Leadership Tips For Digital Entrepreneurs: Haris Baloch

We asked Haris Baloch (entrepreneur in Balochistan, Pakistan) for a few tips for up and coming entrepreneurs. He responded with three tips which are as follows: Leadership could be a challenging role and needs your constant effort and determination. For me, having a vision, leading by example and challenging yourself unendingly are the foremost essential factors. Let me discuss each of them one by one.

Having a vision:

Leaders ought to offer insight into an organization or venture. Vision sets the direction and pace of progress. Without vision, there’s no means by which your company can grow. For all of this, you need to possess a robust understanding of what’s going around you and the
way is it impacting your business. Only then you’ll be in a position to provide direction and foresee a future for your venture.

Within the digital sector, it gets even more crucial as numerous factors are impacting at the same time alongside the existence of plenty of distracting forces. Thus, developing a vision is another tip that I typically offer to young digital entrepreneurs.

Lead by example:

Expecting others to try and do, as you wish is usually not possible (without the correct technique of course). However, at the same time, you can’t handle everything on your own; this is not humanly attainable. Thus here comes the need for leading by example. Fixing a visible roadmap for your followers is going to encourage them in an exceedingly better manner, and there are higher possibilities that they’ll follow you. If they see you in the workplace on time, they’re going to ensure that they’re on time also. However, if you permit yourself to be late, then don’t expect punctuality from them also. Setting verbal or perhaps written rules won’t work as effectively. It’s applicable for every activity, whether or not within the digital or the web domain. As a leader, you have to show your subordinates what to do by doing it yourself.

Challenging yourself:

When you challenge yourself, you are going away from your comfort zone. Also, as the expression is,” the real magic happens once you are out of your comfort zone.” Being out of the comfort zone, you’re required to seek out ways in which to handle a situation; you need to grow and learn. With the accomplishment of all these, your character as an individual grows and you become a learned individual.

Similarly, repeating it time and again, rather than creating a habit of it, would enable you to adapt to new changes and take a look at new things in life. Developing this habit will assist you to keep your knowledge up to date and remodel your sub-niche within the digital world to the ever-changing trends. Thus, aside from personal growth, you come to understand that you are on the correct path, the path of growth, and this one amongst the most important things that a frontrunner has got to do.