Vigilante’s Impactful Performance Is Bringing Him to Stardom

Dreams do not work unless you do. Hard work is essential to realize one’s aspirations. Fortunately for Vigilante, perseverance and hard work are second nature to him, and despite the arduous quality of the path to stardom, he continues to hustle through it. 

Born Remarcus Steele, Vigilante is an actor, activist, artist, model, and businessman rapidly rising to fame. With a hard-driven passion and intense desire to reach his dreams and fulfill his aspirations, he is doing everything in his power to work toward success. He had to learn everything about the industry from scratch. Despite the novelty of it all, he recognized that creating a good social network and unforgettable memories are essential steps.

Vigilante figured out his way into the industry, and the joys and challenges of it all continue to contribute to his growth as a person; in his journey to stardom, he is flourishing. Each new project he tackles adds on to his repertoire of skills and takes him to a whole new level, thereby increasing his value as a player in the industry.

In his journey in the music industry, he already has a list of notable achievements. He has been invited to various radio shows, and his music has graced the ears of thousands as they are played by over a hundred well-known stations. His work with radio personality Radio God Stu has been dubbed the Freestyle of the Year.

Aside from music, he has several notable accomplishments in film as well. His first major role was in the 2019 film Little, where he played the role of a featured student. His impressive performance led to his first lead role. TV One’s For My Man cast Vigilante as the lead in one of its episodes. He then signed onto his first talent agency soon after, and now he has so much in store for this year, with more lead roles, as well as an animated film, on Netflix.

As for his modeling, he signed on to Gage Talent Agency in Tennessee and Premier Model in London. With his experience and know-how in the industry, he now utilizes his resources to help other aspiring stars to advance their careers as actors, models, or artists through mentorship. 

Vigilante believes in giving back, and he works hard to connect with his community and extends his efforts to uplift the less progressive areas by speaking on matters such as police brutality and raising awareness regarding the matter. To keep the peace in his neighborhood, he is involved in a group that enforces it as well. He firmly believes that the ideal life is in creating a positive impact in the world, while at the same time facilitating a work-life balance that enables healthy relationships as well.

With an impressive resume that keeps on growing day by day, it is only a matter of time before Vigilante gets his big break and becomes a household name. He applies the Vigilante Vision in every aspect of his life: “Be humble, be hardworking, be dedicated, be loyal, be vigilant.”

Visit his website to see the collection of his work in show business.

DJ Chris Padin on Creating Music That Comes Alive

Energizing beats and heart-pumping bops—this is the kind of music that Chris Padin is known for. Chris is a music producer and DJ in New York City with over 7,000 fans. He is famous for mixing different genres to create a unique, never-before-heard experience. 

For as long as he can remember, he had always loved music and the way it made him feel. Growing up, Chris had an extensive music collection. There was music that he would listen to when he was happy and music that he listened to when he wanted to reflect on life. His collection had all different types of music for different moods, and he was known for carrying around an MP3 player with headphones.

At the age of 16, a friend asked him to play some of his songs at a party. It was then that he started looking up how to play the music he carried in his MP3 player for other people to listen to. He bought his first turntables then and spent hours learning how to use them. This was where it all started for DJ Chris Padin.

Through the years, he upgraded his equipment and practiced constantly. Still, he felt there was something missing. He eventually decided he needed to create his own music so that he could create the sound he was looking for that people could relate to.

Fast forward a few years later, and Chris has mastered producing tracks in a variety of genres, such as house, future bass, deep house, progressive house, and big room house. In creating his own sounds and tracks, he focuses on building a unique approach to dance music. He is fond of bending the rules and mixing aspects of different genres together to form his own unique vibe, delivering heart-pumping beats that are impossible to resist.

Through the years, he has built a combined following of over 7,000 fans across social media. He has amassed over 390,000 streams on SoundCloud, over 175,000 streams on Spotify, and over 500,000 views on YouTube. In doing so, he has connected with thousands of people that love music as much as he does right from the comfort of his home studio, his primary place of production.

