‘Talent On Edge,’ Promoting Meaningful Entrepreneurial Connections

With social media thriving these days, a lot of entrepreneurs have attributed their success in business through social media marketing strategies. It is the new way of building your brand, connecting with numerous audiences simultaneously, and increasing sales.

For Shantae Menendez, a 28-year old model, manager, and entrepreneur, Instagram has become that place where she can promote her services and also provide a way for people to come together and build linkages.

She created Talent On Edge to provide a platform where small-time and struggling entrepreneurs can network their brands or talents. At the same time, it offers them a chance to connect and collaborate with other entrepreneurs in the industry. 

The platform helps clients save a lot of time and effort in trying to find the right people by offering a comprehensive source of competent brands and talents. They can connect and see photos, videos, or more visuals of each skilled individual they come across with. After that, they can easily book photographers, models, actors, or videographers right through the Talent On Edge’s Instagram page. 

Talent On Edge provides the necessary exposure for the budding artists that need to be known. The platform presents a new manner of putting out an advertisement and receiving feedback at once. It’s one way of being vulnerable towards the viewers, but gaining value at the same time through feedback. The company’s goal is to give entrepreneurs the chance to feel special, may it be through the appreciation or admiration of a follower or a fellow entrepreneur.

Shantae has a genuine desire to help others out before anything else. She aspires to bring out the best in people from all kinds of industries, and look forward to growing and sharing the success with them. She believes that a client’s experiences, stories, and ideas can help others understand more about life and business. Every person can always learn from others who are succeeding in the same industry.

The young entrepreneur feels there is nothing more rewarding than seeing people realize how amazing they are. Some entrepreneurs don’t have a lot of courage and dedication to put their brand out in the market, and that’s one thing that Shantae needs to change. She wants them to see how great their talents could be if developed and marketed right.

Shantae continues to be an approachable figure in the business. As a manager of a team of models, what makes her an effective manager is her way of making these individuals feel valued and helping them come out to their full potential.

Through the leverage of social media, Shantae has been able to connect a lot of entrepreneurs from different edges of the country and continues to do so. The platform works as a door towards a hundred possibilities in the entrepreneurial world. When someone takes the chance to network, the rest will follow through.

If you are an entrepreneur who’s looking to scale your business through networking, check out Talent On Edge — a brand, a platform, a team, and a place where artists and entrepreneurs can network and promote.