Trapani Law Firm Recovers $2 Million In Allentown Personal Injury Lawsuit

The Trapani Law Firm is proud to announce a $2 Million Allentown Personal Injury Settlement for a Lehigh Valley premises liability accident. Sadly, the victim of the Lehigh Valley personal injury accident lost his life in the Allentown PA gas explosion accident. The victim suffered his Allentown wrongful death at the scene of the Pennsylvania gas explosion accident. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the victim and his entire family.

Allentown personal injury attorney Matthew Trapani had the following to say: “We have been honored to represent the deceased’s children, mother and entire family. As a result of this Lehigh Valley personal injury settlement, the family will have the resources to rebuild their lives. Our Allentown injury attorneys are very satisfied with the outcome of this personal injury wrongful death settlement and feel that justice was appropriately served.” Any further details regarding this Allentown wrongful death lawsuit settlement are confidential.

The Trapani Law Firm tirelessly represents personal injury victims and families across the Lehigh Valley and Allentown, PA, area. Attorney Trapani has recently been involved with infant personal injury lawsuits caused by child inclined sleepers made by Fisher Price, Kids II, and Dorel Juvenile Group USA. If your baby has lost their life or suffered a personal injury, while using a baby inclined sleeper, do not hesitate to call the Trapani Law Firm to speak with an Allentown personal injury lawyer. Furthermore, Attorney Trapani and his team have earned a perfect 5 out of 5 stars based on numerous google reviews.

Kristie S., a client from the Lehigh Valley PA said, “Matt has been more than helpful in all advice I’ve asked for. Not only was he conducive to MY schedule, he went out of his way to get back to me right away. He’s loyal, trustworthy and always offers honest advice. I’d recommend him and his practice time and time again. Thank you, Matt for all your hard work and dedication to making sure I felt like a priority and not just another client!”

The Trapani Law Firm handles Allentown personal injury lawsuits across the Lehigh Valley, PA. They represent individuals who have been seriously injured in car accidents, medical malpractice, tractor-trailer truck accidents, birth injury lawsuits such as cerebral palsy negligence, premises liability, cancer malpractice, infant inclined sleeper cases, wrongful death, child sexual assault, brain injury cases and product liability mass torts such as Roundup cancer cases and Johnson & Johnson talc powder ovarian cancer lawsuits. 

The Pennsylvania personal injury lawyers at the Trapani Law Firm understand the anxiety and stress that accompany a personal injury accident. Call the Trapani Law Firm if you or a family member have suffered a severe personal injury due to the fault of another individual or company.

To learn more about the Trapani Law Firm, visit the firm online at its official website or call them at (610) 351-2330.

David Anthony Schroeder on His Chronic Pain Journey and How He is Helping Others With Theirs

It is not uncommon for people to read and hear about chronic pain. However, experiencing it firsthand is an entirely different story. Simply put, only those who have actually been under its wrath know how limiting and restricting chronic pain can be. 

When chronic pain sidelined David Anthony Schroeder from life, it took him a little while to realize that just because the gruesome condition was taking over his body, it did not mean that it had to take over his life as well. Stepping into his light, the survivor reclaimed his power, took action, and conquered his pain. 

According to David, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that fifty million Americans live with chronic pain. In addition, another twenty million is estimated to live with high-impact chronic pain, which means that their work activities and other lifestyle habits are limited.

On the surface, it might seem that chronic pain is only one thing to worry about. But unfortunately, it brings with it a plethora of other health problems such as limited mobility, anxiety, depression, reduced quality of life, addiction, and even death. And in this sense, David explains that people who are suffering from chronic pain don’t have to have such a hard time functioning. 

Struggling with chronic pain off and on for nearly fifty years, David was prompted to use a cannabidiol (CBD) pain stick from which he found almost immediate pain relief. Struck by how the product was doing wonders on his condition, he became one of the nation’s foremost advocates for the use of CBD for therapeutic pain management. And after spending three years of weeding through the advantages and disadvantages and the Deluge of misinformation regarding the use of CBD, he wrote the book, 7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD.

