Top Reasons Why Branding Matters for Your Business Growth

Every business owner has the same goal in mind, and they’re willing to do whatever it takes to make it a reality, which is to grow their company and keep improving it. Improving a company’s brand recognition is a popular strategy because of all the positive effects it has on a company. We’ll do our best to illustrate a few of the numerous reasons this strategy is successful.

More people know about you

Branding has a larger role in the success of companies like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, and Microsoft than the quality of their products themselves. You are well aware that there are many alternatives to fast food giants like McDonald’s and Burger King and that the success of these restaurants is attributable only to the efforts of their advertising departments. Companies spend millions upon millions of dollars annually on branding, so it must be effective. Investment in diverse brand-building strategies, like the ones they used to develop their empire, can have a significant impact on how quickly a business succeeds. 

The more you are invested in the process of branding, the more you will understand. If you have a smaller company, you should try to look for some ideas from businesses that have already achieved some success and see whether you can apply a similar formula. It is important to note that originality can be much more fruitful than something you put a lot of money into that is copying others.

Branding brings in new customers

A reputable name will have little difficulty attracting new customers via word of mouth. Customers are more inclined to conduct business with you if they recognize and trust the name you’ve established in the market, which happens when your branding is strong and when you respect all the important brand guidelines, such as an attractive logo, appealing graphics, and images, the right method of communication, etc. When a company’s brand is well-known and respected, word of mouth becomes its most valuable form of advertisement.

Enhancing your business value

In order to attract new customers, branding is crucial, and a well-established brand may boost a company’s worth by giving it greater clout in the market. Because of its well-established position in the market, this gives it a more alluring investment prospect. The brand is the end product of the branding process; it includes the associated goodwill and financial benefits. Having a solid name in the market is equivalent to having a valuable brand. 

This worth could be measured in terms of sway, a premium price, or a share of thought. A company’s brand is an intangible asset that contributes to the company’s value and deserves its own line item on the balance sheet. Giving monetary weight to the brand is termed “brand valuation,” and it is just as vital as branding itself while being a contentious issue and a challenging assignment for many organizations.

Contribute to ad campaigns

When your employees know exactly who and what they should be promoting, marketing and advertising become much simpler to implement. Having a defined brand voice and messaging may help you generate engaging material for marketing efforts.

On the other side, your brand standards and visual identity will assist your team in developing designs that will increase brand recognition. Branding may unite your internal workforce under a common purpose and mission.

Creating trust through branding 

Gaining your audience’s trust is crucial for any company, yet doing so may be difficult. Trusting a company will be considerably more challenging if it lacks essential branding components. Branding is something many of us look for when considering a company, and its absence may raise warning flags for certain customers. Without a strong brand, a company has very little to show for its efforts.

A company that has taken the time and care to establish a consistent brand identity is more likely to earn your trust than one that has not. Customers can see that you mean business when you invest in a strong brand identity. You may utilize this to give them an idea of what to expect from your company right from the bat. You are making an investment in your company’s future success, and consumers will appreciate the effort you put into developing your brand as a result.


You can use branding in a variety of ways to make customers feel more emotionally invested in your business. Establishing a strong brand identity may help you connect with your target market and win their loyalty. If you establish your brand as one that people trust and value, you may get an advantage over rivals who aren’t paying attention to this trend.

Anthony “Ape” Pratt and Company Lead Clients to Win Through Innovative Branding Solutions

For Anthony “Ape” Pratt, founder of Gorilla With A Pen, branding, media management, and consultancy are right up his alley. The CEO and his team strive and excel at being the best storytellers to help their clients win in their respective fields.

Before founding Gorilla With A Pen, Anthony Pratt was a valued United States Army veteran. He was also well-rounded in the entertainment industry and is recognized as a professional in the business, working with former top acts for shows such as British X-Factor, The Voice, American Idol, and America’s Got Talent. Today, Anthony is leading a minority-owned company, Gorilla With A Pen, as an authority in setting trends, scaling brands to new heights, catering to clients in technology, sports, and even live events.

Gorilla With A Pen creates opportunities for “socially conscious innovators, businesses, and talents who choose to look at the future differently.” Anthony Pratt and his company serve various start-up companies, entertainment talent, social influencers, and athletes that have been overlooked in the past. The CEO is determined to help each client achieve their vision and become part of the top-tier in their industries. The company has assisted in launching products, actors, entertainment talents, business-to-consumer companies, business-to-business companies, and esports influencers who want to connect with a wider scope of audience and take their brands to greater heights. 

Anthony Pratt has dedicated time and effort in establishing Gorilla With A Pen to be a platform where audiences from all around the world could come together and enjoy great content on entertainment and are keen on witnessing a world that embraces change. Gorilla With A Pen showcases tomorrow’s next trendsetters in entertainment, arts, culinary, and so much more. The in-house team caters to brands of all sizes and grows them into an international force. 

“It’s truly a partnership and a total team effort,” said Anthony Pratt. “We feel that our company will prosper and grow through creativity and flexibility, which enables us to compete with larger companies going forward,” he added. Gorilla With A Pen has been pivotal to some of the most prominent professional athletes, businesses, entertainers, composers, etc. The company has been invited by Comic-Con International to attend the first-ever WonderCon @Home 2020, a historical event that keeps the spirit of Comic-Con alive amid the pandemic.

