label primarily aim to show urban America the power of ownership.

Growing up in Chicago, Illinois, Lito Jordan did not have the best and comfortable lifestyle. He struggled as he grew up in poverty, and his music reflects that. His music talks about his day to day struggles, which is quite dramatic and essential to developing his style. Lito aims to inspire the youth who are also not blessed financially through his songs.

In the coming years, Lito Jordan strives hard to improve his musicality by integrating substance and style. He believes that songs should mirror what the musician’s real-life experiences are, and as such, he often writes about the life struggles he was able to overcome. Anyone listening to his music can easily tell that his style is rather humble yet expressive while still coming from a grain of truth. He believes in working organically, so he lets the music flow through him, and he excels in maintaining professionalism in his work, especially when working with other artists in his music company.

Furthermore, Lito Jordan wants to influence people to reach for their dreams. Signing up with his record company can help new artists boost their careers and reach the charts. Lito Jordan believes that fears only cripple one’s destiny of reaching their goals. Check out his official Instagram to know more about him.

Rising Star Emoedagreat Serves as an Inspiration Through His Artistry and Passion

Humble beginnings have always served as an inspiration for others. There is comfort in the thought that success can grow from barren origins, reminding people that where they came from does not dictate where they would end up in life. Eric Lattimore, better known as Emoedagreat, hopes to shed light on the fact that dreams can be achieved as long as people dare to pursue them. 

Hailing from Gaffney, South Carolina, Emoedagreat could not remember a time when music did not run in his blood. All his life, he has always had an affinity for music and entertainment. And armed with the passion for pursuing the craft and making a name for himself in the industry, he moved to Los Angeles and demonstrated exceptional excellence in expanding his brand reach. 

This musician, who has achieved partnerships with YouTube and Facebook this year, is taking the industry by storm by showcasing that he has what it takes to create a massive impact in the entertainment realm. Unlike other artists in the scene, Emodagreat does not have a major deal backing him up but is nevertheless creating a solid path to the top of the field. 

Independently making a unique standing for himself, Emoedagreat has crafted his own marketing and ad campaigns. He has successfully figured a way to reach millions of people daily by banking on his inherent creativity and business competence. Recently, this rising star dropped his first solo singles, No Kap, Get It In, Bounce Back & Double Up and these hits are from his anticipated upcoming album, Bugatti Truck Music, which is set for release in January 2021. 

Emoedagreat’s edge as a musician rests on his refusal to be boxed in. With no limit to the style of music he wants to delve into, he aims to become the first artist to have a number one hit in every genre. He takes pride in the masterful way he blends hip-hop, R&B, and pop, infusing them with his soulful vibe, to come up with banging tracks that are guaranteed to spark the interest and gain the love of listeners worldwide. 

This multi-talented artist is planning to be a household name in the different areas of the entertainment industry. Right now, he is also pursuing a career as an actor and is the brilliant mind behind numerous short films, skits, and TikTok content. And dipping his toes into the business of labels, Emodagreat is preparing to launch his very own label called Carolina Plug Music Group (CPMG). 

CPMG, which will be introduced to the market in January 2021, will serve as a platform for artist development and talent management. It is an avenue for other aspirants to learn the trade. With Emoedagreat’s guidance, people who are hoping to make it in the industry will understand how to nurture their artistry and how to enhance their business proficiency. 

Taking part in community events, Emoedagreat has given away toys to over two hundred children to celebrate Christmas and set up initiatives advocating against gun violence. This marketing genius is also often seen in collaboration with his thirteen-year-old daughter, Yvng Ari, who serves as his music producer and AsianRican Films, his cinematographer, and graphic designer. 

With another phenomenal track called My Go dropping this August 15, Emoedagreat looks forward to making a mark in millions of people across the globe. And while he lives his dream of being a world-class musician, he is also driven to continue impacting his community in positive ways and motivating others to believe in themselves. 

Learn more about Emoedagreat by visiting his website and pages on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter

Dapper Penguin Entertainment Aims to Future-Proof the Entertainment Industry

Executive producer Jacob Zetino is an accomplished fourteen-time award-winning producer who has experience in film, television, and digital production. He is the founder and CEO of Dapper Penguin Entertainment in Beverly Hills, California, where he is now beginning the expansion of multiple divisions within the company, adding television, media, and currently developing a platform that will rival Hulu and Netflix.

