Luna Voda Coaching Leads Women to Their Inner Transformation and Empowerment

A woman who is fully tapped into her full potential, self-confident, wise, and lives life to the fullest is the kind of woman that Luna Voda Coaching wishes to inspire as it opens its doors to women seeking holistic transformation. As the women of today wear many hats, they tend to forget the importance of intentional self-care and self-love, rendering many of them unhappy, unfulfilled, and living a life filled with unanswered questions. Through the company’s well-balanced approach to inner transformation, women are empowered to feel better about themselves regardless of their age, realize their purpose, stay physically and mentally fit, and be inspired to do something great in their lives.

From releasing the extra weight, learning self-love, building self-confidence, and reinventing oneself, Luna Voda Coaching is the go-to place. There is a wide array of programs that women of various ages can choose from to help them make sense of their personal experiences, rediscover themselves, and achieve a more balanced mindset about life, love, relationships, and everything else that impacts their lives greatly. Company founder Ana-Maria Georgieva understands what it is like to go through a lot of painful experiences in life and have these same events rule over her, robbing her of joy, opportunities to establish promising relationships and pursue her dreams with confidence. 

Before establishing Luna Voda Coaching, Ana-Maria struggled with a lot of personal issues that were triggered by her strained relationship with her biological father. For a dark period in her life, she struggled with her body image, from dysmorphia to commitment phobia and chronic self-doubt. Despite being a highly intelligent young girl and a commendable achiever in school, she often felt hesitant and constantly battled with her lack of self-confidence. 

“On the inside, I felt empty, I felt unlovable, I felt lost, not good enough, and unworthy of success. And this is why I created my coaching programs: to help other women who are going through a similar thing to feel seen, supported, and encouragedto help them get their power back, rebuild their confidence, and create permanent changes in their self-perception,” Ana-Maria Georgieva explains. 

Fortunately, Ana-Maria found a better path that helped her overcome all her past traumas in life and her negative emotions at the same time. Seeing that there are multitudes of women out there who suffer silently with their inner emotional and mental struggles, she stepped out of her comfort zone and developed what would eventually become a life-changing influence on the lives of many womenthe Luna Voda Coaching. 

Her programs are a unique combination of physical health through dance-fitness workouts, emotional health through NLP coaching, mental health through guided meditations, and professional success using her own special blueprint formed from her life’s unique experiences and learnings. Ana-Maria started dancing when she was only five years old, and it eventually evolved into her life’s greatest passion. She was greatly influenced by her mother, who is a scholar and a dance teacher.

Aside from being a prolific dancer and writer herself, Ana-Maria also studied foreign languages at the National High School For Ancient Languages and Cultures in Sofia, Bulgaria. She also studied in the Waldorf School in Portland, Oregon, when she was 17. She completed a double major, and with honors, from the University of Washington in International Studies and Dance. Before finishing college, she was able to conduct comprehensive research about the relationship between body language and a person’s internal self-talk and cultural upbringing. She also presented her findings at the annual Research Symposium at her university. 

By combining her life experiences, academic training, and passion for the arts and wellness, Ana-Maria was able to successfully establish Luna Voda Coaching as one of the most reliable wellness hubs in the country today. As she continues to help women achieve their best lives, she is also helping promote a culture of unity, compassion, and productivity that they can impart to others as well. 

Learn more about Luna Voda Coaching by visiting its website

Painted Citizen’s Diana Price: Revolutionizing the World of Art and Fashion through Empowerment

Supermodels Jordyn Johnson and Sydney Falkner being transformed into living masterpieces.

Supermodel Jordyn Johnson @jordynjohnsonn is lying on the studio floor, wearing nothing but a smile. With Lady Gaga booming overhead, an abstract rainbow of non-toxic paint is being meticulously applied all over her body, as a photographer captures every pose. The vibe is joyful. How does Jordyn feel?

“Liberated,” Jordyn says. “I would do this again a million times. Diana makes me feel so beautiful.” 