Chris Padin stays on top of the electronic dance music (EDM) world by constantly broadening his sounds and approach to his craft. As an independent artist, he connects with new fans every day, who continue to support all the music production decisions he makes.

What he loves most about his career in music is all the people that have taken him to where he is today. He loves interacting with his fans on social media and answering their questions. Social media has allowed him to create a community of music lovers who have a deep respect for the craft.

Chris’s newest release, “Alpha,” is an innovative and energized track, specially made to make the listener feel as if they are five espressos in. Alpha is intense, upbeat, and just straight-up hype. Chris recommends this track for some extra gym motivation, a club hit, or even a big rave like the Ultra Music Festival.

Take a listen to “Alpha” on Chris’s Spotify page and keep up with him on his Instagram account.

Viviana Puello Dedicates Life’s Work and Company to Promoting Art and Peace

Many people often think of art as nothing more than a form of leisure. But people like Viviana Puello and her company proves that art serves a more significant function than recreation. It’s also a transformational medium that can help push initiatives for positive change forward. 

Viviana is the founder and CEO of ArtTour International, a media company that aims to give artists all over the world a platform to showcase their art. The multimedia organization has a website, large social media platforms, a magazine publication, and a television show that reaches audiences from over forty countries all over the globe. 

Through the years, ArtTour has amassed a vast network of artists and art enthusiasts. The company’s television show, “ArtTour International,” which airs every Thursday at 5:30 PM in New York through MNN-HD Spectrum 1993, reaches over ten million viewers weekly. The company’s magazine also has a massive reach, with two million people subscribed to digital and print versions of the publication. ArtTour International’s social media platforms have also gathered a substantial reach, collecting over two hundred thousand followers throughout various social channels. 

Today, Viviana uses the influence that she and ArtTour have amassed for various worthy causes. Viviana and ArtTour focus their efforts on supporting art activism, which has given birth to a daughter publication entitled “ATIM’s Top 60 Masters.” The project comes in the form of an annual magazine that brings together sixty artists from different nations to promote peace awareness. 

A direct pet project of Viviana and her partner and husband, award-winning Italian Film Maker, Alan Grimandi, the ATIM’s Top 60 Masters has risen to become one of the most prestigious awards in the international art world. This year, the company released its ninth edition, collating the works of the selected few after screening submissions from over 3,200 of the best artists the world has to offer. 

The selections circulate a central theme. This year’s showcase brings the spotlight on racial discrimination and the support for the Black Lives Matter movement. The campaign accelerated after the injustice committed toward George Floyd by police officers, which ultimately led to his untimely death. This year’s issue’s front cover features the abstract painting of Patricia Karen Gagic entitled “Escape to Reality.” The edition also features the work of artist LeRoi, Native American artist Cher Anderson, and ALBY, to name just a few.

One of the highlights of the ATIM Top 60 Masters Awards is a gathering that brings together the top sixty awardees in a ceremony co-presented by Viviana’s other non-profit organization, Create 4 Peace. This year’s awarding ceremony was set to be held in New York but was moved back due to the coronavirus pandemic. Alternatively, the awarding ceremony will happen next spring in Florence, Italy.

Through ArtTour International, ATIM Top 60 Masters, and her many initiatives, Viviana has brought together an army of artist-activists from over two hundred countries. The curator and art influencer hopes that with this extensive network of elite creators, they can create a positive impact in society through various forms of art.

To learn more about Viviana and her many charitable projects, visit ArtTour International’s website, Facebook page, and Instagram.

Latin Hip-Hop Artist Arthur Sanchez is Back to the Music Industry With New Style and a Mission

Musical artists, whether new to the industry or not, have their fair share of hurdles before getting to the place they want to go. Each had to undergo several ups and downs while traversing the industry – somehow to test the strength of their passion and their craft. On this note, no matter how bumpy it was, is, and will be, there are artists like Arthur Sanchez who perseveres and fights for what he loves.

