Meet the Certified Public Accountant & Expert—Michel Valbrun of Valbrun Group

Michel Valbrun, CEO & Founder of Valbrun Group Brings In Huge Profits For People Who Wish to Build Generational Wealth by Saving Taxes

Michel Valbrun is a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), Tax Strategist, and award-winning Author and Speaker. Call him any of these, but he doesn’t want you to procrastinate till you have the obligation to fill out your tax forms. After having worked for some of the best organizations in the world like Ernst and Young and then going on to serve many other companies/entrepreneurs, he has now started his own venture, “Valbrun Group,” where he goes one-on-one with his clients, giving them a more natural habitat to discuss their financial goals.

Origin of the World-Renowned CPA

Growing up in a single-parent household, Michel Valbrun quickly adopted the will to succeed and went on to become a Certified Public Accountant. Starting his career with one of the largest and most prestigious professional services firms in the world gave him the exposure to keep growing in spite of the best scenarios in life.

Today, Michel is the president of the Valbrun Group. This venture is a professional services firm with its roots in tax planning, outsourced CFO services and financial consulting. Michel shares, “Protecting your assets isnʼt as easy as waltzing down to the nearest tax business, paperwork in hand. Why? Most CPAs in the market are solely focused on tax prep. In fact, they focus solely on this as this is typically taught in any school or university, and that’s all they know.” Michel was never a person who learned things from a course. He takes his own course in life. He learns, unlearns, and relearns as he feels like he can do a better job serving clients with his own learning curve.

Sharing some of his aspects of learning to every budding learner out there, he said, “I was helping someone doing their taxes. At the end of it, if they asked me what they need to do proactively to save taxes the next year, I truly didnʼt know. Thatʼs not something they teach you in school. Itʼs focused on working a corporate job and corporate responsibilities. So I had to do a lot of self learning. So do you, to excel in your role.”

The one quote that matches the crux of the Valbrun Group is, “The world needs dreamers and the world needs doers. Above all, the world needs dreamers who take action.”

What sets Michel Valbrun and his venture apart from his peers and competitors actively in the market is the fact that he helps people proactively save money on taxes and helps deliver the information in a way that’s entertaining and educational. This is real, deep knowledge on tax not every CPA can provide. His mission is to bring his experience, knowledge, and expertise to clients in a way no one else can—honestly and sincerely. To get in touch with him and his expertise, check out his website

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