She’s talking about Phoenix artist Diana Price, who, at 28, is fast becoming a fashion darling who’s taking the art world by storm. Her curated street couture is designed to appeal to everyone from Kim Kardashian to kids on the corner. Because they feature one-of-a-kind works of art she creates by painting…on her clients

“I’m living my truth,” she says, brushing back her soft blonde hair with a paint-splattered hand. “Which is to turn people into works of art. Seeing them feel good about themselves. That’s what I love most.” 

Nude Painting…Revolutionized 

“It’s definitely spiritual,” says Diana Price, “There’s something divine in making people feel so free.” 

Clients who spend an afternoon inside Diana’s Phoenix, Arizona studio, (AKA her garage), say they love it too.

“The experience was life-changing, empowering,” says Sydney Falkner (@sydneeliana), another supermodel who adored her day with Diana. “Diana made me feel strong, feminine, and beautiful. She made me feel ‘seen.’” 

Reviewing the latest images and video from a mid-October shoot, Diana does her best to describe the ethereal process. 

“Once I lay down a base coat, I add two or three more colors. Then I let the energy dictate what happens next. It’s extremely collaborative.” The confidence her clients feel gives her confidence, too. “There’s definitely technique involved, but there’s plenty of spontaneity too. No shoot is exactly the same.” 

So far, Diana has painted 30 clients, who all echo the same sentiments. More confidence, fewer inhibitions, total joy. “The Art of Empowerment,” Diana says, “is really all about beauty and truth.” 

Phoenix Phenom

Born and raised in Phoenix, Ms Price finds inspiration from Andy Warhol, Betsy Johnson, Jackson Pollock, and Lady Gaga. Like them, she was known to be somewhat rebellious.

“Growing up, I was a rule bender, for sure,” she says, smiling and shrugging. “Once at a high school football game, on a dare, I ran onto the field and swiped the ball. I gave the crowd a story they’re still talking about,” she laughs. The story perfectly captures her brand’s motto: make your mark.

“I want people to feel the things that I once struggled with, things I wanted to feel in my life. The need to be recognized, feel beautiful, and feel good enough. I like making clients feel seen, noticed, and adored,” Diana ponders. “I like making them know that in my studio, they really are all of those things.” 

Finding her way to Painted Citizen was not easy.

“It’s not lost on me that the word ‘pain’ is embedded in the word ‘paint,” Diana says, smiling. “It was hard, overcoming what life tossed at me,” she says, keeping the specifics private. “Coming out of my pain, all I could think of was, ‘The answer is in the paint.’ I’m fortunate I listened to my heart. That’s something I encourage in my clients. They get to carry their newfound confidence, in their hearts and in their souls, for the rest of their lives.” 

Body of Work 

Painted Citizen’s founder and Chief Empowerment Officer, Diana Price, in her work clothes.

She dreams of bringing her fashion and its message of empowerment all over the world. 

“This has become my life’s passion,” Diana says. “And it’s so rewarding. Giving clients once-in-a-lifetime experiences, and letting them relive in those moments forever, through beautiful photography and high-end street couture.” 

It’s one thing to own a work of art. But to be one? Diana confirms the spiritual side to it. 

“There’s something divine that happens,” Diana muses, “when I’m painting on someone’s body, that I didn’t plan on happening. It feels perfectly imperfect. I don’t know how it all happens in this garage, but it does. What can I say? I’m blessed.” 

Painted Citizen is accepting new clients. To book a session or purchase couture, go to

Kaden Asher Captured Global Audiences and Empowers Minorities

Many upcoming artists have truly maximized the strengths of online platforms to showcase their talents and skills. But while some are struggling to find their niche, others like Kaden Asher are rising to the top. The artist is best known for empowering content and comedy across Twitter, YouTube, and numerous live streams. Today, Kaden focuses on using his influence to tackle pressing issues.

