Johnny Wu: The Celebrated Virtual Magician Is Taking Magic to the Digital Space

Magic shows have always been a wellspring of wonder. Long before the advent of the internet, live magic shows would attract thousands of spectators for an unforgettable experience. Nowadays, in the digital age, a new form of magic has emerged, utilizing the power of technology to spread cheer and wonder online. Johnny Wu is a talented magician whose world-class magic tricks have continued to amaze audiences from the comfort of their own homes through pioneering his own brand of virtual magic shows.

Johnny Wu began his foray into the magic world when he was a junior in college. He decided to pursue his passion and perform magic shows from his 200-square-foot dorm room as a career. Starting out, Johnny did everything on his own, from designing his own website to marketing his own content.

Eventually, Johnny Wu would pivot toward utilizing technology and the digital space to entertain audiences with his online magic shows. His skills combine magic, mentalism, and hypnosis to give his audiences an unforgettable, magical experience. 

“Johnny is the BEST magician I’ve ever seen!” – Jamie Foxx

“Johnny is a star. Top-quality magic through and through. Send this man to Hogwarts…I’m not kidding!!!! Thank you so much! You were awesome.” – Giovanni Borsari

“I’m always terrified to volunteer during a magic show, but it’s a lot easier with Johnny Wu!! Super exciting, even over zoom.” – Kevin Eells

Does Johnny Wu Offer Zoom Magic Shows Only? How about Google Hangout?

With the technology we have these days, there are a host of online platforms that allow Johnny Wu to perform his online magic show to a variety of audiences. While Zoom magic shows are the most prevalent, the virtual magician also presents his shows via Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Google Hangouts.

Johnny Wu specializes in mentalism, so audiences can expect actual mind-reading, hypnosis, and real magic through their screens, not just normal card tricks that have been done to death. As an audience member, all one has to do is sit back, relax, and enjoy the show without any preparations necessary.

Johnny is an interactive magician, so audiences should also be willing to volunteer and have their minds blown by his sheer talent and mental prowess. To join an online magic show, users just need to click a link and enjoy one unforgettable experience.

How an Interactive Magician Creates an Experience One Can FEEL on Their Side of the Screen

Much like live magic shows, online magic shows need to emulate the same sense of wonder and amazement that being in person entails. Johnny Wu is able to do this by performing a very interactive show that doesn’t require any physical touch from the audience, but their interactions and their inputs will still drastically affect the outcome of the show.

The renowned Zoom magician has performed in countless different events and entertained a variety of people from different walks of life. He has performed at corporate meetings, private parties, and even celebrity hangouts. A virtual magic show usually costs around $500 to $5,000 depending on the event and the number of audiences.

Johnny Wu has garnered a lot of attention through his magnificent magic skills and talent. He has acquired over 1600 5-star reviews for his virtual magic shows, even drawing the attention of A-list celebrities such as Jamie Foxx, Jessica Alba, Paul Pierce, Paris Hilton, and many more. Make sure to drop by this website to check out some of the 5-star reviews that the renowned Zoom magician has received for his magic.

To know more about Johnny Wu, make sure to visit his official website.

Shares His Remarkable Origin Story and How He Found Success

It is a commonly held notion that the most crucial period in a person’s life is their formative years. This is built on the idea that the values and principles, even the memories one gains during childhood, will be carried over to their adult self. And although some may disagree, serial entrepreneur JetSetFly recognizes that this belief holds merit. After all, his love for business started when he was only a student in the second grade.

Also known as Josh King Madrid, the inspiring 24-year-old is a highly regarded neuro-marketer, internet entrepreneur, public speaker, and internet personality. He has achieved outstanding accomplishments. One of which is earning his first million at only 19 years old. 

In addition, he has generated hundreds of thousands of leads via viral product campaigns, sold more than $20 million online, scaled numerous enterprises from the ground up, and built a massive personal brand following. Of course, it goes without saying that the multi-millionaire has accomplished many impressive distinctions at such a young age. 

When asked what pushed him towards the path of entrepreneurship, JetSetFly fondly recalls a core memory he had as a young boy. When he was in second grade, his father introduced him to the business world by lending him $15 and showing him how to buy beanies from China at wholesale prices. His old man then suggested that he could sell the products to kids at school to repay the loan and use the profits to buy the clothes and toys he wanted.

Candidly sharing the story, he said, “I went to school and after-school winter camp with the other kids, and I sold all the beanies for $5. I was instantly hooked. I have loved the game of entrepreneurship since that day. This one experience made me realize that I was able to get anything I wanted. I just needed to find out the right information and have an insane drive and work ethic.”

The unforgettable experience stayed with JetSetFly, which ultimately set a precedent for him to pursue a career in business. While studying in college, he came across psychology and there, he found that his true passion lies in the psychology of influence and understanding the way the human brain works.

Fueled by his discovery, the visionary decided to master neuro-marketing, and in 2016, he built an online business that grew at lightning speed. Within 100 days of starting, the enterprise was already earning 6-figures per month in online sales. As a result, the entrepreneur has obtained his first million at only 19 years old.

Six years later, JetSetFly is not only a renowned business owner and digital marketing expert. He has also expanded his horizons to the NFT space. He is the co-founder of PaperBoyz by, the world’s leading NFT news site.

JetSetFly’s incredible journey to success is proof that passion combined with hard work and discipline will catapult anyone towards their goals. As the insightful young man continues to grow his empire, he also aims to become an inspiration to others, especially the youth, to keep going after their dreams.