Viviana Puello: Meet the Art and Business Magnate Successfully Building Her Legacy in Multiple Industries

Milestone after milestone, Viviana Puello has dominated the art and entrepreneurial arenas for several years now. Today, the award-winning artist proudly celebrates the 10th anniversary of her revolutionary multimedia platform, ArtTour International. But aside from her industry-leading platform, Viviana never fails to grab all other opportunities to create limitless possibilities for people in the artistic arena. 

Viviana Puello-Grimandi is a renowned award-winning artist, entrepreneur, art business expert, coach, and writer. She is the visionary founder and CEO of ArtTour International, the leading multimedia platform dedicated to promoting artists worldwide. As a marketing maven, she has helped hundreds of talented artists transition from their nine to give lifestyle to become full-time art entrepreneurs. She also leads a workshop called “Debunking the Myth of Starving Artist,” where she helps aspiring artists in marketing their artwork, establishing a successful art business, and the importance of keeping an inspiration-based career.

On top of her business endeavors, she is also the host of the ArtTour International television series, where she travels to more than 50 cities across the globe to support artists and help emerging art organizations. She also founded “Artists for a Green Planet” and “Create4peace,” which provide a voice for artist-activists. Moreover, Viviana Puello also established Vivid Arts Network, an international art event platform offering artists the opportunity to expand their artistic reach by exploring the art scenes in different parts of the world. 

Through the years, Viviana Puello has received a plethora of awards and accolades, including the First time Director and Top Documentary Awards for “Kintsugi: The Line of Destiny,” a striking film that compels the audience to pursue an environment-conscious lifestyle. Her success as an art entrepreneur also landed her in the Top 10 Female Entrepreneurs in 2020 by New York Weekly. 

Today, Viviana Puello proudly celebrates the 10th year of ArtTour International with the launch of a special issue. The cover features the founder and Editor-in-Chief sitting on a set of her creations. The attention-grabbing image depicts a scene that genuinely reveals ArtTour International’s journey in the last ten years. Everything was chosen to share the extraordinary journey ArtTour International, and her creators have traveled throughout the last decade to share this anniversary issue with you. “Everything you see on the cover has meaning and is part of the deep spiritual journey of life,” she shares.

To welcome 2021, Viviana Puello launched her new podcast, The Winner’s Journey, just last January. Inspired by the celebrities, industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and award-winning professionals she has crossed paths with, she decided to launch her podcast as an avenue to share these successful individuals’ journeys, challenges, strategies, and secrets to success. In line with this, she, along with 25 other empowered women, co-authored the Amazon best-seller book entitled “You Were Made to be Unstoppable,” which connects readers to women who have endured life battles as they struggle to take their power back and live their purpose in the world.  

Indeed, Viviana Puello has a never-ending list of proactive endeavors in different industries. But in all these undertakings, her vision remains the same, and that is to provide a voice to the voiceless and a platform where talented artists are inspired and empowered. 

Learn more about Viviana Puello by visiting her official website, the ArtTour International Website, or follow her on social media, @vivianapuelloart.