Since it is the first and only one of its kind,  David’s book delves into the basics of CBD so that a person with no background therein can quickly grasp everything there is to know about its usage. 

As a useful pain management tool, CBD has helped millions of people recover from their medical conditions. And because of it, they finally took back the life and joy that the pain stole from them. 

Although managing chronic pain is an uphill battle, it is not insurmountable. As a matter of fact, it was by educating and arming himself with knowledge about the benefits of CBD that he improved his quality of life and his ability to function with less pain.

Staying upbeat during difficult times is easier said than done. So when his good health was suddenly taken away from him, David struggled to keep a positive attitude. And now that he has overcome the painful journey, he wishes to be a source of inspiration to those who are still struggling with chronic pain. 

With his book, 7 Ways To Manage Pain With CBD, David hopes that more people will become aware of how to deal with chronic pain as well as be more understanding to those who are suffering from it. 

To know more about David Anthony Schroeder and his book, you may head on to his website, and the book may be purchased online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart.

Nick Koumalatsos: How a Former Marine Raider Turned His Frustrations Into Pages of Life Lessons and Coping Strategies

People who underwent and overcame some of the toughest phases of their lives will wear those triumphs like a king’s crown. While some who have not experienced tribulations may view the circumstance as unfortunate, others grapple on these misfortunes as an opportunity for change.

As an individual who had gone through the whims and caprices of the unfortunate realities of growth, Nick Koumalatsos took these snippets of life lessons and turned them into seven different stages of transition towards the journey of transformation.

Having to undergo some of life’s most nerve-wracking experiences as a military man, Nick thought it best to leave his 12-year career as a Marine Raider in the Marine Corps Special Operations Unit for his mental state. For years, he had let his circumstances get the best of him and would often find himself stuck with feelings of anger, indifference, and bitterness all the time.

However, Nick’s dark path took a different course when he decided to turn mishaps into his consolations. Taking a cue from his frustrations, Nick heeded to the call of his misfortunes and combined his skills as a raider in his journey towards calibrating his life.

With the vision of sparking a revolution in his life, Nick harnessed these negative experiences and turned them into chapters and pages of comprehensible content. As a person who has dealt with losses and trauma, he realized how difficult it was to cope with it. It was like traversing in uncharted territory with no guides and maps to rely on. When Nick recognized this, he immediately reflected upon himself and wrote what he learned in his book entitled “Excommunicated Warrior.”

Being in the military, having unbridled strength in the face of uncertainties, is the goal that every Marine should have. With Nick as a member of the Special Operations Unit, the pressure to keep it all together was even more. The society’s views towards these seemingly invincible individuals have resulted in an alarming perception that Marines are unable to possess any vulnerability. Because of this, they find it hard to come forward and acknowledge what they are going through.

And with that in Nick’s mind, he sets out to build a monument of his trials and triumphs for the world to see, in the hopes of encouraging other military men to be vulnerable too.

In his book, Excommunicated Warrior, Nick talks and shares his experiences battling life and death during his time in the Marines, how he struggled to keep it in, and how he successfully coped with the effects of post-trauma using his seven stages of transition. Nick hopes that through his book, he can help other military men, veterans, first responders, and their family and friends, in overcoming these challenges in life after trading their shields and guns with the simplicities of civilian life.

By writing his stories of trials and triumphs in a book, Nick inspires other members of the army, and readers from other fields and all walks of life, to balance their gilt-edged uniforms with the right amount of fragility. The book has been positively received by mothers, people who went through or going through divorce, professional athletes that have had injuries ending their careers, and many first responders. While the 7 Stages of transition is designed for the military, it has become apparent that it is actually a human being issue. The book is a reflection of Nick’s experience in Special Operations and leaving that community, and serves as a must-have resource for knowledge and wisdom that anyone can use to help them achieve personal success.

Through Excommunicated Warrior, Nick hopes to remind them that strength lies in being able to enjoy life’s victories and accept the pain that goes with it.

Learn more about Nick Koumalatsos and his book, Excommunicated Warrior, by visiting his website and following his Instagram page and Youtube channel.