Rising Above Adversity, Jeffrey Perez Coaches Others to Reach Entrepreneurial Success

Broke wouldn’t even begin to describe Jeffrey Perez while he was starting out as an entrepreneur. He risked a lot and invested in starting multiple failed businesses at the onset of his business career. He was losing $50,000 in its entirety all because he failed to scale his businesses and adapt. 

He knew he had to start looking for opportunities that could produce massive profits and revenue in months, so he had planned on developing a business that could scale to a million dollars. Then he started working on his ideas.

Despite the many failures that he struggled through, he was able to dig himself out of all the trouble that he found himself in. Perez is now the proud owner of the 5 am club, and Time is Money LLC at just 18 years old, proving that it can never be too early to start a business endeavor. At just 18 years old, Perez has managed to flip his problems into probable solutions. After experiencing mistakes and failures firsthand, he has become a whole lot wiser—wise enough that he could even help other people make money on their own.

Perez gives other individuals massive opportunities to earn profits with hard work and the right attitude. With all the knowledge that he has acquired through his experiences and thorough research, he coaches individuals with various business techniques to get them started.

Perez wants teenagers like himself to dive into the business industry and earn financial freedom as early as he has. He wants to serve as an inspiration to people of the same age, or even those college students who have amassed tons of student debt. If he can do it broke, then he can definitely teach others to do the same.

His tried and tested methods might be effective, but Perez acknowledges that business isn’t a one-step process. He could help people make $10,000 to $20,000 in a month, but they have to put in the hours as well, at least 10 to 20 hours a week would be a good start.

Perez is poised to become an even more successful entrepreneur over the years. As young as he is, he has gained so much life experience that it’s unreal. He’s been homeless, moved to a different country without any money, and in just a span of few weeks, he has managed to make money for himself, and that’s something exceptional in its own right.

He continues to explore more options to break free from the bad economic environment that has seemed to plague the world today. Perez dreams of helping everyone reach financial freedom through his coaching sessions, becoming a big entrepreneurial consultant, and making millions through his own endeavors.

He’s on his way closer to that dream, one step at a time and the opportunity he provides others is deeply valuable and shouldn’t be taken for granted. It’s only a matter of time before Jeffrey Perez becomes a pillar in the entrepreneurial industry. He’s had a lot of success by starting out early, and he’s bound to gain more throughout the years.

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