Meet the Company, Full Disclosure, Who Are Empowering Minority Employees To Success in the Workplace

With the onset of a global pandemic, not only people’s health is compromised, but also their capacity for livelihood and their subsequent stream of income. Businesses are taking the blow for the shift in lifestyle and the placement of necessary operation restrictions for communities to combat this invisible enemy. Unemployment has surged, and unfortunately, so has the gaps in race and sex on the battlefield that is now our workplace. No matter how far along the human race has gone in terms of development, there are still remnants, if not solid pieces, of these lingering issues in our communities, which still put many to a disadvantage. This very problem today is employee consulting firm Full Disclosure’s reason for being.

Full Disclosure came as a response to the demand and necessity for a full-service consulting platform that equips underrepresented employees with tools to thrive in the workplace. Full Disclosure was born out of the need to help minorities better navigate the workplace by providing advice, guidance, and services that can yield positive results for underrepresented employees. Full Disclosure understands that being a minority in a corporate environment is a unique experience.

Today, racism and sexism are still things that affect how employees are treated and compensated, and this is precisely what pushed founder and CEO Patrick Colvin to build the consulting firm. A Human Resources expert with experience working under leading brands, Patrick has observed first-hand the lack of information and knowledge, as well as the missed opportunities that people of color and other minority individuals experience in the workplace. He considers this mission to bridge the said access gap not just his passion, but his personal calling. Patrick wishes to use his knowledge and the aid of other experts in his company to advise minorities on how they could better position themselves in their respective fields.

“Our services are specifically engineered and designed to bridge the access gap ranging from assisting underrepresented employees negotiate a better compensation package to helping job seekers jumpstart their job search through our one on one consultations,” Patrick states. “It is estimated that the average employee could earn $7,500 more each year if they just negotiated their salary. Once you have realized your worth, you’ll be completely embarrassed at the compensation and terms of employment in which you settled for. Our goal is to educate and empower our minority job seekers to ensure no money is left on the table.” 

Equitable conditions and compensation in a company are every employee’s right, and Full Disclosure operates with this end in mind. The company is established with a desire to service others, celebrate authenticity, and a goal to provide individuals with the chance to advance their careers, which could ultimately better their lives. This is done through HR and Contract Consultations, as well as Job Offer and Severance Reviews. Moreover, Full Disclosure also does Job Search Jumpstart Consultations to help individuals looking to switch careers and explore better opportunities. 

For more information on the consulting company, visit its website, and feel free to reach out to Patrick through his Twitter page.