Blackwater OG, an Award-Winning Artist Known for Delivering Songs That Hit Close to Home

Songs that align with the identities of the artists who created them almost always manage to resonate with listeners. Countless chart-toppers and hit singles have taken center stage because they were written with the musician’s firsthand experiences in mind. This makes them highly relevant and relatable to audiences who may have gone through similar circumstances. Better known as Blackwater OG, Kevin Boland is a rising star whose releases have found their way to people’s playlist. As he takes a step closer toward the spotlight, he will continue to drop tracks that feel close to home. 

Hailing from Chicago, Blackwater OG is an award-winning Belizean artist who developed his unique style while growing up in Central America. Ever since he dipped his toes into the music industry, he has impressed listeners and industry peers alike for his distinctive signature, combining reggae, hip-hop, and R&B melodies into his discography. 

Real-life events influence the catchy hooks and verses that serve as the stars in his songs. Distinguishing himself from the sea of other artists in the highly competitive music industry, Blackwater OG is immensely mindful about every detail of his creative outputs. He takes his experiences and turns them into songs that people can vibe to and be in the company of. 

As clear evidence of his talents and his potential to become a powerhouse, Blackwater OG garnered the “Best Music in Film” award in 2018 for his hit song, “Million Dollar Dreams.” The impressive single was featured in the movie “Frank Blue” and introduced this emerging household name to listeners globally. 

With plans to collaborate with more, Blackwater OG has performed alongside and opened up for various artists, such as Fat Joe, Glasses Malone, and The Game, to name a few. All of these performances demonstrated that he has what it takes to evolve into a force to be reckoned with. 

Currently, Blackwater OG is bound to cement his name even further with his involvement in several projects. He sets the tone for The Game’s new mixtape titled “Rules of the Game Vol. 4” with his new single, We R Not The Same ft. Bz Bwai & Chi King. In addition, this passion-driven musician is opening O.T. Genasis’ mixtape, “Time To Grind,” as well, with the song “Breathing.”

More exceptional tracks can be expected to come from the passion and dedication of Blackwater OG. As he solidifies his standing in the music industry by releasing tracks that will bring entertainment, comfort, and everything in between, he vows to remain the kind of artist that makes a difference in listeners’ lives. By grounding his lyrics on real-life experiences, he wishes to send across the message to those who are going through the same circumstances that they are not alone. Not only can they turn to music to find solace, but they can also rely on him to deliver quality music that brings the familiar right to their playlists.

Learn more about Blackwater OG by visiting his Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter and checking out his Spotify page.

Mr. White Dogg Drops Instant Classic with “Birthday Bitch”

Once in a generation, a song comes along that’s guaranteed to knock it out of the park, a certified banger that’ll be talked about for ages. This generation’s jam is a hot new birthday-themed song “Birthday Bitch” by Mr. White Dogg and produced by G5yve. The song has garnered internet notoriety by being prominently featured on Tik Tok. The viral song has been making its waves into the mainstream, and its artists couldn’t be more proud of what they’ve accomplished.

“Birthday Bitch” is a song by Mr. White Dogg featuring G5yve and King Leaf. Amazingly, the song has garnered all of its attention organically, managing to captivate audiences worldwide without any forms of marketing. The hit song has taken off solely due to word of mouth, Tik Tok, and Instagram searches, which is a massively impressive feat to behold.

The boys are back at it again. Mr. White Dogg and G5yve have a longstanding reputation of creating certified bangers whenever they collaborate. The dynamic duo has always managed to craft unique sounds that always gets the attention of radio DJs, internet playlist curators, and general audiences alike. They’re a match made in music heaven, and their latest song, “Birthday Bitch” is no exception.

The party jam king, G5yve, produced the beat in his studio in Los Angeles. While the heart-thumping vocals were recorded in North Hollywood, California at Tha Stu Productions/Tha Stu Music studios. The hit song also has its own viral music video that was shot at Rose Studios in Downtown Los Angeles, California, with a full production cast and crew.

Millions of people have listened to “Birthday Bitch,” some of them even go the extra mile by greeting their friends with the song instead of the traditional “Happy Birthday” song, which seems trite and boring in comparison. People are also doing it online, sending birthday posts to their friends via Instagram and linking to the viral song instead of just leaving a pre-written message. Letting friends listen to good music on their birthdays is a gift that anyone would ask for. Also a hit amongst quarantine drive-by birthday parties as well. 