Kaden Asher was born as Randolph Stoughton in Cincinnati, Ohio, on June 12, 1996. And he has come a long way since he released his first video on October 24, 2017. He has transitioned and discovered his talents in music. Kaden has been passionate about creating songs that speak to diverse audiences across the globe. As he was starting to make waves in the music industry, Kaden encountered many upcoming artists, including Molly Moore, creator of the popular EP Piece of My Heart. Soon after, he was able to drop his first album entitled Rebirth.

The artist has dropped multiple albums since his debut. Along his journey as a music artist, Kaden Asher met Backstreet Boys member Nick Carter. Eventually, the attention he received from the music icon led to the production of his second album called Awakening. Later on, Kaden produced his third album named Inverted Creations. With his steady momentum in producing music combined with profound lyrics, Kaden made it clear that he was made to last in the industry for a long time. 

Since then, Kaden Asher has grown his presence in the digital space. His videos generated combined views of 30,000 and reached a global audience. But beyond his unique flow, it was the messages carried in his songs that truly captivated music lovers and led them to appreciate who Kaden is.

On top of being a one-of-a-kind music artist, Kaden Asher is also known for taking action in community causes and issues. The artist is an avid mentor for domestic violence victims. He also advocated for the members of the LGBTQ+ community and amplified their struggles through his music. Indeed, Kaden is using his influence and reach to help and uplift others out of their struggles. He sets the example for other artists to use their voices in making a change in society.

For fighting alongside worthy issues, Kaden Asher is genuinely an artist with a cause. Asked what motivates him to keep producing music the way he does, the artist answered that he wants to amplify the voices of those who are fighting to be heard. “If I can get somebody to smile, then I would have fulfilled my main purpose,” Kaden said. Not only does his music capture the ears of his listeners, but they urge their hearts to understand and sympathize with the lesser-represented minorities.

Kaden Asher makes people feel included in society’s narrative through his music. Over the years, his sound has become reliable companions that have eliminated the feeling of being alone. No matter the immense success he has achieved, Kaden remains humble and focused on why he started: to make a change.

To learn more about the music artist, visit his Twitter account and listen to his music on Spotify

The Abundant Me Is Woman’s New Best Friend Towards Enlightenment and Empowerment

Even in modern society, women have fewer opportunities for economic participation than men. They also have less access to primary and higher education, more excellent health and safety risks, and less political representation. This patriarchal society seems to cripple women from being empowered, which is incredibly unfair because women should have the same rights and privileges that men freely enjoy. The Abundant Me is a platform created for that purpose- aiming to give women the rights and benefits they deserve.

The Abundant Me is a platform created by Kashon Abdul-Qadir to give women affordable access to spiritual and personal development tools that can create more opportunities and live an abundant life. It is the leading spiritual program that is readily available online. The Abundant Me also offers its retreat resource center for those who are interested in availing of their programs. At present, the company has serviced 1,500 women and it hopes to serve 450,000  women of color from all around the world in the next five years.

The founder of The Abundant Me, Kashon Abdul-Qadir, is a mother, wife, and businesswoman. On June 30, 2017, she walked away from her job that earns a six-figure salary to live her life according to how she seems fit. Her journey to enlightenment was not a smooth one as she suffered from an autoimmune disease called lupus. Her battle with this disease left her very drained, stressed, lost, and depressed. It was during this time that she discovered the power of having a relationship with her divine self.

She decided to undergo a series of training sessions with life coaches and spiritual mentors. With the help of like-minded people, she was able to have a more positive outlook in life, and eventually, good things came to her way. She met her husband, who was supportive of her and her child, got her home remodeled, and had her products from her online business featured in five publications. These experiences led her to the realization that she needs to share it with other women, and as such, The Abundant Me was formed.

The main highlight of The Abundant Me’s program is the Divine Feminine Academy, a 12-week online course teaching Kashon’s inner engineering teachings fused with Reiki healing, Egyptian goddess practices, and money manifesto. 

