How RealtorDomination Is Taking Real Estate Professionals To The Next Level


Real estate can be a very profitable industry, but it’s often difficult to get started. There are multiple tests to pass and hurdles you have to overcome just to get licensed. And once you get passed all of that, you have to find good people and clients to work with. John Danes and Adam Artemis learned about all of this firsthand and decided to take a different path to build a successful real estate business.

Danes and Artemis decided to try and get their real estate licenses a little over a year ago. While studying for their exams, they interned at a local brokerage where they were tasked with duties including appointment setting and cold calling leads. After weeks of work and thousands of phone calls, they booked zero appointments. The calls often ended with cursing and people telling them to lose their number.

They were faced with a decision, learn how to generate real leads or continue to try and get licensed and call terrible leads. That’s when they turned to Facebook to start generating quality business.

They started out doing freelance work, picking up clients as they went and doing all of their lead generations.

They started having real success and decided to start RealtorDomination.

Their business plan is pretty simple, they gather the cheapest possible leads, ranging from $1-$2, and have developed their own proprietary nurturing system. They go way beyond typical marketing. They take full responsibility for their client’s results. Not only do they get the cheapest leads, but they do all the work nurturing relationships for their clients so they can focus on everything else.

Despite their relatively recent start, they have already produced $50,000 in commissions for one of their clients.

The Franklin, Tennessee based RealtorDomination is a young company but is already producing fantastic results for their clients. Adam and John go to the complete next level to ensure that real estate professionals don’t have to go through the same struggles they did. They have seen firsthand how difficult this business can be and have made it their mission to help others avoid those difficulties.

RealtorDomination is growing incredibly quickly and is looking to take on more clients. They have set their sights on scaling to 100 active clients in the near future.

If you’re interested in working with a company that generates the cheapest leads in the business and does all the work nurturing them along the way, RealtorDomination is the place to go.