Roman Terekh – Meet the 16-year old Social Media Wonderkid

Roman Terekh is one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the world of social media marketing. A fast learner with a razor-sharp intuition in both business and advertising, he already masters the use of personal branding, content creation, and running advertisements in various niches. At such a young age, Roman already has plenty of experience under his belt and a bright future in the industry.

A New York native, Roman now lives in Staten Island from where he conducts all his business operations. From an early age, he has proven a taste for learning and a passion for new-age technology. He started with a small social media marketing agency before working his way up the ladder and entering the exciting world of drop shipping. Roman’s ability to speak three different languages, including English, Ukrainian and Russian have opened the door to remarkable business opportunities that he welcomed as learning experiences.

Some of his first projects included working with notable lawyers like Ron Castorina. During this period, he developed his entrepreneurial spirit and acquired new marketing skills. Next, Roman decided to expand his knowledge by approaching various businesses from different sides of the spectrum. The Blue Velvet Beauty Lounge revealed to him the amazing benefits of applying his business growth know-how in different industries. Now, he has become a specialist in boosting a company’s popularity regardless of its sectors of activity.

Putting in the effort and talent that even large companies lack, Roman managed to bring success to his clients and help their businesses grow. For every fee he would receive, he would manage to quadruple it in less than a month of attentive marketing and organic growth on social media.

Nowadays, Roman Terekh continues his journey to reach stardom levels in marketing for businesses, regardless of their industry. His services expand with every passing day and with each project that he completes. Besides offering precious marketing advice, developing winning strategies and creating content, Roman also employs professional photographers as part of his package offers.

Roman’s company R|T Marketing Agency is steadily rising through the ranks of the business marketing industry. His skills and the promise of a quick ROI attract major brands and professionals from the medical and legal fields as well as from the beauty salon sector. One of his main advantages is that he swept away the competition in his age group classification by offering highly-professional services with guaranteed successful results.

Roman’s popularity has enhanced even more after speaking at events hosted by Max Trubitski and establishing solid, professional connections with important names in the industry. His ambition is to build a steady 7-figure agency that supports businesses in their growth and brand promotion. As it stands now, Roman has all the prerequisites for reaching his objective and further accomplishing even more ambitious goals. Time, skillful talent and determination are all on his side, and true, palpable success is bound to come his way.