Dapper Penguin seeks to give audiences premier content, from the latest theatrical releases to original independent films. The studio aims to capture the attention of audiences around the world by focusing on timeless storytelling enhanced by the most innovative technologies.

Jacob strongly believes that the current times are perfect for creating another platform so that audiences may have more media to consume. But unlike rival platforms, Dapper Penguin doesn’t focus on streaming just the highest-grossing films but also content made by independent artists from all over the world who wish to have more support for their art.

What gives Dapper Penguin its edge from the competition is its ingenuity. The team behind the new company continues to grow with many great executives, creatives, and talents that have worked on all forms of content. The entertainment company has its finger on the pulse of technology, and they believe they can infuse it into more traditional forms of production to take advantage of our digital age. Cutting-edge technology gives them a dynamic approach that allows them to cut production costs and have faster turnarounds in completing content. This, in turn, means they can generate more content faster than their competitors.

This gives them an upper hand in the future in the event of another occurrence, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, as they can continue to work through when traditional methods must cease.

Titles that have won accolades for both Jacob Zetino and Dapper Penguin Entertainment include The Devil Lives in Clarksville County, Daydream, Blood Bonds, and the series Fuzz & Malloy, in which the studio worked with award-winning writer and creator Joe Wakefield. 

Jacob received his bachelor’s degree from the Los Angeles Film School in Hollywood, California, majoring in both producing and filmmaking. He graduated from the conservatory of acting program at the New York Academy. He is a US Army veteran and a member of Veterans in Media & Entertainment and the American Legion Hollywood Post 43 in California. Famous members include Hollywood luminaries such as Clark Gable, Charlton Heston, Mickey Rooney, Gene Autry, Ronald Reagan, Stan Lee, and more.

He continues to work endlessly in developing and producing more content for his production company, where he shares with his teams the goal of strategizing the use of technology to reduce production costs to give their company an edge over the competition while still creating quality content that rivals HBO, Netflix, and others.

Recently, Dapper Penguin welcomed onboard the executive team, which features Liz Vacovec as president of Dapper Penguin Entertainment and Nicole Layson and Daniel Sydnor as senior vice presidents of film and television. Currently in negotiation is for a president of the new platform, Dapper Penguin Cubed (DP³).

Learn more about Dapper Penguin on the website and follow Jacob Zetino on Instagram for more updates.

Strive for Stardom: JGomes’ Dynamic Style of Music Will Bring Him to the Top

Music is a part of everyday life for people, and a person has to be living under a rock not to experience music entirely. Still, for some, music is a more significant part of their lives than others, as they choose to pursue a life of music, whether as a leisurely activity or as something to make a living off, such as in the case of Jason Gomes, who is steadily working his way to fame.

With the stage name JGomes, this Connecticut native is the newest up-and-rising artist, rapper, and songwriter making waves in the music industry. Pouring his life experiences into his songwriting, what makes him truly stand out is the well-rounded, dynamic music style developed as the result of his experimentation with sounds, pushing the limits and trying out new ideas, until he is able to bridge various elements from different genres.

His tracks are laden with powerful messages told through story-telling lyricism and hard-hitting instrumentation, and his soulful delivery effortlessly captivates listeners of all ages. While others specialize in one or two styles, he refuses to cage himself in a single genre. Instead, he dabbles in a vast array of musical styles to be able to deliver his powerful messages with the desired impact.

Born to a DJ and a church minister, JGomes acknowledges that music had been a part of his life since his early days, and much of his early memories were of his family bonding over music. In 8th grade, he discovered that he had a knack for creating music of his own by thinking about what kind of message he wants to convey. He takes inspiration from elements in his environment to make music, and words and melodies just seemed to flow right out of his head and into the world, ready to be heard by anyone willing to listen.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and his father and his uncles were his inspiration for making music. Following in their footsteps, he also was a DJ for some time. His extensive background in music predisposed him to the development of his own unique, unparalleled sound. Today, he is one of the few artists gifted with the ability to switch between a vast arrangement of styles without losing the signature JGomes style. He hopes that through his music, he will touch the lives of people of various ages and backgrounds.