The platform also has a program that only focuses on Reiki healing and life coaching sessions to awaken and align one’s mind and body through various rejuvenating sessions. These coaching exercises teach women how to identify blocks, remove negative vibrations and aura, and gradually heal this negative energy. At the end of this program, women will find that they are more attuned to achieving their highest form of enlightenment.

What makes these programs very different from the rest is that they do not cost a lot of money. There is no need to shell out tons of cash since it is very affordable. Moreover, these sessions are more often a one-to-one session, which means the consumers can easily ask queries and make the most out of their chosen course. Check out all of these sessions available online on The Abundant Me’s official website.

Dr. Velma Trayham is the Beacon of Hope and Success for the African American Community

The Black community has been treated poorly for ages, wherein racial discrimination is rampant. In this generation, some may be more accepting, but the fight is not over. Dr. Velma Trayham is ready to fight in the battle with words as her weapon. 

Dr. Velma Trayham is an entrepreneur and the founder of multiple businesses. She garnered awards as one of the outstanding entrepreneurs. Currently, she is the owner and CEO of Thinkzilla Consulting Group. Their agency provides innovative solutions for the branding and marketing industry. Their offices are situated in Atlanta, Houston, and Los Angeles. Thinkzilla Consulting Group has helped numerous companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Some of these are Atlanta Business League, Atlanta Airlines Terminal Company, NASCAR, and the University of Phoenix.

Aside from being a businesswoman, Dr. Trayham is the voice of hope and change in the United States. She is an empowerment expert, revolutionary thinker, and transformational leader who has led 4,600 women to succeed in their fields through her program, Millionaire Mastermind Academy. She mentored these women to be the best versions of themselves and start turning their dreams into reality. Dr. Trayham authored a book entitled When God Says So, which sold more than 400,000 copies. 

Dr. Trayham aims to empower and inspire women of color to succeed in the business world. She established a non-profit organization that helped more than 5,000 women. She wants to serve as an example to African Americans and minorities as someone who has pulled through poverty. Dr. Trayham is no stranger to poverty as she was exposed to it while growing up in Houston, Texas. A change of mindset and garnering will power helped her pass through all the hurdles in her life. She then chose to follow the voice of God and left her hometown to help others. 

Recently, Dr. Trayham is in Millionaire Mindset with Dr. Velma Trayham, a talk show wherein she gives insights and wisdom that most people need during trying moments, such as this COVID-19 pandemic. The show will be aired by AIB Tv network on Fridays, through cable systems of Comcast Channel 295 and AT&T U-verse Channel 6, for Metro Atlanta and North Georgia. Through this platform, Dr. Trayham will be able to reach more than 2 million households. Her reach widens even more as her show is also accessible through AIB offers streaming services for all devices through Dr. Trayham’s empowering empire now stretches to different corners of the world. 

Dr. Trayham hopes to build more blueprints of entrepreneurial success for the next generations to inherit. She hopes that in the years to come, she will be able to establish more businesses in the hotel industry, wherein only 2% of African Americans take part. Also, she aims to build her network to give an avenue to economic stability and an increase in job availability. 

Her battle to create more opportunities and open more doors for people of color in the business world has just begun. Head on to her Facebook and official website to accompany her on her journey to empowerment. 

Magdalena’s Daughters Promotes Healing, Hope, and Empowerment Among Young Survivors of Sex Trafficking

Human trafficking, today’s modern form of slavery, continues to impact the lives of millions of people. This hundred billion dollar industry has victimized women, men, and children, and the horrors that come with sex trafficking, forced labor, forced marriage, and more, demand a corresponding comprehensive set of services designed for prevention, rehabilitation, and recovery. 

One of the most integral services in trafficking survivor protection and assistance is the provision of specialized homes. However, in San Bernardino, California, for example, there are no specialized residential placements for female foster youth who are victims or are at-risk of sex trafficking. The result of its 2018 Children’s Network Congregate Care Needs Assessment showed that the county is in dire need of bed availability, along with other specialized services for this population. 

