From Portrayals to Properties: John Campbell-Mac’s Big Leap from his Showbiz Success to John Campbell Estates

Finding one’s passion can be a life-long feat for many. However, there are the lucky few who are successful in discovering it early in life. Others are just lucky from starting successfully in one field and ending still accomplished in the next one, just like the story of renowned British actor and producer turned real estate businessman John Campbell-Mac. For over 20 years, he has devoted his life to the entertainment industry only to develop a new-found love in real estate through his company John Campbell Estates. 

A quick search on Google would tell you how John Campbell-Mac has made a name in show business. John has been in over 40 movies as an actor, writer, and producer. He has also won many awards and accolades for his various works. The most notable of which is the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) nomination for his own written and produced film, “Winner Takes All.” 

John has also starred in many cool British feature films, including ’31 North 62 East’, ‘Forty Five’, and “10 Dead Men’. He has had the honor of training with excellent teachers on both sides of the Atlantic, including Mike Bernardin, Bathsh Garnett, Ivana Chubbuck, Margie Haber, and accent expert Bob Corff. John is currently working with John Ruskin at the Ruskin Theatre, one of Sandford Meisners’ teachers from the neighborhood playhouse. John is very proud to consider acting luminary John Ruskin as his friend. 

Feeling similar to a big fish in the pond, John decided to go to Hollywood and try out his luck as an actor. In a short time he has been in the US, he has already relished success in both film and television. John particularly enjoyed the movie ‘L. A. Paranormal’ where he played an unlikely playboy psychic. This entire film was shot with no scripted dialogue in the style of ‘This is Spinal Tap’. This project really tested John’s talent as it relied heavily on the skills of the lead actors. On TV, he adored working in the hit-man comedy series ‘Hit The Big Time’ shot in several locations, namely, Hollywood, Las Vegas, London, and Utah.

John has a natural flair for comedy and believes that “a love of life and loves to laugh”. Currently, he lives with his wife Stephanie in Los Angeles, California. He is presently engaged in the development and production of several feature films and TV productions, including Lunchbox, Girl Samurai, and Artifact Red and The Green Rush. 

Originally from London, John Campbell now chose to work in Los Angeles, California. The main reason behind is his love affair with real estate started over 20 years ago when he bought his first investment property. From then on, he hasn’t lost his passion for it despite all the transactions that came after. He has become a vital real estate resource for residents of the whole Greater Los Angeles area. One should not be surprised to see and find John helping clients navigate the expansive geographical terrain of the entire LA area, from San Marino to the Hollywood Hills to LA’s beaches to Malibu and beyond.

John Campbell has turned his interest in real estate into a successful business,  John Campbell Estates, a real estate sales team. They adopt a practical, solution-based approach to navigating the real estate market. This strategy is combined with John’s extensive knowledge of the category. His expertise makes him a highly-sought-after agent helping clients sell, find, and buy their dream homes and investment properties in the whole Los Angeles area.

Many of his teams clients are colleagues in the Showbusiness as he had been part of the entertainment industry and knew that real estate is relevant for them. With his team, John Campbell Estates, he is often referred to as the go-to real estate agent for the Hollywood community as this is his tribe. 

John and his team work from four offices within the brokerage of PLG Estates, and caters to the whole Los Angeles area, including Beverly Hills, Los Feliz, Toluca Lake, and Playa Vista. PLG Estates is owned by John’s good friend, Peter Lorimer, who has his show on Netflix entitled ‘Stay Here’. It’s all about showcasing revamped spaces for Air bnb. Peter Lorimer was also a hit making music producer back in the day. 

PLG Estates is a boutique agency catering to the elite of Hollywood and the perfect home for the John Campbell Estates sales team. PLG is mostly composed of creatives. Thus they approach the whole process differently. ‘Real estate doesn’t have to be boring’, according to John Campbell. This unique team-up takes its services on a digital scale. They have also partnered on some of the more expensive luxury deals which published them in February 2020 on luxury lifestyle/real estate magazine, Haven Los Angeles, for its LA Art Week issue.

With this partnership, they can surely cater to all your real estate needs while putting priority as well on glamorous style. From finding and buying your dream home to making your next real estate investment, they got you. They can assist you from selling your home, trading up, scaling down, or diversifying your portfolio. John can help with all your real estate needs and make the whole experience fun.

John has a wide-reaching international network of clients and contacts, which is an incredible resource for prospective sellers and buyers. He has an honest, genuine approach to providing quick, timely advice to clients that ultimately saves buyers and sellers not only time but thousands of dollars. 

While many tell us that we can’t have cake and eat it too, John Campbell-Mac has proven that we can start being the best muffin in the local cafe and still be the bestseller cheesecake in Hollywood. Venturing in another career halfway through your success in one field is a big leap. What’s important is we find passion in what we do, just like John in acting and his real estate careers. Read more about John Campbell through his website: Browse through John Campbell Estates property listings through their website: