Kyree Hollis Is A Force In The Music Industry Helping Artists Release Music For The World To Hear

Kyree Hollis
Kyree Hollis

If there’s one thing that Kyree Hollis is known for today, it’s that he has already mastered the art of pushing tracks into popularity. He has been shaping the music industry through digital marketing strategies that work. In fact, he is a viral success on Triller working on campaigns for acts like Cam’ron and Lil Uzi Vert, among many others. 

Indeed, he has become a strong force in the industry. To put it simply, he’s played a role in the success of rising acts like King Combs, Tyla Yaweh and Houdini, DayytonaFox, or even producers such as Tank God, Priority DP, and D. Sheats.

At only 23 years old, Kyree is taking things up to the next level as he continuously grows his brand, working with new artists daily and owning his space in Los Angeles as a force to be reckoned with. While his story illustrates an incredible success, he shares his journey of how he got to where he is now.

Although Kyree is a product of two respected and successful creatives, he chose to forge a name of his own in the music industry. His mother was a business manager who worked with Akon’s manager, Devyne Stephens, while Hollis’ father is a GRAMMY-winning producer. He spent his childhood in Atlanta with his mother, where he was able to take a look into how the industry works. 

Doing so allowed him to meet artists and learn all about the business day by day. Aside from being exposed to a lot of music, he also spent a lot of time playing football and basketball. He even played collegiate football at the University of Alabama and Indiana University before pursuing the business side of the entertainment industry fully.

However, being born from a family of creatives, he developed an incredible ear for great music and has since then been looking for talent never heard before and making sure their career blooms. This is how his path to becoming the Kyree Hollis we know now began.

“Growing up in the industry definitely prepared me for what I do today. It allowed me to Gain a lot of connections and knowledge at which I base a lot of my work off to this day,” shares Kyree.

Today, Kyree has played the role of a digital marketing strategist and personal assistant for several celebrities across the globe. He has worked alongside legendary Hip-Hop, and R&B acts like Diddy and Teddy Riley to name a few.

Since becoming a viral success on Triller, Kyree taps into the potential of this social media platform promoting music for artists and labels alike. We may have certainly seen a lot of his digital marketing campaigns online pushing up-and-coming artists to fame – exactly why Kyree is someone to watch out for in the music industry.

More than just his success, Kyree has massive plans for his career. This includes starting schools, mentoring youth interested in entertainment, and more. “I want to use my knowledge and network to create high school academies specialize in the entertainment business rather than its music, film, or sports.”

Suffice to say, Kyree is going to change the world, and he’s starting now.

Follow Kyree Hollis on Instagram at @kyreedatsme and connect with him on Triller.