Get Schooled on Beating the Odds in Life with Motivational Speaker Robert B. Foster

Reaching an age beyond the numbers of a calendar month can mean greater responsibilities in life. We know people from this demographic through our parents as the most significant influencers to the younger generation. And with everything that is currently happening, the youth of today need guidance now more than ever. But how do parents resolve this when they are also lost?

All-American athlete Robert B. Foster shares his knowledge to help answer this question. He has defied the odds as he is a single parent to his five children, overcomes a life-changing injury, and pursues a career as an inspirational public speaker.

At a certain difficult period in his life, Robert was told he would never run or jump again and would never be a successful business owner as a 3-time college dropout. But he has proven to be a formidable enemy of fate as he ignored all these “nevers.” Now, Robert inspires thousands of people all over the world. He feels that his message can restore hope to people that are desperately seeking guidance, and he wants to do his part by inspiring as many of them as possible through his life motto, #IGNORETHENEVER. 

To say that he has gone through the hardships of life is an understatement. As a professional running competitor for track and field, he suffered from a horrific knee injury at 34 years old. That moment, he was so uncertain as to what his future holds as he laid in the hospital bed. Several people told him he would never run nor jump again. 

But, all heads turned as Robert persevered until he became a multi-awarded USA Track and Field Master’s Champion and the obstacle course competitor who bagged the gold medal six times in the Transplant Games. Although he was told that he would never run or jump again, he has proven all dissenters wrong after completing over 130 obstacle races, a half marathon, and the Spartan Ultra. Robert is also set to represent Team USA in the 2021 World Transplant Games as the current world record holder in the 100m, 40-44 age bracket. Moreover, Robert has also created another business venture as the owner of the RBF Fitness and Nutrition, the two-time awardee of Best of Rhode Island for Best Fitness Classes and Best Gym. 

Since then, Robert has transformed his derived wisdom from painful experiences to a multiple six-figure business and a global following for his philosophy. He attributes this success to his straight forward and practical approach in speaking by telling the audience what they need to hear. In Robert’s gym at RBF Fitness, people would get initial consultations with him, and they are told that they will be held to a very high standard. A number do not stay because they prefer to have a lighter, more relaxed start. But, Robert insists that being frank and speaking from the heart is the key to changing people’s lives and repairing relationships. 

Telling the truth can help redefine one’s core values and hold onto these as they focus on their personal growth. Robert boasts of speaking from the heart and authentic by not using scripts and powerpoints. True enough, the audience is captivated from his first sentence until he concludes his speech. He even attests that some are brought to tears because he was able to reach deep into their minds and souls, and extract what is genuinely hurting them within and keeping them from their dreams.

Robert continues touching lives as he now speaks to thousands of people worldwide, sharing his story of triumph against all the odds. For the past eleven years, he has used his powerful voice to talk in schools across the state, businesses, and organizations. His topics are wide-ranging from the pursuit of purpose in one’s life, overcoming the fear of failure, and social/emotional learning in schools. He has committed to a vocation of being a mentor and inspiring the next generation to never give up on their dreams.

He mostly shares his experience of being a single parent to five children, being a former all American athlete after rehabbing from a knee injury, and battling through losing everything to start his business. Robert also shared how he donated a kidney to his sister in 2011, making him a transplant donor. His stints as a motivational speaker have helped people find themselves using fitness as a platform for personal growth. He has since realized that fitness is not just weight loss or physical appearance; it is about having the right state of mind to keep moving forward despite facing life’s adversities. 

Robert indeed has overcome several incredible feats that not many fathers, athletes, nor entrepreneurs could accomplish. Should you be interested in having him as your next featured speaker in your event, reach out to him via his official website or his Facebook page, and make sure to follow him on Instagram (@robertbfoster_rbf), and LinkedIn. To explore more of RBF Fitness, visit the websites RBF Fitness and Nutrition, LLC, and Fit Biz Reboot