Adwired Partners Up with Ecommerce Marketing Agency Magnate

The business world is ever-changing and evolving. The technological advancements and globalization of industries have caused extensive amounts of competition. The ability to produce better products and services that cater to more customers’ needs and wants arises. One of the business world’s recent evolution is the emergence of e-commerce that Kasra Moradi and Gage Flesher delved into through Adwired.

Kasra is originally from Sacramento, California, and Gage originally hailed from Murrieta, California. After being introduced to one another mutually through an e-commerce community chat, they decided to work together. They focused on building e-commerce brands that generated six-figure paychecks per month. The two ended up buying a house with their earnings, which serves as their base of operations. Realizing that there is money in the e-commerce trade, they decided to take it to the next level.

Luckily, Kasra and Gage did not quit, but instead, they persevered to establish prominent businesses. They worked in and out, developing foolproof systems that promoted e-commerce brands like clockwork. They also led effective marketing campaigns and advertising strategies, which ultimately generated hundreds of dollars. This shows that digital advertising and new marketing techniques are very effective for online brands and companies.

Within the last three years, Kasra and Gage’s combined total net worth is seven million dollars from both their e-commerce brands and other brands owned by their clients. After a series of trials and runs, they decided to create their results-based marketing agency called Adwired. 

Adwired is the perfect agency for brand owners who do not want to deal with the stress of the marketing side of e-commerce. Anybody can open an e-commerce store, but not everyone can sustain and build a huge and wide reach of the target audience. Adwired ensures that their clients get enough exposure, which ultimately leads to potential skyrocketing sales. Adwired serves as the one that makes concrete marketing campaigns to provide structure to the brands’ market sales.

Currently, the duo closely works with Steven Ridzyowski of the Ecommerce Marketing Agency. He provides an exclusive turnkey service for clients looking to get started in Ecommerce and Shopify. Steven has over ten years of experience in online marketing with various niches and their prospective industries. Moreover, he is a member of the Forbes Business Council, Featured in LA Wire’s 40under40 List, and many other new publications and podcasts. 

This partnership is the key to establish Adwired as the leader of the social media buying department for the Ecommerce Marketing Agency. With Steven’s expertise, Adwired is now equipped to accommodate tons of niches in product trends and brand building. Steven, Gage, and Kasra expect to have an enormous Q4 for this year, double what they did the last Q4. Both agencies give the best atmosphere internally for their respective agencies and all their clients.

The trio exhibits great teamwork and diligence, which are essential values for building a successful business. These two values are even more significant and needed in e-commerce because there is lots of competition. The upside of having an e-commerce business is that it can be made available to anyone, but this can also be a downside considering that the market is saturated with different business ventures. As such, Adwired is the best marketing agency for any e-commerce brand.

Steven Ridzyowski and Ecommerce Marketing Agency Is Filling the Void That the Ecommerce Industry Needs

Steven Ridzyowski is most commonly known for his involvement with being a member of the Forbes Business Council and being the founder of Ecommerce Marketing Agency, EMA. Steven prides himself on his skill set and his ability to provide a true turnkey experience from start to finish without the extra monthly agency fee. EMA specializes in creating Shopify ecommerce online retail stores. His team at EMA specializes in everything from A-Z regarding store design, product trends and research, customer service, media buying (for ads), custom product funnels, and more. It helps bridge the gap between those wanting to get into online retail and don’t know anything about it.

Steven Ridzyowski has 10+ years of digital marketing experience across multiple advertising platforms, following trends and advertising multiple products and brands throughout his entrepreneurial journey. He founded Ecommerce Marketing Agency in the past year because of his success with running multiple 6- to 7-figure Shopify ecommerce stores in the past 4 years. 

Now is the perfect time to get started in online retail. He has seen this all prior before the pandemic. As online ecommerce sales grew, large big-box retailers who didn’t adapt to online marketing, social media, or who did not have any online presence ended up shutting down. They didn’t follow the trends and shift to online or were just stuck in their own ways. If businesses need any reason to not be stuck in the past and old ways because that’s what they’re used to, the current situation is that reason.    

The pandemic the world is currently facing is horrible, but there is one thing for sure, and that is the rise in online retail and social media marketing. Businesses need to realize quickly that if they don’t adapt and get an online presence, they may be forced to close. This pandemic has also brought on one of the biggest obstacles for  Ecommerce Marketing Agency. That obstacle is fear and the inability to accept change

Businesses are scared to invest in the future because (1) they may not have the money because of the financial hardships of the pandemic, (2) they don’t want to adapt to change, and (3) they’re scared to do something new and comfortable with what they currently have. However, with the power of social media and going viral, businesses can take advantage of this time. It’s important for businesses to take advantage of the opportunity right now, but they need to attack this head-on and trust the trend that’s been happening for the past 5 years.

As for what is next for Steven Ridzyowksi, he has big plans in the works, including a partnership with All Done Consulting (ADC), whose founder is Ryan Morgan. Ryan Morgan is an industry leader among top business brokers. His company All Done Consulting specializes in lead generation and sales funnel for online businesses. 

This partnership between All Done Consulting and Ecommerce Marketing Agency plans to provide clients and brick-and-mortar businesses with the best quality of a turnkey ecommerce service. ADC and EMA both have proven results across multiple online retail stores built on product trends throughout the years. They have the ability to follow trends and create product funnels across hundreds of different products while dialling in the right demographics to target. Doing this allows their business and their client’s stores to continually sell no matter the time of year or season.

Steven’s agency, along with Ryan’s, is what fills the void to take online retail stores to the next level. This partnership will allow future clients and businesses to start and grow among these difficult times. To follow along Steven Ridzyowski’s journey in business and future ventures, follow him on Instagram.