Tha Stu Music is spear-headed Mr. White Dogg, the rapper, producer, and entrepreneur, and  $BIGGROBB$, who is the engineer, producer, and entrepreneur. The dynamic duo have worked together for over 14 years now in the studio. Their music has reached millions of streams, downloads, and purchases throughout the hundreds of songs they have worked on together. 

It’s no surprise that “Birthday Bitch” has garnered massive appeal among a wide audience, with the amazing team over at Tha Stu Music. The rising music company creates unique trap music that is packed with a dense message for audiences to listen to. The company is creating a new wave of music, a type of music that the current musical landscape is in dire need of. 

As Mr. White Dogg and $BIGGROBB$ continue to manage more acts, they hope to immerse themselves in giving back to the community through philanthropy and other noble pursuits. In the meantime, the duo will stop at nothing to create the latest and greatest hits that the music industry has ever seen.

To know more about Tha Stu Music, make sure to visit the company’s official website.

Click below for the Official “Birthday Bitch” Music Video on YouTube: Follow Mr. White Dogg NOW on IG Follow $BIGGROBB$ NOW on IG

Emerging Music Artist, Royal, Makes Waves with His Debut Single

Successfully breaking into the music industry at any time entails a lot of preparation, planning, creativity, and strategy. The very demanding and competitive music industry almost always demands so much from any aspiring artist, a reality that many have not been able to withstand in the past. For aspiring music artist Royal, however, the smooth release of his single “Be Great” this year proved to be quite an easy feat, making him one of the few rappers in the industry which can be considered the lucky ones. His debut single has generated over 83k views on YouTube and is still rising.

Born Andre Watson, Royal is a prolific songwriter and highly talented rapper. His journey to developing these skills, however, were not without any challenges. He started to take songwriting seriously while he was in middle school. As can be expected, he went through numerous trials and errors as he had no formal training whatsoever. It was his deep love for the art form that fuelled his resolve to continue despite the odds. After some time, the determined artist became more confident with his talents and finally decided to launch his professional career at the age of 24. 

“I make heartfelt, genuine music, but I also teach people how to become owners, rather than employees. I speak hope and life into the world and do it with a genuine heart,” Royal explains. 

Royal is mostly inspired by the musical stylings of Drake, Fabulous, and PartyNextDoor. His latest project, Summer on Main St., is a remarkable combination of soulful vibes that evokes positivity and joy. Working with other artists has also allowed him to work on his genuine style further. He is known to have worked with the likes of Tory Lanez, Yo Gotti, and Moneybagg Yo, to mention a few. He was also able to join several tours, including the I Am tour in 2009 and the Salute Me or Shoot Me 2 tour with Waka Flocka Flame. 

Unknown to many, Royal is also a successful businessman. He considers himself a savvy investor after generating a net worth of more than $10 million by investing in Forex trading, real estate, and a trucking company. By combining his business acumen and musical skills, there is no doubt that he will truly succeed as a music artist. 

As he continues to strike a healthy balance between his music career and business company, Royal looks forward to one day seeing his company in the Forbes Top 100 Companies list. It is his personal belief that significant growth takes time, and he is willing to wait. As for his music career, Royal envisions winning his first Grammy Award in a couple of years. At the end of the day, his greatest aspiration in life is to inspire others to pursue their dreams just as he has. Having built a successful multi-million dollar company from scratch, he hopes to serve as a beacon of light to those who aspire for a better and more comfortable life. 

Find out more about Andre “Royal” Watson by visiting his website. Follow him on Facebook and Instagram for updates on his latest projects. 

King Lie Makes Great Strides Toward Hip-Hop with New Releases

In today’s highly competitive and saturated music industry, only those who are topped with an incomparably unyielding determination can make it. Nothing gives life to sheer talent and raw abilities the way that an ignited soul and burning passion do. And among the sea of passion-driven artists emerges King Lie, a musician whose fresh take on hip-hop sparks inspiration and stirs wonder. 

Although music seeks to entertain and amuse, it has long proven to be more than just a form of leisure. It also serves as a vessel for those who wish to send across a message and give comfort in the guise of meaningful lyrics and soothing melodies. In the case of King Lie, his craft became the catalyst for his transformation and the impetus of his flourishing career. Without his love for music, he would not have become the man that he is today. 

