Selena Soo’s Top Tips for Creating an Unforgettable Virtual Event

Selena Soo (@selena_soo) shares that her team and herself have always been passionate about creating opportunities for deep human connection between our clients and students in our group coaching programs and mastermind experiences.

So when she first started implementing virtual events during the Coronavirus pandemic, we were reluctant, but out of options.

At the time, she had been preparing for two in-person events we had slated — one two-day retreat for our exclusive mastermind group, and our first ever three-day live teaching experience, Impacting Millions LIVE.

Both were going to be held at stunning locations in Los Angeles, and they were so excited to have everyone together in one place. But given the state of the world, they knew they had to make the switch to virtual.

They immediately began exploring different ways we could create the same powerful effect that our in-person events were known for and, in the process, discovered a whole new kind of magic!

As it turns out, our virtual experiences were just as exciting, intimate, and transformative as our other live events—and in some ways, even more so.

Our clients have been obsessed with their experiences, and now these virtual gatherings are an essential part of our programs.

If you’re ready to start hosting virtual events of your own, Selena shares a few of her secrets. 

1 — Breakout rooms 

We host all of our events on Zoom, which has an awesome breakout room feature. This allows us to provide a more intimate experience and a deeper level of support and engagement. It gives our students and clients greater opportunity for direct feedback from our coaches and fosters strong emotional connections.

2 — Built-in movement breaks.

When you’re sitting in front of a computer all day, it’s so important to add in time for movement. Activating your body after periods of stillness gets rid of stale energy and makes you feel more energized, which is conducive to learning. Bonus points if you work in upbeat music with your movement breaks… we love a good dance party over here. 

3 — Surprise gift boxes.

If you have a smaller group, send them a box of little things to enjoy or use during the retreat that will mimic the experience of an in-person event. If everyone in the virtual room is sharing some of your favorite snacks or jotting down thoughts in a colorful notebook just for them, it creates an atmosphere of shared experience and a fun conversation piece. Not to mention, it’s an added surprise that will make them feel extra special!

I hope this inspires you to host a powerful virtual event of your own!

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