From Poverty to Modern Success Story with Joshua Pollitt

Joshua PollittJoshua Pollitt
Joshua Pollitt

It is rare to hear of someone rising from a bad neighborhood, where the odds are already against them, to become a success. Most people would not have the resolve and willpower to defy the hand fate deals. But CEO, motivational speaker, actor, astrologer, and author Joshua Pollitt is not most people.

Born on September 3, 1989, in Camden, New Jersey, life had already set Joshua Pollitt up to fail. Camden was easily considered one of the worst cities in the United States of America, with hardship set as the default living condition in, as the 80s to the ‘00s have proved. However, this did not deter Joshua one bit.

Named after the famous character from the Bible, Joshua embodied the same role, that of a leader. He displayed leadership qualities as early as high school as he became the president of his senior class at Hazleton Area High School. This natural disposition to leadership trickled into college as Joshua also became the president of the photography club and the public relations specialist of Men Of Distinguished Excellence. He was also the Director of Organizational Relations in the Executive Board of the Student Government.

Joshua loved sports, especially football, and track and field. Aside from that, he had a passion for creative arts. In college, Joshua was able to develop this inclination further as he found theatre and acting. Subsequently, he landed a role, co-starring in the independent film, Camp Blood: First Slaughter.

He also had a calculated plan to start a publication, and so after graduating from college, he set the wheels in motion and founded East Coast Magazine in June of 2018. The influential magazine showcased the careers of rising talents on the East Coast, becoming a massive part of the culture on that side of America.

Joshua, now a motivational speaker and life coach, finds passion in teaching others on the meaning of life and how one could achieve anything with proper discipline and focus. Setting himself as an example of how one could overcome the worst of situations, he is inspiring other people to continue to chase their dreams.

In his youth, Joshua found a proclivity to the science and art of astrology. Aside from his other pursuits, he also became an astrologer. He offers programs to clients who are interested in knowing more about how their lives and celestial bodies are inherently connected.

Nowadays, Joshua is working on the publishing of his first e-book, You are Potential in Human Form that will be released very soon. The e-book, poised to be considered as the “8th wonder of the world”, is bound to help disadvantaged people lift themselves and recognize their unalterable ability to live the life they designed.

Joshua has gone through immense trials and tribulations, growing up in Camden. He has dealt with poverty, almost being homeless, and plenty of other unfortunate experiences. Joshua was also homeless from the end of 2016 to 2020 and made a lot of mistakes during that time due to alcohol. With the help of his heroes, Howard Clark and Gina Pollitt, and his best friend Zhaneria Rivers, he was able to overcome it by May 2020.

Rather than allow these bad experiences to destroy him, he uses it to inspire others and instill hope and motivation to become the leader of their lives.

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