His interest in music began when Sanchez was only four years old. As a child, Sanchez always found music to be a happy place. To him, listening to songs made him feel different and special. So, whenever he had the chance, especially on weekends, Sanchez would save his extra money to snatch a time slot at a professional recording studio. Later on, the Bay Area-native was able to record his first single I’ve Been Watching You at UGMX Studios in San Jose, California, and was only 12 at the time.  

Sanchez then began to develop his image online, creating social media accounts, and taking to Soundcloud under the stage name LilAmMusic. With his burning passion for music and a bright prospect for his career, Sanchez had high hopes for the future. But he was forced to postpone his dreams. In late 2013, he decided to take a break from music after the death of his grandfather. 

During his five-year hiatus, the landscape of the industry has changed, but for Sanchez, nobody can stop him from carrying on with his plans. He returns to the music industry with a new style, brand, and name, “Arthur Sanchez.” He comes back stronger and more focused. Since 2018, Sanchez has been able to release several tracks like They Want Me Dead, Notice Me, Locked Up, Todo Caro, Me Compre Un, and many more. He’s collaborated with other artists from Colombia, Slovakia, Toronto, and New Jersey, and the tracks are set to be released this year.

The Hip-Hop and Latin trap artist looks to refine his style by working day and night. He dreams of creating a positive change with his music using diverse approaches. Sanchez has an immense number of followers across the globe, and they are increasing by the day. 

Ultimately, he intends to use his story to inspire others to continue doing what they are passionate about, no matter the roadblocks. Sanchez knows that many artists struggle to make a name for themselves due to uncontrollable factors. And so, Sanchez wants to use his brand and story to help others in seeking ways to triumph within a competitive industry even with fewer resources. “We remain true to our word, we seek to help out other artists who might not know how to get around the music industry,” he said.

The music of Arthur Sanchez is something that will be heard in hundreds of platforms soon. His dedication and his past experiences are what drives him to come up with the most unique and profound tracks.

For more information about this up-and-coming artist, visit his website. For updates, follow his official Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter accounts. Sanchez is also on TikTok, Youtube, and Soundcloud.

World-Famous Custom Pillow Creator “That Pillow Guy” Just Launched a Revolutionary Company (All About Vibe) That Will Shake the Pillow Industry

Over the years, only one name has become the definitive authority for custom-made pillows in America. It’s none other than That Pillow Guy. As the world’s most famous custom pillow creator, That Pillow Guy has served thousands of satisfied customers over the course of his career. With the consistency of his products and services, he has managed to gather the most loyal clients in the pillow industry. It’s no surprise that he has worked with major clients and collaborations, which include MTV, AT&T, Red Bull, DreamWorks, CNN, and Facebook.

That Pillow Guy has also worked and collaborated with major celebrities like Snoop Dogg, The Game, Rick Ross, Lil Dicky, Paris Hilton, DJ Khaled, Khloe Kardashian, Eminem, and Carlos Boozer. He is the go-to guy for custom pillows that are extremely high-quality.

The sole focus of his brands all boils down to the American dream. After immigrating to America, he decided to create his business with an American mindset. With his company, he was able to build a team of Americans who were as passionate for good production and good service as he was. Their  focus from day one was on product quality, production speed, and quantity.

With his team of fifteen local employees, his companies are all situated at a 20,000 square-foot factory in Chicago, Illinois. However, the factory does not use any automation process at all. That Pillow Guy’s team is extremely dedicated craftsmen and women who are fully involved in the creation process of each pillow. Each pillow is handcrafted and carefully made on-demand, ensuring the quality of its products and customer satisfaction. Typically, most products placed outside of the holiday season take only 2 to 3 business days to create.

There’s no one else in the industry doing it quite like That Pillow Guy. They offer high-quality custom pillows that are functional and are totally unique to each customer. Their pillows serve as great gifts for friends or loved ones. Customers usually purchase custom pillows to commemorate a lost pet or to stay close to loved ones while they’re away from home.

