Weezle Is Helping Local Businesses Grow From the Palm of One’s Hand

The use of mobile technology has spread rapidly across the globe. The latest statistics show an estimate of 5 billion smartphone users in the world, around 50% of the world’s total population. The continuous increase in the world’s smartphone consumption has paved the way for the increase of mobile application software and patronage. 

Nowadays, more and more companies are riding the bandwagon of coming up with solutions that will help them reach their audience in the digital realm. One of which is the creation of mobile applications. Through mobile applications, companies are able to improve customer experience, acquire more customers, and generate more income. However, developing and maintaining a mobile application takes time and money, but marketing expert Austin Pray and his team had developed an application to help local businesses in the various states grow more. 

A Montana native, Austin Pray was raised by a computer engineer and a small restaurant owner as his parents. Growing up, Austin was heavily influenced by his parents and the local business scene in his town. It was thanks to his upbringing that he took an interest in both restaurant management and coding. He brought his fascination with coding and restaurant management with him in college and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Science, specializing in Hospitality Administration and Management at the Colorado State University-Fort Collins in 2013. 

A few months after graduating, Austin became a general manager of multiple restaurants. But despite already having a stable job, he still took online courses in coding on the side. It was then that he started working on the Weezle App.

Weezle App is a free mobile application for local businesses in the United States. The app features local businesses, such as restaurants, bars, gyms, and hotels. Aside from businesses, activities can also be seen and booked in the app, such as hikes and events in the scene. Through the app, locals and tourists can easily browse and search through a variety of businesses and offerings in the area. The development of the app is a win on consumers as they save time from manually searching for sites to visit and things to do, and the business as they gain more customers and income.

The Weezle app also has a “spin the wheel” feature. This feature lets the app decide what establishment to visit. By setting a category, the app can help its user decide what restaurant to visit, where to go next, and what to do next.

Aside from a mobile app, Weezle also has a marketing firm to help these local brands establish their online visibility. The firm offers website and social media content creation, as well as online advertisements and campaigns through google ads, email campaigns, and other campaigns that can be run digitally. They also offer market analysis and ad analysis that helps them create more effective ads to create stronger online visibility for their clientele.

Weezle currently operates in several locations all over the United States, including Chicago, Illinois, and Vermont, among others. The work that the company has done has helped small businesses build their customer base and establish their online presence. 

For more information about Weezle and the work they do, you can visit their website or follow the Instagram accounts of the Weezle App and Weezle Marketing.