How Deana Neely Broke the Mold and Established Herself in the Construction World

The construction industry is primarily dominated by men, but one woman is breaking barriers and stereotypes—Deana Neely. Over the past decade, the founder and CEO of Detroit Voltage worked to establish what others would perceive as impossible. But with grit and determination, Deana proved that women can succeed in a predominantly male industry and claim it as her own.

Deana Neely, backed by years of experience in construction, is fearlessly treading the construction industry to pave the way for other women who want to engage in the field. Hence, her company, Detroit Voltage, is officially recognized as a Woman Business Enterprise (WBE), known as a leading electrical contracting firm based in Detroit, offering unparalleled service to both residential and commercial property customers. Deana has successfully established herself as an industry insider, valuable partner, and authority in the trade. Deana knows the ins and outs of construction, and she aims to empower women like herself to believe that they too can succeed in the path.

Besides her entrepreneurial brilliance, Deana Neely is also a licensed electrical contractor. Her rapid growth and unique story has captivated everyone in the construction industry, propelling her name to the national stage. As a result, the CEO has been featured and recognized by Google, Essence, DTE Energy and Forbes. 

Taking things one step further, Deana Neely also took on the role of a public speaker and educator. The CEO is launching a program soon that will guide women through the process of conceptualizing, launching, and establishing a construction company. 

“No one is catering to women who are looking to create their own construction companies,” Deana Neely said, explaining the gap she found in the construction niche. “This isn’t about starting a business; this is about starting a construction business and all the unique requirements and challenges that come along with it,” the CEO added.

Deana Neely wants to be the mentor other women can have, someone she never had along her journey. The CEO hopes to empower women not to be afraid of breaking barriers and standing outside the stereotype. She aims to amplify that women should not be confined by pre-determined careers society has chosen appropriate for them. Instead, Deana encourages everyone to take a leap of faith. Deana knows what it takes to build a business from nothing, and she hopes her story would inspire others to also believe in the power of hard work, dedication, and passion.

“Life’s all about choices. I started Detroit Voltage, my electrical contracting business, a few years ago while going through an unexpected, traumatic divorce,” recalled Deana Neely. “I found myself a broke single mom with two young children and a new business idea and no real direction. I had to make a choice: do I go back to work or pursue this new business venture?”

While having her life-defining dilemma, Deana Neely shared that her primary motivation to make the right choice was her children. She ended up choosing to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and committed to giving the business her all, literally. “I wouldn’t have it any other way. I prayed for guidance, and I know I made the right choice,” Deana said. 

In five years, Deana Neely aims to impact thousands of women across the globe to enter the construction scene or establish their own companies in the field. She wants her name to resound as an industry leader who uplifted women seeking opportunities in the construction landscape, and without a doubt, she will.

Learn more about Deana Neely on her website.