Additionally, Anthony Pratt has scored a partnership with Six Flags, where Gorilla With A Pen will be introducing new content for their visitors. He has also formed a reputable relationship with top attractions such as The Los Angeles Zoo and Ripley’s Believe it or Not Hollywood. Furthermore, Anthony has partnered with leading female athletes to boost the Women’s Roller Derby scene in Los Angeles in his efforts to support diversity and create more opportunities.

Asked what motivated him to build Gorilla With A Pen, Anthony Pratt fiercely answered, “Someone once told me that I couldn’t.” Anthony had a challenging upbringing in South Central, Los Angeles, where he was constantly surrounded by negativity. “Being a black business owner comes with the same challenges of being a black man in society,” said Anthony. He was ridiculed, underestimated, and doubted by many. Still, Anthony succeeded in overcoming his obstacles and came out with a healthy mind.

Through it all, Anthony Pratt made Gorilla With A Pen an undisputed company with its diversified executives and professionals with years of experience in esports, cosplay, TV and film, voiceovers, real estate, production, and entertainment. Anthony Pratt and his well-rounded team learned and gained valuable knowledge about understanding clients by working for companies such as Creative Artists Agency, Walt Disney, Universal Music Group, RE/MAX, FOX, and William Morris Endeavor. 

Anthony Pratt and Gorilla With A Pen “accepts the responsibility of being an innovator and hopes to influence and inspire through creativity.” Together with its clients, the company is building a legacy that would impact society and stay with it for many more generations. Truly, Anthony and his company are some of the greatest innovators and one of the best-kept secrets shaping the world as people see it today.

Learn more about Gorilla With A Pen and founder Anthony”Ape” Pratt on their website and Instagram.

Ars Media Arts Group: Making Opportunities for Creatives

A career in art is challenging to establish, mainly because creatives and well-paying clients in need of creatives find difficulty connecting. The Ars Media Arts Group is an organization with a mission to provide the best resources for creatives by creating opportunities for these artists to connect with potential clients. 

There is a frustratingly common misconception that art is “easy.” People typically fail to consider that the reason why various creatives can make their crafts look effortless is that they have spent countless hours and sleepless nights practicing. The right clients are ones who can fully appreciate the value of a good artist and are willing to compensate them accordingly for their services. 

Ars MAG began as an idea between a couple of college students from Shepherd University in West Virginia. In 2016, these students bounce ideas off one another, which started to take shape soon after. They found the word ars, the Latin translation for the word “passion.” They found it a fitting name, and thus, the organization came to life. 

With an incredible amount of potential, the organization quickly took off. In a short span of four years, it has been able to implement numerous events, raise over $50,000 in independent fundraising events, and create more than 500 opportunities per year for various creatives, including visual artists, journalists, photographers, and videographers.

Providing a vision, developing awareness, awarding experience, and capturing uniqueness; these are the organization’s four objectives by which its considerable success and continual growth can be attributable. These objectives create a solid foundation by which the organization can stand by its advocacy, promote creative freedom, and reward excellence at the same time.

The organization takes pride in its brand developing service, incredibly, which has been instrumental in creating countless opportunities for creatives and entrepreneurs alike. In addition to this, Ars MAG commits to artist development, brand development, project funding/sponsorship, and creative direction.

Specially designed to educate entrepreneurs on the nuances of marketing, the brand developing service is a unique brand-building service that touches upon how, who, and where of marketing. The knowledge that the organization imparts onto entrepreneurs serves as a foundation for them to be fully involved and knowledgeable in collaboration and developing their brand.

The responsibility of identifying creatives and their need for resources falls upon the shoulders of the Executive Director. In Ars MAG, that person is Torland Greene, a graduate of Shepherd University and Averett University, with degrees in Fine Arts and Graphic Design. With the drive and ars to contribute to the success of creatives in their respective fields, he has profound knowledge in the business aspect of art, fashion, and design. He has utilized that knowledge to further the industry. Marketing strategies, partnerships, study groups, and fundraisers are other development programs that he takes responsibility in.

For several years now, Ars MAG has been bridging the gap between mainstream platforms and emerging creatives, allowing them to connect and build mutually-beneficial relationships. Given the success it has met in the previous years, the organization can only grow further as time passes.

Find out more about Ars Media Arts Group by visiting their website.

28 D.Tales Paves the Way for More Black Creatives in Communications

The increasingly widespread usage of the internet in the past few decades has given rise to thousands of digital marketing consultancies for new and old business owners hoping to make it big online and in real life. The company 28 D.Tales Media Group LLC is not a typical marketing consultancy firm. The Black-owned, woman-led communications consultancy firm goes beyond their trade by doubling as an educational hub for students, new business owners, and even seasoned C-suite executives.

