Callback Tracker Revolutionizing the Way Sales People and Businesses Generate and Manage Leads

Lead generation and management can be a struggle for most salespeople and business owners. Abandoned carts, lead fallout, and other lead generation problems cost companies billions of dollars worldwide in lost opportunities. The answer to this expensive problem is an affordable yet robust solution, Callback Tracker.

Callback Tracker is one of today’s latest lead generation software that offers businesses and sales professionals a seamless and robust system for tracking and managing leads. The marketing automation brings voice, live chat, SMS, and email communications into one integrated platform for easier monitoring. Callback Tracker quickly becomes a sales team’s best friend as it offers a full suite of communication tools that provide a callback widget, live chat software, call tracking system, and virtual phone system in one platform. 

The innovation comes from Chicago, where a team of website developers and marketing professionals came together to answer a huge pain point in the business technology sphere. The tech startup’s founders and creators have extensive experience creating websites, CRMS, and online marketing tools. Through the years they’ve spent working with clients of ecommerce and marketing systems, they found a gap in the sales process: a robust and semi-automated system that could help track and manage leads. 

Most companies today struggle with abandoned carts. Customer feedback shows that one of the main reasons they don’t proceed to checkout is the lack of sales support when making the purchasing decision. Callback Tracker answers that need by creating a system that seamlessly integrates with any ecommerce website and adds an easy call to action button for customers who want to reach out to sales representatives. 

The system’s embeddable call to action button is easily one of the best customer-end features. The button eliminates the hassle on the client’s end to browse through the whole website in search of chat support or a contact form. With Callback Tracker’s call to action, support comes in the same breath as the last click before checkout.

Nowadays, marketing automation innovation is accelerating at a rate the world has never seen before. With ingenious creations like Callback Tracker, entrepreneurs can stay ahead of the innovation curve and remain relevant in the fast-paced and hyper-digitized business environment most brands find themselves in today. Callback Tracker minimizes sales fallout, helping companies generate more revenue out of their campaigns and promotions. 

The Callback Tracker team is gearing up to expand its service reach. Today, the software is only available in the United States and Canada. But that won’t be the case for long. The company’s founders and creators are working toward an international launch before the end of 2020 that will make Callback Tracker available to sixteen countries. This advancement is only the beginning, as the tech company hopes to turn the system into a global brand very soon.

Visit Callback Tracker’s website to learn more about the system’s features and applications. Check out the company’s Instagram and Facebook accounts, as well, for news and updates on the software.