Originally from Chin State, Myanmar, King Lie, whose real name is Lai Ram Ceu, moved to the United States in 2007 when he was just nine years old. Growing up as a refugee, he spent his early years in Chicago and shortly transferred to Moline, Illinois. And the moment he got settled in his new home state, he decided to start his YouTube channel. This eventually led him to begin his journey towards music in Summer 2020. 

Before dipping his toes in the music realm, King Lie was making waves in the real estate industry with his entrepreneurial flair. A retired refugee at the age of twenty-two, he quit his nine-to-five job and took the reins of a real estate company that he founded in February of this year. And this business, proving to be a fruitful venture, has earned him a total of twenty-three apartment units. 

As a result of his smart investments in real estate, King Lie became financially stable enough to direct his full attention to his ultimate passion—music. So far, this budding musician has released two songs, “Cold Heart” and “Zooming,” which are available on YouTube and all other streaming platforms. 

Currently, King Lie is shooting his third song, “Close Friends,” which will be out by January next year. Aside from his stunning voice and unmatched artistry, he also has the ability to make music in two different languages. And this 2021, he plans on releasing new singles coupled with music videos every month of the year. 

With his unparalleled drive, clear vision, and distinctive storytelling, in the coming years, this must-watch artist hopes to take center stage by improving his online presence and performing his songs in front of his fans nationwide. 

On top of evolving into a household name in the music industry and headlining big shows, King Lie wishes to create a meaningful impact in his community and in the lives of aspiring musicians and hopeful creatives. For now, as someone to look out for, he aims to change the way that people see hip-hop. 

Learn more about King Lie by following him on Instagram or streaming his music on Spotify and Youtube.

Rey D Nova and His Impact on the Growth of Latin Music

Rey D Nova is an up-and-coming musician with a mind full of talent and a heart full of song who hopes to take the industry and the world by storm someday through his reggaeton, dembow, and hip-hop music. Rey D Nova, born Rafael Reyes to many, is the new face of the growing Latin music movement that is currently going on in Boston. Since venturing into the mainstream, Rey has entertained crowds not just in the US but down to South America as well. Notable among the states and cities where he has performed include Florida, New York, Tennessee, to mention a few, and with special appearances in Santiago, Chile, and the Dominican Republic. Rey has also opened for recognized artists such as Byran Myers, Daddy Yankee, El Alfa, Arcangel, and Nicky Jam.

For every performance, Rey continues to leave an impression on his audience, and this has helped him expand his fan base internationally. Rey’s popularity continues to grow, especially on music streaming platforms such as Spotify and YouTube, where his latest single has amassed over 100k views so far and counting. Megamass TV has also awarded him International Artist of the Year 2020. Rey is known for his performance, which many have described as energetic and thrilling. As a result of these, his video streams on YouTube continue to grow, especially with his singles such as “El Sonido,” “Muevelo,” “Brillo Feat. Borrel,” and “La Tipa.”  

Rey says he is focused on his music and building a powerful team of supporters and decision-makers who would play important roles in spreading his music and message. Rey is energized and ready to take his career to the next level, and he wants the readers who are just getting to know about him to look out for Rey D Nova’s music, new releases, and performance in 2021.

Rey’s target audience includes music lovers (fans of Reggaeton, hip-hop, and dembow), dancers, music producers, especially Spanish speakers. And while he believes that his sound is unique and versatile, the core of what separates him from his competition is the energy, charisma, and personality he brings to the table.

“I have always been a music head since very young. I did it for fun, but when people said I had something special, I built my empire. I started to network and met people like Daddy Yankee, David Ortiz, Arcangel, and Nicky Jam. I learned very fast that I was a walking billboard, ready to take it to the next level. My motivation to build and keep networking is my family!” Ray said of his motivation to build his brand.

When asked where he sees himself and his brands in five years, Rey said, “I like to say RICH! But that’s only words and an idea to drive me where I want to be. The real answer is I like to own my music studio, video studio, and space to keep creating more music for the people who follow and listen to me.”

Rey D Nova would like readers who are just hearing about him to follow him and his journey to the top of the charts. He believes they will benefit from enjoying new sounds that will pump energy and life into their daily activities.

Connect with Rey on Instagram.