Intending to put his hometown on the map, he strives to rise to stardom and shine a light on Connecticut as home to many talented individuals—individuals who need only to be given a chance to flourish in the world of music. He laments the fact that some talents are stagnating due to the lack of opportunities and acknowledges that were they level on the playing field, some of these talents would probably make for decent competition. In rising to fame, he hopes to be able to help those people achieve their dreams as well.

The beauty of music is that there is always something perfect for every mood. There is always something new to be discovered, and there is nothing more satisfying than finding hidden gems in the works of artists who are just starting out. 

Take a break from the mainstream, and follow JGomes on Facebook to experience his music and keep up-to-date with his latest tracks.

The Awe-Inspiring Life Journey of Artist and Entrepreneur Kenny Peters

Multi-talented artist and entrepreneur Kenny Peters seems to have accomplished so much at the age of 55, but very few actually know that his journey has not been as smooth sailing as most people think it is. With over 35 years of rich experience when it comes to vocal work, excellent theater performances, a newly completed college degree, a 22-year relationship with his partner, and passionate mental health advocacy, one would think that Kenny has finally peaked in life. On the contrary, Kenny is just setting out to achieve new feats.

The powerful tenor is also skilled in playing the piano and violin, instruments he learned to use at a young age. Music has always been Kenny’s greatest outlet and mode of self-expression. Kenny’s music differs uniquely from other mainstream creations as it reveals his intense life experiences from being physically abused as a child to coming out in the late ’70s as a gay man. Kenny grew up with his non-biological father after he divorced his mother, and the abuse happened when his father figure succumbed to alcoholism. 

Apart from his uncommon journey of experiencing childhood trauma, he also battled with the challenges that his mental illness brought about. He is inclined to believe that his condition was triggered by his trauma. He struggled with it for quite some time until he was finally diagnosed in 2008. With the right therapy and dosage of medication, Kenny was able to find a healthy balance in life that allowed him to be more productive. 

Despite his difficult past and his mental health condition, he continued to stand up for those who could not speak for themselves, learned to love people more, and took courage to survive in a world that is constantly changing. “It’s probably one of the best feelings I’ve ever had—knowing that by sharing what’s been the worst of my life, someone else may find their path. It makes us all winners,” Kenny explains. 

Several music icons have been instrumental in influencing Kenny’s singing style, and these include George Michael, Kenny Loggins, Elton John, and Gino Vannelli. In 2008, he left the corporate world to create an album called Covered Up, with songs that were especially developed to help him cope with his mental illness.

Aside from his music, Kenny also ventured into other projects and livelihood, which included a pet photography business, officiating weddings in the Austin area, establishing an acting school, a specialized pet loss and aftercare company, and mobile photography developed especially for actors who are looking for instant headshots for their auditions. 

Interestingly, the dynamic artist and entrepreneur is currently in the process of finishing 4 book projects. One of these books is being eyed for a possible screenwriting project for his next commitment—a Roku television station called New Phoenix TV that is known to showcase talents who are over 30 years old. One of his books is attracting so much interaction after its title was revealed: Discrediting God. The book is designed to encourage healthy and helpful discussions, which is something that Kenny feels is essential today.

At this point in his life, Kenny is still determined to release two more successful albums. He also aspires to one day gain a Grammy nomination for his music. Additionally, he is not closing the doors for the possibility of appearing in bigger films in a supporting role and eventually transition to being a producer. He believes that he has so much to impart to the next generation of filmmakers. 

Learn more about Kenny Peters by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook for updates on his projects.

How ‘Kids Short Stories’ Helps Parents During the Pandemic

Technology has made a lot of changes in the past decade. One cannot deny how our lifestyles have revolved and imprinted technology in almost everything that people do, from cleaning the house to entertaining ourselves. People would often hear the younger generation say “Netflix and chill” instead of “watching a movie.” But one of the most game-changing transformations that we have with technology is podcasting.

In podcasting, one can stream it whenever they want to because it is made readily available on the internet. Even though radio is still considered one of the primary devices that people turn on when they want to hear music, the choices are limited. Because radio broadcasting is done live, people cannot control the radio – they cannot press play or pause it for a little while. However, With low barriers and easy distribution, one can even start a podcast of their own.

