This 27-Year-Old Entrepreneur Is A Recognizable Force In Digital Advertising

There are a whole lot of agencies and people who claim they know what they’re doing in digital advertising, but unfortunately can’t even deliver half of what they promise. In this sea of wanna-be’s is a recognizable force in the industry that has proven himself again and again – Billy Howell.

Billy has already made a name for himself as an entrepreneur who launched not just one, but three, seven-figure e-commerce brands before turning 25, and has since successfully exited from two of them. Now, at 27, he’s on his way for even more.

Today, Billy Howell is working with large corporations and tech startups to help them achieve viral growth, create better digital content, and spend their marketing dollars more effectively. Simply put, he’s helping these businesses reach their full potential.

His journey to becoming an entrepreneur began when he was just 18 years old. He started his entrepreneurial journey selling graphic t-shirts online from his freshman dorm room. What started as something small turned out to be his stepping stone into something more significant than he could ever have imagined. 

Besides running his e-commerce businesses, he also consults and advises several West Coast-based tech startups, including Zebra, a monthly moped subscription company that he also has equity in. He also works with one of the largest direct-response television companies in the world and is helping them with their digital advertising strategies.

What sets Billy apart is that even though he has already found so much success – having sold two companies at his age is no easy feat – he’s still hungry for more. After all, he still has a long road ahead of him and in his own words “…much more to prove.” This is why he stresses the importance of surrounding himself with people who have a strong hunger for success and an insatiable desire to become better. 

Billy continues to get ahead of the latest marketing angles and strategies. In fact, if he doesn’t start a new marketing trend, he’s usually one of the very first adopters of it and has consistently seen incredible results because of this. For Billy, there is something about making the first move. Doing so allows you to differentiate yourself before everyone else catches on to it.

It is also worthwhile to note that aside from pioneering innovative strategies, he also has a strong belief in respecting what has worked in the past. He loves to take old successful marketing strategies from other mediums such as television, print, radio, and others, and slightly modify them to fit in the digital marketing space, and has seen incredible results in doing so. 

“What has worked in the past will work again. People want things that are new and different, but not too different. It needs to be somewhat familiar, so they trust and understand what you are offering,” he stated boldly.

Today, Billy continues to dominate the digital advertising industry and proves why he’s a force to watch out for. We have no doubt he’s going to build more game-changing businesses in the future, pushing him further and further on top of the business world.