Amaru Son: College Dropout Turned Rising Artist

Finishing college may be one of the most fulfilling goals for most people out there. But dropping out from the institution is just the start of Amaru Son’s fulfillment of life. Life may have been exhausting for the artist, but his passion in making music became the asset for the rising star.

The up-and-coming star had his turning point when his song amassed 6 million streams across all platforms. Due to the virality of “Lost and Found,” the name Amaru Son slowly gained traction. The admitted fanatic of Dragon Ball Z shared that he does most of the making of the song, from recording to producing the track. Last year was a spectacular time for the musical career of Amaru. With his surging popularity, popular Youtubers Tommy Craze and Im Dontai recognised his body of work. Consequently, this furthered his name in social media and instantly became the artist he is now. 

Amaru Son, or JaKealon Amaru Chase, has been heavily influenced by the culture of midwest Kansas City. The colorful music of the city he was born in captured his interest in pursuing music someday. Additionally, listening to heartbreakers and the multi-faceted subjects of rap music certainly cultivated Amaru Son’s musical style. Because of this, his artistic style has been usually associated with Juice WRLD, Iann Dior, Lil Uzi Vert, Trippie Redd, and THE KID LAROI. 

Before the success he had recently, Amaru Son had his own fair share of struggles. Although he genuinely loved playing track and field, the rapper fell out of love with it by the time he reached college. After staying for a semester back in 2016, the producer realized that it is not something he wanted to do for the rest of his life. With the degree of the difficulty he has faced, Amaru finally made up his mind by committing a bittersweet decision to just drop out of college. Nevertheless, this decision only furthered his passion as he then converted all his inspirations into his songs.

Asked about what his motivation was, the hip-hop artist said, “The motivation to build my own brand was from my family, the artists I was listening to back when I was growing up and watching a lot of anime.” In addition, he also mentioned the origin of his name, Amaru Son. Apart from being his middle name, “Amaru” is also the name of the renowned artist Tupac. Furthermore, “Son” roots from the Japanese culture he learned from watching anime.

Amaru Son also shared that apart from juggling his time solely for music, he enjoys interacting with his fans through live chats and livestreams on Youtube. The artist commented that through music, he can express all his feelings through  storytelling instead of fabricating a false story. He said that through his honesty in songwriting, many people would relate to his art.

Amaru Son expressed his desire of being a part of a label. “Just being a part of creating music is something I’ve always wanted to be a part of from a young age ’til now. Life gave me a crazy turn but it brought me right back to the music at the end of the day,” he said.

With the surge of his career, hearing his songs on the radio anytime soon should be expected. Check out his discography on Spotify and YouTube.

Versatile Artist Undead Papi Encourages Listeners to Take an Open-Minded Approach to the World Today

Nearly every decade in the music industry is dominated by a genre or subgenres that mark that time as a memorable era. Today’s industry has a very wide range that covers pop, hip-hop, folk, and many more. Rising artist Undead Papi is popularly known for paying tribute to his predecessors in the metal genre.

For as long as Undead Papi can remember, he has always been passionate about music. While others merely listened casually or for enjoyment, listening to music had always been a necessity for the would-be artist. Wherever he went or whatever he was doing, music spoke to Undead Papi in a way nothing else could. He grew up listening to many different genres, introducing a lot of opportunities in his creative process. Undead Papi was compelled to combine various attributes from contrasting styles.

For the longest time, Undead Papi always had the potential and creativity to sing, but he still lacked the confidence to pursue a music career. Everything changed when he took a leap of faith in 2018. At the age of sixteen, he found the confidence and support he needed to get up on stage, and since then, he hasn’t looked back. With time, he got better as he perfected his craft. Eventually, he found his footing and took the stage name, Undead Papi.

As an artist, Undead Papi sets himself apart from the constant wave of new upcoming artists by broadcasting his unorthodox style and immense creativity throughout his tracks. Undead often crosses the lines between genres by bringing unprecedented sounds to his music, making him stand out from his fellow musicians. The versatility and individuality he put into his works are unmatched, as is the fact that not many artists go outside their genre. Undead Papi is constantly learning and finding ways to take his music to the next level. Among his abilities is singing, rapping, and performing all sorts of metal vocals, an impressive feat as most singers don’t dare even to try. He is constantly striving to do better and evolve as he believes that music diversity is extremely important and useful. It gives his many different audiences a chance to enjoy his works, regardless of their preferred genre.

