Jumper Media Gives Back: Entrepreneur Colton Bollinger Promotes Instagram Growth By Connecting With Others

The creation of social media allows brands and individuals to connect through innovative channels. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have overtaken the Internet, providing a community for users to share their lives, promote their businesses, and explore new products or services.

Specifically, Instagram displays promotional content for influencers and brands that reflect similar interests. Advertising content on Instagram has snowballed as the app continues to flourish. As perhaps one of the most influential online social media channels, Instagram’s personal growth has led to a need for more organization among advertisers.

Although all social media platforms experience changes and complications as they develop, hacking the algorithm becomes increasingly tricky.

An essential trait for an entrepreneur to have is the ability to think outside of the box. In 2019, as Jumper Media was experiencing its most significant challenge to stay up and running, Colton Ballinger refused to let his dreams fade.

Jumper Media was one of the most prominent Instagram automation and growth services before July 2019, when Instagram was undergoing an internal revamp and automation services became an unnecessary duty. Colton needed to reconfigure how he would save his company, one that he built from the ground up, from bankruptcy.

Colton flew to the Philippines in search of a more direct approach to building an online community. He used a more direct, human approach while rebuilding his business. He wanted to provide jobs to stay-at-home mothers in the Philippines in need of additional income. After many trials and tribulations, Colton runs Jumper Media out of Manila, Philippines, with 1,000 employees and approximately 1,500 clients per month.

With endless opportunities lying ahead, Colton’s dedication and passion for his work reflects his care for clients. “We do what we do to help nonprofits, service providers, and SMB’s reach more people with their missions and impact more lives through their products/services, and we absolutely love being able to help brands craft/tell their stories because we are truly passionate about storytelling.”

One of the most valued elements of a company is its ability to connect and understand their clients. Fostering a strong community between employees and clients is one of Jumper Media’s greatest assets and proudest accomplishments. Because with human connection, we can conquer anything.

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