That Pillow Guy cares deeply about the quality of their products and only uses the best production methods possible. Every step of the production process goes through rigorous quality control in order to maintain the quality integrity of their pillows. This gives customers from all across America the guarantee that their products are safe and locally made in the USA.

With the overwhelming success That Pillow Guy just launched his brand-new company, “All About Vibe,”. The ultimate goal for his new company is the total innovation of how pillows are used as home décor and outdoor furniture. He is currently building a team of over 200 licensed artists and 10,000+ unique designs. It’s only a matter of time before That Pillow Guy revolutionizes the custom pillow industry with his visionary methods.

That Pillow Guy is a man of passion for his craft, and he understands what his customers really want. For that reason, he has garnered tremendous success, and he is looking to conquer an even bigger market with his amazing and ambitious vision. That Pillow Guy definitely lives up to his name. He definitely is the absolute authority when it comes to pillows.

To learn more about That Pillow Guy, you can visit his website or check out LifeLike Pillows and All About Vibe’s online shop.

Anthony Mignogna Shares Stories of Failures and Victories Through Music

Music has widely been regarded as a versatile medium for expressing oneself. While some artists write songs purely for self-expression and entertainment, others use it as an excellent platform to provide a voice for the silenced to be heard.

For Anthony Mignogna, otherwise known as Antidote, great power lies in the ability to use music as a way to inspire and mobilize people. Having been through the whims and caprices of the unfortunate realities of life, he hopes to spread songs of both his accolades and ignominy to imbue others through the incredible power of sound.

Originally coming from the hubbub streets of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Antidote and his older brother iKnowStar67 leaves traces of their placating vocal presence amid the chaos of the big city. As people consistently fueled with passion, music has become their sanctuary – an outlet for both their jollies and exasperations embodies a reflection of their souls. 

However, life in the music lane did not begin until he dissociated himself from his first love – sports. Unlike most of his fellow musicians, Antidote spent his entire childhood years maintaining an active lifestyle. He played football, soccer, basketball, lacrosse, and ice or roller hockey. He was at the peak of his game when he started to notice the venom that comes with winning and losing in sports. It was at this time where Antidote lost his concentration and ended up having nearly failing grades.

Corresponding to the failures he experienced in high school, he knew that pursuing college would only entail a new set of failures that would eventually drive him out of the institution. Taking a cue from this personal sentiment, he perceives an ocean of debt for him and his family soon if he pushes himself to an undesirable path. So Antidote decided to look into other interests to reshape his ensuing plans.

With a clear vision of sparking a revolution in his life, Antidote went to the streets to make money. And in this circumstance, he found himself enjoying the company and sound of his music.

Having defeated some of life’s uncertainties, Antidote wants to share his stories of trials and triumphs through musical timbres. To him, it did not matter what genre his music landed into; as long as his music perfectly depicts what he wanted to convey is enough. Antidote believes that confining music in one category would only limit him from telling the full account of his experiences. That is why, as an artist, Antidote expands his reach in different areas including rap, hip hop, trap music, R&B, pop, rock, and underground to unleash his inspiring message of victories and failures fully.

Apart from being a force to be reckoned with in the music industry, Antidote takes pleasure in sharing more of his stories on other platforms. He has recently launched a brand called “ihatepeople” and successfully garnered traction from people around the world.

By writing his stories with musical notes, he hopes to deliver an inspiring message that his listeners could relate to, especially in sailing through rough waters. He wishes to remind the people that life is more rewarding after conquering the challenges that lie ahead.

Learn more about Antidote through  Twitter and Instagram. You may also listen to his songs on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Tony V. Is an Artist You Should Be Looking Out for This Year

The next artist to watch can come from any direction. After all, every year has become so exciting with more acts that have the potential to define the sound of the decade. Michael Antonio Almeida, or as what he’s known for right now, Tony V., is an American singer, rapper, songwriter, disc jockey, and music producer, and he is definitely an artist to watch out for this year.

