Homebased Is The Future And Kimon Lee Is Already Dominating The Industry Even Before Its Boom

Home-based businesses are quickly becoming one of the fastest-growing businesses across the world. With the crisis the world is facing today, businesses are finding new opportunities to keep the operations going, and most of them are going digital and home-based. 

A lot of brick and mortar businesses just saw the importance of home-based recently. For one, it allows flexibility and convenience to the team and for the business owner. Let’s say lesser overhead costs and lesser commitments; it sure sounds interesting. While the whole world is shifting their businesses to accommodate the needs of the time, which is going home-based, this entrepreneur has already dominated this industry way, way back.

Kimon Lee, a six-figure home-based business entrepreneur, was introduced to the world of home-based businesses in 2002. Eight years ago, he already saw the potential of pursuing this business and what the future would look like. Although he started with nothing and didn’t even have any experience in entrepreneurship, but just like most successful entrepreneurs, through hard work, passion, and determination, he was able to grow what was just a part-time venture into a million-dollar opportunity.

His journey has never been easy. The industry he was in was something out-of-the-box, while huge companies are spending millions for their offices, Kimon saw the potential of Zoom calls, remote work, and other team collaboration tools online like Google Docs, Slack, Trello, among many others.

Having reached the top position in two home-based companies, Kimon has helped thousands of people realize the power and freedom of building a business from home. Because of that, he is committed to taking his knowledge and experience to help as many people as possible go further than they have ever imagined. After all, Kimon believes in a quote that says, “Our greatest successes in life are often found in helping others succeed. Inherently, we know we have been designed to live for something greater than ourselves.”

Most recently, Kimon was one of sixty professionals invited by a world-renowned leadership expert, Dr. John Maxwell, to participate in the first-ever network marketing leadership training.

Today, Kimon has made a name for himself as a trainer, leader, and mentor in which he has become successful in all fronts. 

As a trainer, he was able to train and inspire thousands of independent business owners from around the world for the past 17 years. A lot of business owners look back at their experience with Kimon and are grateful they have attended his training. It taught them so much about what they need on their journey as entrepreneurs. Kimon has also been mentoring and coaching hundreds of people directly to maximize their potential in what they once thought was impossible. 

As a leader, through hard work and perseverance, he has worked his way to becoming a top-earner in two companies allowing him to become a million-dollar lifetime earner. While this looks like Kimon’s life is whirlwind of travels here and there, he is actually doing all these while being a committed and loving family man to his wife and childhood sweetheart, Sarah, and their two boys, Evan and Ethan. Definitely, a pretty hard thing to do, but Kimon proves otherwise.

Visit Kimon Lee at kimonlee.com or follow him on Instagram and connect with him through Facebook and LinkedIn