How Mario Sarceno, Founder of Outbrand, Is Creating Industry-Leading Authorities

“I don’t know if my first client knew this, but I didn’t even have a website up when they first paid me to help get their story published in Yahoo!”, shared Mario Sarceno in an interview when asked how he has become an up-and-coming name in the branding and public relations industry. “If anything, that shows that people really do buy from people that they like and trust”. 

The driving principle that people buy from those they like and trust is behind every successful press agency.  In fact, Bill Gates is frequently quoted in the public relations industry for saying that if he was down to his last penny, he’d invest in public relations, and the guy knows a thing or two about running a successful company. 

In the past months, there’s been a shift in how potential clients and consumers go about making their purchasing and investing decisions: they’re researching online more than ever. Chances are that people are going to take their business to the one they like and trust the most, so some might say now is the time to work on online presence. This is exciting for a business whose online brand presence has “authority” and “expert” written all over it, but what of the businesses that haven’t spent too much time establishing their brand authority? 

There are many ways that companies like Outbrand empower their clients to establish authority and become leading experts in their industry, however what Mario and the team at Outbrand are doing is tapping into their connections in online national news outlets to get their clients featured on them. These are established publications that we constantly turn to for news and credibility, so getting clients published is one of Outbrand’s quick, yet powerful, ways to get significant professionals the publicity and authority they deserve.

Everybody has a story that’s worth sharing, and it’s always exciting to see what people share when they’re given the power to share their story with the world. However, my favorite part is the momentum that comes from being published. I want to capitalize on that momentum as much as I can”, shared Mario. 

This is only the first stop on Outbrand’s roadmap to establishing ultimate authority for their clients. After Outbrand gets news publications to do the talking for their clients, this is where the fun and the scaling really happens. Outbrand teaches their clients how to capitalize on this newly-established authority to get more clients, get into more publications, speak on successful podcasts, and ultimately become a leading expert in their space. 

When asked why they insist on starting every partnership with this public relations strategy, Mario responded that the life of a company gets easier when somebody becomes “news” simply because people buy from people they like and trust.

Currently, Mario and the team are on the mission of creating two hundred industry-leading authorities by the end of 2021.