If you ask Tony V. if he’d expect to be where he is now, the answer is no. In fact, he did not even expect himself to be the kind to make a career in music. Born in Manhattan, New York, and raised on the island of Puerto Rico, he set out on a path and served with the United States Marines for ten years. He then decided to acquire a bachelor’s degree in Human Services to pave the way for his mission to serve and help his community. He worked with non-profit organizations to help and set an example for troubled youths. Then the rest of his life unfolded right in front of him.

While getting to know himself more and finding out what he really wanted in his life, he chose to switch his major to an MBA in marketing, and later on, Tony V. found himself fulfilling his passion and pursuing a career in music.

This year, he released his first album, 0703, which featured 11 songs in its tracklist. Releasing three more singles after that, “Ride For You,” “It’s A Vibe,” and “How Do You Sleep,” he saw the potential he had and committed to further his career as a musician and be heard by more people.

With a strong music influence ever since he was young, Tony V. is well-versed in any music genre. His discography shows hints of his influence in RnB, pop, hip-hop, rap, Latin music, and more. He is bilingual and can speak in both English and Spanish, allowing him to go beyond one market. Aside from that, what sets him apart is his energy, experience, wisdom as well as the way he tells his story through his music.

While he always had a mission to inspire others and make a difference, he was able to do all that with music. Known for having a big heart, he is able to connect with others in ways that cannot be expressed. He is rooted by many of his peers in the music industry for his down-to-earth personality and sense of humor. Besides his ability to create, produce, and develop his own music, it is his attitude that makes all the difference.

Today, Tony V. is working on developing his craft, working on several music videos, and cooking up something to once again put his name out there. He does all this while making sure he is able to connect with his fans and genuinely reach a bigger audience. Reaching the top of the charts is the goal, but along with that, he wants to encourage others, share his life experiences and values for those who wanted to succeed, just as he did.

Keep up with his album releases and listen to his music through his LinkTree and Instagram.

By Sharing His Story on Surviving a Heart Disease, Sir Eliot Ness Baldwin Is Raising Awareness and Making Music to Inspire Others

Rising hip-hop artist Sir Eliot Ness Baldwin is speaking up about his own story. In 2010, he was diagnosed with chronic systolic and diastolic congestive heart failure. Although what he had been through was not easy, he embraced this reality and made it his mission to raise awareness on congenital heart disease and lupus.

Growing up, Sir Baldwin saw how his family suffered from this autoimmune disease, lupus, and heart disease. At just six months old, he lost his mother to lupus. Later, he suffered and fought his own medical battles. He also lost two of his maternal aunts to the same disease.

Lupus and chronic heart disease, like many others, is a debilitating chronic condition. Living normally is far from his reality, but Sir Baldwin fights hard to overcome his conditions and goes the extra mile to shine a light on the realities of those living with these conditions. For him, these health conditions that run in his blood should become a reason for being, not for giving up.

Now, at 37 years old, Sir Baldwin is one up-and-coming rapper to watch. He hails from the city most known for its chopped and screwed approach to hip-hop music, Houston.

This year, he released the album everyone is waiting for, I’m Me Pt. 1. This album is all about the struggles and triumphs that he experienced throughout his life. The pain comes from a very real place—Sir Baldwin had a difficult past. He was sentenced to five years for drug possession. It was a wake-up call for him to turn his life around, and it was through music that he learned to put it all away. He learned to better himself, work on his music, and be on his way to becoming more of a self-determined entrepreneur.

He first made a name for himself in an album he released in 2016. With Money Calls, he proved his place in the community by producing an album with collaborations with notable artists such as Quanell X, Daz Dillinger, Scarface, and Willie D, among others.

