The Brand Enhancer Herself, Jade Tinner is Using Her Influence to Stand Up for Unity and Inclusivity

It’s a well-known fact that prejudices are still rampant in our current society. Minorities are given lesser opportunities compared to their contemporaries. It’s an unfortunate phenomenon that still holds true to this day, which is why Jade Tinner is leading the charge towards inclusivity and diversity, establishing her companies for the sole purpose of creating connected communities and fostering unity among the people.

Jade is the current Vice President of Community Investment at the Dallas Black Chamber of Commerce, an influential millennial leader, communications professional, and relationship cultivator. She was a board member of the DBCC Board of Directors from 2018 to 2020 before taking up the mantle of Vice President. She studied at Bloch School of Management at the University of Missouri Kansas City, where she took up a degree in Marketing. During college, she was a beast on the hardwood floor playing on their collegiate team as a four-year Division I basketball player.

Once she graduated, she started working in the world of Communications and Entrepreneurship, working with various organizations and individuals. She also co-owned a professional women’s basketball team, just goes to show how much passion she has for the game of basketball.

With her God-given purpose of unifying communities, she produced Catholic Charities Fort Worth’s first-ever INCLUSION dinner and fundraiser. The event specifically targeted multicultural leaders in the Fort Worth diocese, and heightened awareness for the need to diversify the organization’s leadership and donor base for long-term sustainability.

More affectionately known as “The Brand Enhancer” within various business circles, Jade Tinner eventually established the One Unified Resource Foundation, INC. (OUR Foundation) and Jade Tinner Brand Enterprises, LLC, with the hopes of bettering the minority community through strategy creation, community engagement, and brand enhancement.

Jade Tinner Brand Enterprises, LLC, or JTBE, LLC, is the manifestation of financial freedom and generational wealth. Jade has expertly combined her passion for creativity with her purpose of helping people to create an umbrella of companies across multiple disciplines and industries.

One such company within the JTBE umbrella is the One Unified Resource Foundation, INC. (OUR Foundation). The OUR Foundation is a progressive non-profit organization with the belief that we are all responsible for the overall well-being of OUR entire community. OUR connects people and provides them with opportunities and resources to restore ownership to local communities. The OUR helps thousands of brothers and sisters throughout the United States.

Through the OUR Foundation, Jade developed OUR MEN(tors) program to support young men, ages 12-18, through positive male role models and the BE MEN Curriculum. She also introduced the MEN’s Brunch, the first men-only brunch, and panel, empowering men and giving them the encouragement they need all in a day. Jade is a master at building genuine relationships and meaningful connections that drive positive change. She puts it on display by crafting events for communities to thrive in.

Jade Tinner also serves as a professional development mentor for women within the cutthroat corporate world. During the Summer, she teaches at a basketball camp to help create a new generation of passionate basketball players. Jade is a true inspiration to people everywhere, most especially to the communities that she has created.