This gap lies at the core of the establishment of Magdalena’s Daughters, a non-profit organization founded in 2018 that aims to provide a solution to the lack of available placements for the youth to live in. Its focus on foster youth who have been removed and placed from one home to another is in recognition of their vulnerability to sexual exploitation and their exposure to other circumstances that may reinforce the trauma that they have had. 

Although Magdalena’s Daughters currently does not have any homes yet, they are working to offer housing opportunities and increasing bed availability for the San Bernardino area in the next couple of years. 

More notably, it seeks to address the different driving forces behind the commercial sexual exploitation of young individuals. Not only will Magdalena’s Daughters offer intensive therapeutic services to facilitate healing and trauma recovery, but it will also promote overall quality of living by encouraging healthy relationships and setting in place a family-oriented environment for its target clientele.

This family set up is particularly essential for the youth as it hopes to deliver a healthy model of how to develop non-toxic connections with others, a skill that will be instrumental as they become adults. Aside from this, a sense of safety will also be nurtured through education centered on safety skills intended to prevent future victimization. In addition, Magdalena’s Daughters also plans to prioritize individual needs during treatment, encourage creativity, teach life skills, and expose foster youth to various careers.

Ashley Hill stands at the helm of this cause-oriented institution. She is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who has worked with foster youth for five years and a state-certified human trafficking advocate, who has provided case management and therapeutic services for foster youth in group homes and foster homes. 

As a former case manager to victims of sex trafficking, she has witnessed firsthand the factors in play that lead the youth to fall into the vicious cycle of sexual exploitation. And not only has Ashley noted for herself the lack of residential setting, but she has also observed a general need for an improvement in the services given to those at-risk. 

Right now, Magdalena’s Daughters is raising funding for a pilot study exploring foster youth in the face of commercial sexual exploitation, and at the same time, is raising more awareness about trafficking in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. 

With its mission to provide intensive therapeutic residential services, life skills, and education to transform the lives of sexually exploited and at-risk female foster youth, Magdalena’s Daughters is addressing an issue that has not received the amount of attention it deserves globally. And through its programs and services geared toward prevention, rehabilitation, and recovery, it hopes to be a place of healing and hope for survivors.

Learn more about Magdalena’s Daughters by visiting its website and Facebook page. 

Cloé Luv on Breaking Barriers and Bridging Gaps With Passion Projects

Although women have made great strides in gaining access to different sectors in society, the struggle for equality continues as they face significant hurdles that men generally do not encounter.

Passionate about sparking parity, Cloé Luv envisions bridging any gap to ensure everyone duly gets their chance to pursue their dreams. Emboldened by her vision, she marches forward and takes the patriarchal society down with three of the world’s most transformative ventures – Brook Brovaz, Women With Voices, and Cloe’s Corner.

Being one of the foremost advocates of women empowerment, Cloé proves herself worthy of her sterling reputation by stepping up and turning her visions into a reality. But despite her exceptional philanthropic and humanitarian works, the visionary is most known for her accomplishment in the music industry as the first and the youngest African American woman to own and operate a music production company – Brook Brovaz.

The well-renowned musical studio is orchestrated by a team of celebrated music composers who have worked with the hottest as well as up and coming multi-platinum Grammy award-winning artists. With its exceptionally sterling reputation, Brook Brovaz has some of its esteemed compositions used by today’s most popular television shows, films, and advertisements around the world.

Impressing the music industry with Brook Brovaz, Cloé Luv decided to take her vision to a whole new level by creating Women With Voices – a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization geared towards helping a large number of women achieve their personal, professional, and financial goals. Addressing crucial issues such as mental health, sexual liberation, financial literacy, and family life, the organization stands as a haven for protecting the rights of women. Although it was created to cater to women’s needs, Women With Voices is a movement open to everyone who supports the cause. 