Before releasing his album, he worked with Paul Wall and Niq of Grit Boys and released a mixtape album where the single “Cadillac” featuring Paul Wall and Niq produced by Sir Baldwin, himself, and E Digitul was featured.

His new single, “Mary Jane,” which features Luenell, Devin the Dude, Yung Redd, and Tony Mack, is now available on the Youtube channel Hustlaz On The Block Entertainment. His previous single releases include “Small Time GMix,” featuring Scarface, Willie D, and Daz Dillinger produced by Worm, “Fast Lane,” alongside Hogg Booma produced by Bruce Bang, and “25 Lighterz.” 

Besides telling his own story through his songs, he also talks about the oppression and struggles that minorities go through, as told in his track, “Willie Lynch.” He also speaks about his ideal woman in “Real Ones”, speaking to a distant soulmate he is yet to meet. 

Now, he just wants to be heard by more people as he keeps the momentum of establishing himself as an artist to watch. When fans hear his heart-on-his-sleeve songs, they realize it’s clear that his goal isn’t to become popular; Sir Baldwin has something to say. Right after listening to his songs, fans get hit with the realization that he deserves to be heard.

Fans should be on the lookout for fresh new videos from off the album released soon. His music video for his song “Feel Ya Pain” will be released in the next few weeks. In his upcoming video, he talks about the love and death of his loved ones from his mother, aunts, grandparents, and his daughter, who he lost through stillbirth. 

More than his journey toward being a hip-hop star, it is the truth and relatability to his songs that have since earned him almost 20,000 monthly streams. Everyone should start remembering his name because Sir Baldwin is surely hitting the charts soon.

To learn more about the rapper and follow his music, visit his website.

Ammon Rose on Facing the Music and Striking a Chord

A blank piece of sheet music is the clean slate everyone is presented with the moment they are born. Hence, everyone is a singer-songwriter when it comes to composing and belting out the song that is their lives. Simply put, life is like a song. 

And from the first note he cried when he was a baby down to the latest note he sang as an artist, Ammon is regarded for facing the music and riding through life’s highest and lowest pitches.

In a city that boasts quiet and peaceful neighborhoods, Ammon Rose graced Bountiful with his musical flair. And as something that has always been ingrained in his soul, music became his sanctuary – a place where he gets to express himself freely. In music, he found solace like nowhere else. 

As Ammon grew up, the people around him could not help but marvel at his musical gift. Even at a really young age, he already possessed the allure that would make anyone who heard his voice swoon in awe. A strong and solid tenor, the talented lad, nurtured his passion by participating in middle and high school choirs. And from sharing his talent within the four corners of the school building, he took his voice out in the open to start the career he always dreamed of. 

Now a well-regarded independent artist, Ammon puts a spin on things by recording his songs in a living room. Through this unconventional way, he gets to pour more of himself into his music and seals them with his personal style. 

And in the comforts of his home, the budding artist reached a breakthrough with his first single, “It’s Over.” Thousands of listeners now enjoy the said song as it streams across various platforms worldwide. 

Within just a few days from the single’s release, it has already gained recognition from fans and other artists. Taking a cue from all of the positive feedbacks, Ammon entered his music in a contest held by no other than T-Pain himself. And proving that his song is a force to be reckoned with, it caught the eye of curators as it stood out amongst thousands of other submissions. 

In an interview, Ammon shares that his inspiration comes from pop music artists like Ed Sheeran, Maroon 5, and Jon Bellion. He further explains that with the increasing number of artists in the industry, it is becoming more of a challenge for him to reach the top. However, the growing competition in the playing field did not dishearten him one bit. Quite the contrary, it only inspired him to do better and to find ways of keeping things fresh. 

And as someone who is deeply in tune with his craft, he uses music to help him stay in touch with his emotions. Consequently, the lyrics in his songs reflect how he is feeling at the time he wrote them. To Ammon, a song’s lyrics are what connect him and his listeners. 

To know more about Ammon Rose and listen to his music, you may visit his website, Instagram, and Facebook page.