Snapchat Influencer Abdallah Al Abdeen Approaching the 2 Billion Lens Views in 2020

It’s only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything. What defines us is what we are in the present. We could have seen a dream shatter in front of us but optimism is all we need to see the bright side of everything. Former football player and successful entrepreneur Abdallah Al Abadeen sure caught our attention on Snapchat. Even though he has seen a lot of pumps in his early days, at present the man is a true inspiration for anyone who has ever thought of giving up.

Abdeen has had quite a troublesome past. Moving from one place to another, slowly he learnt to survive in the midst of anything. He even had to deviate from his own choice of career of becoming a football player due to a severe injury. But there is one thing we all should know about Abdeen which is his positivity. Being an opportunist and optimistic, Abdeen turned the flow of the winds in his favour, changed his career, and today, Abdeen owns a private wholesale and retail company, Epic Wireless LLC, and travels widely between the US, Dubai, and China not just for business purposes but also to motivate his fans on Snapchat and other social media platforms. He is married and is the father of two beautiful kids. With all the business touching the ground in the pandemic situation, not only did Abdeen remarkably manage to keep his business online but has also gained a massive following on Snapchat.

Snapchat is one of those social media platforms which have grown vastly in the past decade. On average, over 129 million people use Snapchat per day out of which the US itself has an audience of about 101 million users as per a survey in July, 2020. In present times social media is the biggest influential platform existing. It could break you or it could make you. Abdeen has become a social media sensation and a role model for lots of people. He is a well known Public Figure whose life and generosity is touching many hearts. 

But all the fame and success has not affected his attitude towards life. He is a very humble being and believes in sharing his wealth with the unfortunate ones. He says he wants no child to see the misery he has seen himself in his life and wishes to make as many children smile as he can from all around the world. If you go through Abdeen’s Snapchat Highlights (Kicks561) you could see him donating toys and gifts to kids everywhere.

Once in an interaction with the media, Abdeen said, “To make this world a happier place, I start by making people around me happier.”As you are blessed by more and more people your life becomes peaceful. There is no greater feeling than spreading a little happiness around the world.