Adam Hasiak’s Access Jet Group Is Successfully Competing Against Airline Industry Behemoths

Sometimes, one is only afforded a few hours of notice before they need to get on a plane and handle a vital business concern. But calling a major airline company to book a flight and jumping on a last-minute trip to seal that new deal with a client are not usually feasible options for entrepreneurs and business executives. People are, more often than not, subjected to the chaos and time-consuming process of getting a commercial flight. This situation is where flying private makes the most significant difference. 

Chartering a private flight means that anyone can bypass the tedious steps of searching for and booking flights and dealing with draining layovers. And one of the leading authorities in the private aviation industry that guarantees such ease to their customers is Access Jet Group.

Access Jet Group is a provider of custom on-demand private charter flight solutions for businesses and individuals. Led by Adam Hasiak, a seasoned aviation adviser to a multitude of individuals and institutions across the globe, this powerhouse of a company serves the most sophisticated flyers from multiple global industry sectors. 

Their business model is simple: they are ready when the client is. And their world-class approach to delivering tailored private jet travel solutions is designed with the highest level of client service and safety in mind. Every flight is carefully planned, reviewed, and dispatched to guarantee that every aspect, from aircraft maintenance readiness to crew scheduling, is 100% safety compliant. In addition, the dedicated staff that comprises Access Jet Group painstakingly goes over every detail of the aircraft the clients fly on, such as its history, the skills, and competence of each crew member assigned to the flight, all the way to the key personnel in the organization that will be working with the client.  

Access Jet Group has proven to be a serious competitor in the field due to several integral factors, one of which is the ease of communication that Adam has established between his company and any client. Unlike huge airline companies that cannot be reached as one pleases, Adam set up measures that ensure accessibility, including their 24/7 support and global service. 

Adam and the rest of his team are also able to compete against aviation behemoths with multi-million dollar ad budgets because of their tailored services. By developing a comprehensive understanding of the client’s needs, they can craft the right solution that fits the client’s unique private travel needs. 

This aviation leader takes pride in its arsenal of planes, from light jets to VIP airliners, made available to bring clients from point A to point B. And just recently, Access Jet Group added the Airbus 320 Neo corporate jet to its line of aircraft, gaining the honor of being the first brokerage in the world to charter this most exclusive VIP aircraft that boasts 19 seats, bedroom, shower, executive style of seating, and more. 

The success of Adam Hasiak and Access Jet Group in the brutal aviation industry does not come as an absolute surprise considering their serious commitment to providing global access to charter aircraft. And previous customers can attest that their comfortable flights are made even sweeter since there are no long-term contracts, membership fees, blackouts, or expiration dates to the services Access Jet Group has put to the table. 

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