Putting the Risk in Risky Business, Chris Graffagnino is The Risk Management Expert That’s Changing the Game

In any business opportunity and in any financial endeavor, one big factor that never seems to go away is a risk. And oftentimes, the higher the risk, the bigger the payoff, or so as they say. Regardless, the risk is something that you must always tackle when you are an entrepreneur, especially if you’re in a multi-million dollar industry just like New York-born entrepreneur Chris Graffagnino, a risk management specialist and owner of GuardianArc International. Risk is healthy, though, the risk is potential; most entrepreneurs and people, in general, are avoidant of risk. Totally oblivious of the fact that risk can be managed, and if you’re good at managing risk, success will be at the palm of your hand.

Which is what makes Chris Graffagnino so successful. Traveling the world and influencing budding businessmen and businesswomen, Chris is a risk management specialist who has developed global businesses on and off Wall Street, including co-founding a multi-million dollar global risk solutions company, GuardianArc International. Chris didn’t always start off as an entrepreneur, though. He started out as a law enforcement officer who is now currently a disabled combat veteran of the US Army. With much of his life experience, he has channeled the breadth and scope of his experiences into security and risk mitigation within the private sector. It was in the private sector, where he developed various businesses in niche market areas such as security evacuation and repatriation services.

Chris has traveled all over the world, developing his reputation as a subject matter expert in risk and risk solutions, enabling him to become a rapidly growing and highly successful entrepreneur in the business. Chris Grafaggnino is a master at his field, becoming highly reputed and highly respectable in the risk management industry he is further proving to the world that there is nobody else that can handle and manage risk as good as he does.

Taking all of his experience in local law enforcement, US military, private sector security into account, he manages to merge all of his skills and knowledge into one coherent skillset in which he finds the common areas among his vast experiences. He is an expert at risk management and has developed a globally recognized multi-million dollar security and logistics company bringing niche and cutting edge products and services to a complex and rich market.

He established GuardianArc International with a measly $100 and a lot of “sweat equity” as he calls it. In a span of 3 years, he has managed to quickly turn it into an 8 figure company. With all of his success, he is now planning to impart his skills and knowledge in business development to the younger generation. Chris has decided to create and establish an entrepreneur mentorship program that provides advice and guidance to young budding individuals who have dreams and aspirations of starting their very own businesses.

He plans on teaching individuals from the millennial generation who have great ideas and a burning passion for business but lack the motivation or business acumen to do so. Chris has seen it all, with his wealth of life experiences, he has gained tremendous wisdom, and he is willing to impart it to the future generation. Chris is a true inspiration who has taken charge of his own destiny while managing the risk along the way.