Five Star Sports Picks is Blowing Up

I had the opportunity to meet with Five Star Sports Picks, a company that has been working with some of the biggest sports bettors in the world. Clients betting with Five Star Sports picks risks up to 10 million dollars each month, that’s how they earned their reputation as the “Michael Jordan of sports betting.” They let me in on some tips that help them win.

Every season Five Star Sports works with 25,000 to 50,000 clients. As the sports betting world is becoming more mainstream betting companies are becoming more saturated, however Five Star Sports seems to have no trouble attracting or maintaining their clients; “It’s all about consistency, you come to us you are going to win” they explained. This consistency helps future and current clients remain confident in the ability for the bettors to be correct. With the consistent winning proof, it is difficult to question the company’s ability to perform well.

“We don’t pay attention to betting trends. Sports are an emotional game played by humans, not robots. We find the right information that puts our clients at the top”. The top tier bettors have learned to look at more than just the numbers and it has paid off immensely. “We are motivated by our clients experiences. One bettor hit a parlay last month for $25,500 on a $400 bet. A week where we finished 16-0. Stories like that fuel us to do more and more for people”. The company is able to use their experiences as fuel to encourage themselves to set new records monthly.

The consistent winning by top tier bettors has helped propel Five Star Sports to the top. As the world of sports betting continues to expand it seems that this company’s potential is limitless.