Since his breakthrough, Undead Papi has released four EP albums, two coming from 2019 and two released this year. In those albums, new listeners can find smooth melodic songs in tracks like “Death is Near” or “Hold On By a Thread,” while the “February Corpse” EP offers a more heartfelt sound. Metal fans will find themselves enjoying tracks with extreme metal-influenced energy “R6B Z6MBIE” or “CORONAVIRUS.”

Recently, Undead Papi has released the music video for the track, AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS. The song is an experimental track that combines metal with rap in a brand new format. The song carries a controversial yet deeply sincere message that many listeners will find relevant right now. Undead Papi takes an unconventional stance by holding no bias in the argument between either side in the divergence. He calls out both sides and holds them accountable for their wrongdoings and corruption. The track’s goal is to influence the listeners to take a more open-minded approach and, rather than following a party and becoming part of an agenda, think for themselves.

As a musician who embraces individuality, Undead Papi wants people to ask more questions, whether politics or other matters.

Undead Papi’s music can be found on Spotify. His music video for AMERIKKKAN POLITIKKKS is already up on YouTube.

Dream Face Art: Creating Impact with Art and Creativity

To the Costas family, Dream Face Art is more than just a family business. It’s their way of leaving a mark in people’s hearts and minds. Their way of doing so is by creating and delivering memorable experiences at various events through art and entertainment. 

The art and entertainment company is the direct result of the hard work, dedication, and creativity of Dubeysha and her husband and their daughter, Alexia. The company started over a decade ago when Dubeysha and Alexia were browsing the internet for art classes they could attend. While doing their homework, the mother and daughter discovered the inspiring world of face and body painting. 

Motivated to pursue art as a profession, Alexia and Dubeysha would find themselves traveling to Orlando to attend the Face and Body Art International Convention. It was there that they would solidify the vision for Dream Face Art, a company that shares joy and inspiration to families, groups, companies, and communities through art and entertainment. Later on, Alexia’s father would join the company as one of the core performers, delivering balloon-twisting performances that would wow audiences of various ages. The trio would start serving multiple events, parties, and functions in the Maryland, DC, and northern Virginia area and spend the next eleven years leveling up event experiences through various creative expressions. Everything else is history. 

Dream Face Art provides various creative expressions for birthday parties, weddings, night events, corporate functions, and other forms of events. Some of their services include face and body art, balloon sculptures, party decor, entertainment services, glitter tattoos, airbrush tattoos, and many other creative offerings. The company continues to expand its art borders by collaborating with other artists and performers in the DC area to support the art community and add flair to many parties and functions in the region.

At the core of Dream Face Art’s existence is a commitment to creativity. The company values art more than anything and believes in its power to draw people together. “Art speaks a universal language through evoked emotions and concepts that merge onto vivid imagery,” shares Alexia Costas. “Dream Face Art believes that life imitates art and vice versa.” 

The Costas family maintains that creativity isn’t something limited to artists. It’s an analogous form that anyone can experience and enjoy. In times such as today’s crisis, art plays an important role in providing people positive experiences that can uplift and even heal people. To the trio, art and entertainment is not just a luxury. It’s a necessity.

Dream Face Art commits just as much energy and effort to customer experiences as they do to the creative pursuit. Accordingly, they have developed a strong reputation for providing excellent client service and become some of today’s most reliable art and entertainment companies for events and functions. The company is a five-year Gigmasters Award recipient and awardee of The Bash and Thumbtack’s distinctions for loyalty and excellence. Alexia has also picked up various national awards and recognitions in body and art painting competitions. Her unmistakable talent shows in her amazing art and face-painting works that have made rounds all over social media and the digital stratosphere.

In the years to come, Dream Face Art hopes to expand to other corners of the nation and possibly even perform overseas. With their dedication to creative excellence and customer satisfaction, it’s only a matter of time until they start expanding their borders outwards. To check out Dream Face Art services and portfolio, check out their website, Facebook page, and Instagram. Connect with Alexia Costas by following her art account on Instagram.

Kendu Harrell Talks About What Inspired the Release of His First EP “p.p.s”

To most people, music is so much more than just the fusion of different rhythms and beats. It can be seen as a form of expression, a voice, an outlet for emotion. Oftentimes, it is considered as escapism in its most convenient yet most relevant form. For Kendu Harrell, his music is an artistic personification of who he is — his outlook on life, his struggles, and his free spirit. 

Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Kaheam Kendu Harrell Reid, Jr., otherwise known simply as Kendu Harrell, has just released his first EP titled “P.P.S,” drawing inspiration from his deep passion for art and his unique outlook on success. According to Kendu, who started making music in 2018, for his first project, he would listen to all genres of music and specifically focused on the works of other artists who likewise wrote about the different realities of life, such as J. Cole, Lupe Fiasco, Andre 3,000, and Kanye West. 

In the past decade, the number of artists who aim to change the world through music has skyrocketed; however, there have also been quite a lot of singer-songwriters who make music just for the sake of it, absent any other purpose for their craft. In a world of profit, where art is now seen as a money-making machine, those whose passion ceaselessly keeps them going nevertheless thrive tirelessly. Kendu proudly proclaims that the purpose of his creation is so much more than meets the eye, keeping a noble goal in mind as he pursues his dream. 

P.P.S in particular, which stands for “Pain. Poetry. Storytelling.”, is targeted towards healers, learners, thinkers, as well as those who are open to listening to something that is somewhat different in the midst of all the different genres of music that are currently available on the market. Artists like Kendu, who express their pain through their songs, and who see lyrics as poetry and an avenue for telling their story, continue to grow in abundance in this seemingly borderless world, with their ability to reach hundreds to thousands of listeners in the hope of inspiring those who have likewise inspired them, moving the hearts of audiences who have been through similar situations. 

Possessing an immense love for everything related to music, Kendu has not only decided to use his artistic work as a marketing tool, but at the same time aims to utilize his own music as a voice to attain a certain level of independence, and as a way to expand the reach of his work, — a combination that is oftentimes overlooked by individuals in the industry. He does not solely aim for the success of his music and his career but would also like to help others through his songs. This, according to him, was a significant factor in the creation of P.P.S, as he went on to say, “not only do I want to be established and successful, but I also want to be able to put others in better positions.” 

Make sure to follow and listen to Kendu’s tracks on iTunes.

How Kiavon Buie is Telling His Story to the World Through Music

It was the legendary storyteller Hans Christian Andersen who once said that, “When words fail, music speaks.” Some of the world’s most famous musicians, both old and new like The Beatles or Coldplay, are also narrators who tell powerful stories through the songs they write and perform. For Kiavon Buie, music has helped him tell stories from his life and his many different heartbreaks; and he is now here to share these stories with the world.

Buie is an up-and-coming singer and songwriter from Charleston, South Carolina. With a mind full of talent and a heart full of song, Kiavon Buie aims to take the world by storm and tell his stories with his music. He believes that music has helped many people find an outlet to tell narratives from their own life. It has become an effective avenue for people who want to express themselves.

Through his songs like “12 AM Thoughts,” “Thank You,” and “Amazing,” Buie narrates to the world his very own life story and all the things that he has gone through in his love life. A gifted songwriter, he truly is able to tell his story through tracks that are full of heart, well-written, and well-composed. Fans have described Buie’s songs as “fire” and “hard-hitting,” with some complementing how his “flow and lyrics matched [his] beat so perfectly.”

Buie has always had a knack for writing songs, all of which are inspired by real-life stories from his romantic pursuits. He believes that while not everything in his love life has been all sunshine and roses, he always tries to make the best of every bad situation and turn it into a beautiful record. As he says, “it makes [him] happy to see how you can turn a tragic heartbreak into a beautiful song.”

Even as a young boy, Buie always knew that he was going to grow up to become a singer. He grew up with a single mom and three brothers, all of whom are also musicians. As he recalls from his childhood, his mom always sang around the house, and he would always find himself joining along, even if he did not always sound well all the time. 

Music was something that Buie was interested in as a kid, and as he grew up, it became an outlet for him to get his thoughts and ideas out. He opened himself to many genres, which helped him fall in love with all kinds of music. Eventually, he was able to find his sound, and he knew that with his voice, he could help change the world through songs.

At the end of the day, Buie believes that he should not limit his music to a specific audience, and anyone can listen to him sing about his life and his heartbreaks. Knowing that love and heartbreak is something many people can relate to, and he hopes that his music will be able to speak to millions of people all around the world. 

To know more about Buie, you can check out his music down on his YouTube channel.