How Matthias Mazur Built Multimillion-Dollar Internet Businesses

You would be hard-pressed to find another man with such an incredible story as Matthias Mazur.

In his youth, Matthias was ranked the number 1 junior tennis player in Switzerland and was recruited by Roger Federer’s coach as a highly-touted prospect, equivalent to a first-round draft pick. On the European and World Junior Tennis Tour, Matthias competed against some of the all-time best, such as Rafael Nadal and Novak Djokovic.

In a surreal turn of events, Matthias suffered a leg injury that ended his tennis career forever. He was devastated. But not for long.

He swiftly turned his focus to entrepreneurship. Starting from scratch, he built several multimillion-dollar Internet businesses. His internet strategies have generated over $100 million for his businesses and clients, and he is the author of four books about digital marketing, entrepreneurship, and internet advertising. He is followed by over 120,000 business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives on Facebook and other social media channels. 

Matthias is the founder and CEO of Zuramedia, a leading eight-figure digital advertising and social media portfolio business, with headquarters in London (UK). Zuramedia focuses on creating, acquiring, and selling profitable multimillion-dollar internet businesses in the education, consumer, and software markets. Every month, millions of people visit Matthias’ web properties, and the marketing guru’s vision for the future of internet marketing and digital advertising is leading the charge.

Matthias also cultivates his passion for education and learning; he shares and teaches his digital marketing strategies and entrepreneurial experience at conferences and events around the world. He has pledged to donate two thousand printed copies to a variety of educational institutions across the globe of his upcoming book 30 Golden Rules for Entrepreneurs to inspire the next generation of young entrepreneurs and creators. The book, a bestseller in the French language, has inspired thousands of entrepreneurs and business owners and shares Matthias’s story and lessonsfrom his humble beginnings, to the promising tennis career that ended with an injury, to building an eight-figure business on the internet.

Matthias aims to help small business owners and entrepreneurs who are not getting enough visibility and results with social media and the internet as well as bigger clients and even companies that have the same problem.

You would think that with his great credentials Matthias would be a snob, but he behaves the opposite way. When hiring and recruiting people, he rarely looks at CVs and resumes, choosing instead to focus on what each person can offer him. Matthis is also a pioneer in remote working; all his teams, including executives, have been predominantly virtual since 2007.

Matthias’s teams are on the cutting edge of social media trends and digital media, and they use all the tools that they themselves teach their students.

Even though Matthias Mazur is immensely successful, he still knows his roots, aiming to help small business owners and entrepreneurs who are stumbling their way.

Matthias Mazur can be found on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn. He also has a personal website found here