The company was founded by Dominique “Nique Marchell” Samuels. 28 D.Tales Media Group LLC specializes in public relations, digital and social media marketing, as well as brand management coaching for mission-driven brands/non-profits, tech companies, and beauty and wellness retail businesses. With experience in utilizing the overlooked details of brands, 28 D.Tales Media Group teaches their clients how to sell their “why” through compelling storytelling tactics using various mediums, e.g., articles, photography, videography, copywriting, email marketing, etc.

What sets the company apart is its double role as an empowering educational platform. Their Instagram and their upcoming membership platform (coming October 2020) both serve as hubs for all things communications for students, new business owners, and seasoned C-Suite executives. Founder Dominique Samuels wanted to establish a company that valued community and service.

During the summer of 2020, 28 D.Tales Media Group implemented its first inaugural internship program, helping eight students who either lost their internships due to the COVID-19 pandemic or who hadn’t ever been afforded an opportunity in the communications and media space. At the end of the course, one intern noted, “28 D.Tales was my first internship in the communications field, and I am so happy it was. Dominique was like a mentor to me and I learned so much.”

Dominique herself is a creative entrepreneur, brand communications consultant, digital storyteller, and African American scholar-practitioner from Trenton, New Jersey, with an eye for detail. After fully realizing her true talent for storytelling, she made a career change to pursue a profession in the art of communication. Started in 2018, fiercely passionate about the way words can influence others and create a better world in which every interaction is mutually beneficial.

In February 2019, at twenty-two years old, Dominique developed 28 D.Tales Media Group. Through details and persistence, she helps bring brands to life by helping them identify their “why” and strategize numerous ways to tell their story, captivating each one’s target audience segments.

28 D.Tales Media Group aims to elevate the social good of organizations to drive change through their strategic communications plans and outcomes that attract and convert their clients’ target audience, inspire action, and cultivate value and community.

The company works to cultivate the community of disruptive organizations and social entrepreneurs to influence change, innovation, and social justice in society. 28 D.Tales Media Group treats clients like family, ensuring every need is met. Through strategic partnership development, forward-thinking, and comprehensive planning, 28 D.Tales is able to provide their clients with viable solutions that incorporate creatively detailed visual and narrative deliverables that educate, inspire, and engage. The company is Black-owned and women-led and intentionally uses their practices to uplift other Black-owned businesses.

In the future, Dominique aims to provide year-round, state-of-the-art internship experiences to help underprivileged Black students to see the power and importance of their role in communications. The trailblazing founder also plans to grow 28 D.Tales Media Group to a staff of fifteen, keeping the small-family feel while taking on larger company contracts with major tech companies.

Learn more about 28 D.Tales Media Group on its website and follow Dominique’s journey on Instagram.

The Creative Agency on Elevating Small Businesses Through Sustainable Online Visibility

With corporate titans dominating the entrepreneurial landscape, it has become harder and harder for small businesses to steal the show. But just because globalization is prevalent among industries, it does not mean that the local enterprises are of any less importance. 

Taking heed of the waning support for small businesses, Jahna Eichel created The Creative Agency. She made sure that such businesses are provided with an avenue where they can grow and provide vitality to their respective local communities. And although running a small business is riskier than working for a large company, Jahna believes that with The Creative Agency’s help, the rewards are bound to outweigh the costs. 

As a serial entrepreneur and a mother of two, Jahna has developed a sharp sense of spotting potential and then making the most out of it with her foolproof tips and tricks. And according to her, it does not matter how big or how small a business is. In the end, it all boils down to how wisely resources and opportunities are being utilized. For this reason, she enjoys rooting for small and medium-sized enterprises because she wants to show them that anything is possible with the proper mindset. 

Being the frontier of The Creative Agency, Jahna charters the company in a direction that paves the way for endless possibilities. So to keep up with the advent of technological advancement, she continually looks for solutions that help entrepreneurs boost their visibility in the digital world. 

By incorporating technology into traditional strategies, the serial entrepreneur gears her company with the capacity to provide its clients with a rock-solid foundation that fosters exponential growth and accelerated reachability. And for her, nothing is more rewarding than seeing businesses’ humble startups flourish into roaring seven-figure endeavors. 

The Creative Agency is ingrained with the principle that unless a business decides to make a bold move to start, success will remain to be elusive. Thus, it uses authentic, integrated campaigns and social media growth hacks to equip its clients with the confidence to take a leap of faith. 

Built around the pillars of transparency, honesty, and integrity, the company strives to serve business owners at all stages and help them feel empowered to take their strengths to the next level. Furthermore, it aims to facilitate the conservation of resources to bring out the best in its clients. 

Since most entrepreneurs try to do so much on their own, The Creative Agency makes sure to orient them with its strategies that enable automation for more convenience. Through this kind of support, the company proves that sustainable visibility online is not only possible but beneficial as well. 

Aside from helping clients with their financial needs, The Creative Agency also gives them the moral lift to make them realize what they are truly capable of. Because more than money, it is faith in one’s potential that makes a business boom. As such, a small business screaming with boldness will always be greater than any large company built on doubts. 

Banking on the ability of small and medium-sized businesses to provide a hometown feel for localities, Jahna pours her heart out into helping them stay operational. As the lifeblood of the local communities, small-business owners deserve as much recognition as corporate giants do. 

To know more about The Creative Agency, you may visit their website.