Jim Jacob found this immense potential in the media platform of podcasting, so he took the leap and started his own podcast company called “Kids Short Stories.”

With the volume of people entering the podcast industry, the challenge now is how to set oneself apart. When Jim shared stories with his kids every night, his wife would record him so that she could play them while they were in the car. The kids enjoyed it, that was the time when Jim conceived the concept for his company.

Kids Short Stories is a podcast dedicated to telling short stories to kids on various streaming platforms such as Apple and Spotify. The company is geared towards entertaining children and developing their listening skills and imagination.

Having to record four stories every week, ideas for stories can be a bit challenging. That is why Kids Short Stories encourages children to submit their own stories to the company. The company then transforms the submitted stories into seven to ten-minute adventures, with the child as a character to his or her story. 

The idea of listener participation not only benefits the company in conceptualizing more content but also encourages children to fuel their creativity and imagination, especially when children from the age of three to six are the company’s most avid listeners. Statistics gathered by the company would even show how these kids within this age range listen to each of their stories 20 times, on average. 

With the pandemic still on the move in most parts of the world and resultantly forcing people to stay home, parents are rummaging for ways to educate and entertain their children while they work. It has been quite challenging for them, especially when kids have a particularly short attention span. The company recognized this need and continued to produce quality content and maintain the number of stories per week. After all, this is what Jim and the company believed that sets them apart from the numerous podcast companies around the world.

Being one of the companies that responded to the parents’ plea for help, the Kids Short Stories continues to provide children the opportunity to imagine and be creative with lesser screen time, especially during these trying times.

Get to know Kids Short Stories by visiting their website and follow them on Instagram for more updates.

TikTok Sensation, Emilio Bernot, Creates Impressive Videos for Rising Rappers

Generating over 900,000 followers on TikTok was not an easy feat for Emilio Bernot, but he did it because of his innate passion for photography that evolved into video production. As he is well-known for making viral TikTok content and music videos, Bernot is now collaborating with rappers Paul Wall, Fredo Bang, and Slim Thug to create their music videos. 

Emilio Bernot’s love for photography began when his mother sent him to Fusion Academy for school when he was 15 years old. He was put in a photography class and grew to love it after a few weeks of classes. He enjoys being able to change the mood or theme of a particular subject by simply playing with colors. In the same year, Bernot’s friend got a camera with the objective of doing a photo shoot with local influencers. They were able to connect with rapper Scotty McThottie, who later revealed to Bernot that he was more interested in making a music video instead of doing a regular photoshoot.

Bernot was not very confident at first at the idea of creating a music video, but he said yes to the project anyway. Before he knew it, he was having the time of his life shooting the video content. 

“Other directors I’ve had experiences with make most of the decision and act like the boss. When an artist wants me to make him a video, he is my boss. He is paying me to make him this video so I work for him not him for me. Whatever the artist wants the video to look like is how I’ll make it,” reveals Bernot.

His impressive TikTok journey did not start out as a planned project. He started out by posting skits on his Instagram account when he was 14 years old, which did not turn out very well, as he only had 250 followers. At the age of 16, he started doing what he would describe as “stupid videos” like breaking watermelons at Walmart and going behind a McDonald’s counter and serving his own food. Bernot admits that he is not proud of any of his past videos.

Finally, he came across TikTok in 2019 and discovered that he does not need followers for his video content to be viewed. All he needs is good content for people to be attracted to it. From then on, he would spend countless hours planning and ideating video content he could upload to connect with his followers. 

One of the people that Bernot looks up to is engineer, industrial designer, and philanthropist Elon Musk. He admires how Musk started from having nothing as a kid growing up in Africa and dreaming to make civilian space travel a reality someday. Seeing how Musk is slowly making his dream a reality motivated Bernot to pursue his own aspirations. 

Emilio Bernot sees himself launching his own YouTube channel in the near future. Aside from his vision to continue to grow his video production business, he also intends to try out acting in the coming years. His followers can expect to see more of him as he prepares to diversify his personal brand. 

Follow Emilio Bernot on TikTok to get updates about his projects. Visit his Facebook and Twitter accounts to know more about him.