Regarded as the representative for the new face of America, Cloé Luv has also caught the attention of Michael Bloomberg’s team with her entrepreneurial acumen as well as her outstanding work with Cloé’s Corner. Before the suspension of the presidential campaign, Cloé was appointed as Bloomberg’s campaign manager, Cloé’s Corner was used as the official Brooklyn field office. And being the frontier of the campaign, Cloé was given unprecedented access to the ear of Bloomberg’s team regarding how the presidential candidate can serve women and other minorities. 

Cloé’s Corner began as a passion project that eventually blew up into a massive community of women from different backgrounds. It is now popularly known as the go-to professional space for female entrepreneurs who dream of making it big in their respective careers. 

Initially being just a dull and flat storefront property nestled in the Boerum Hill section Of downtown Brooklyn, Cloé gave her space a complete makeover. Grounded on her mission of empowering business-minded individuals, she then turned it into a colorful and lively avenue where ethnically and financially disadvantaged women are given the support they need. 

Giving women an accessible, collaborative environment, Cloé’s Corner has quickly become the ideal workspace for conducting lectures, training, and other mentorship programs. And intending to reach out to as many women as possible, she created We Uplift Women (WuW) annunciation “WOO” – a social and digital platform for women by women where they will come together, blog, share ideas, businesses, newsletters and interact with each other in the community. Through this digital platform, women can enjoy more convenience with readily available online resources.

As an entrepreneurial icon, dedicated activist, and music extraordinaire, Cloé Luv is transforming the world one brave act at a time. She encourages everyone to use their voices and to speak up for those who can’t. 

To know more about Cloé and all her projects, you may visit her website.

Brandon Bozarth Believes That Changing The World Means Changing Ourselves

Many times we’ve heard, “Change is the only constant thing in the world.” While this statement has been overused, there are hidden truths behind it. While everyone has the chance to change, not everyone changes for the better. One’s journey towards bettering themselves would always benefit from some guidance.

A spiritual teacher and a transformational facilitator, Brandon Bozarth, believes that everything happens for a reason. In fact, every drama or problem a person faces is part of growth. While anything negative might develop into trauma or fear, this should not paralyze anyone. Through the people’s experience with fear and trauma, he has discovered his passion – to shift one’s perception about something and uplift and support anyone struggling.

One circumstance could hurt anyone and completely change how he would view the world. Brandon took notice of how people usually react this way. Thus he decided to reach people and accompany them in their spiritual journey.

He has had clients who are A-list celebrities. He has led retreats and workshops in over four different countries. He has experience working with thousands of people around the globe in his programs and private online communities. Being called the “Facilitator Of Miracles,” his unique ability to shift perspectives needed for his clients comes freely.

His plan is the first to combine psychology, metaphysics, and spirituality to create a framework for holistic transformation. Much has been channeled through Brandon from his mind to the people he has dealt with. He provides what he deems best for the people around him. Among them are 30 Days of Empowerment, The 13, and One-on-One Coaching. These three approaches have been sufficient for the people seeking his advice. 

The 30 Days of Empowerment gives his clients a summary of the entire body of work when it comes to holistic personal transformation and empowerment. He highly encourages this to those who are new to his work. Next, The 13 focuses on a thirteen-week experience to synthesize a robust transmission through a series of applications of the principles he has learned. And thirdly, the One-on-One Coaching, where Bandon deals with a client to align and expand personal and professional life. Through this One-on-One coaching, one learns to live in the highest excitement and is the most comprehensive training available.

Brandon Bozarth also promotes movement #TogetherWeHeal. Their mission is to bring ten thousand people into a movement based on unifying their choice to heal. Their efforts are aimed to respond to what is happening in the world with radical love and personal transformation.

Upon joining the group, participants will be guided to their 14-day free challenge called “Released.” The challenge will include different ways to release emotional pain, heal trauma, and expand your consciousness. They are breathwork, body release, sound healing, forgiveness, and unconscious reprogramming.

Letting go of fear is the beginning of it all. Synchronicity then begins to be experienced in response to the energy a person experiences. This is how Brandon aspires to change the world – by changing ourselves.

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