Rene Lacad: From College Dropout to Generating Millions in Revenue

Carpe Diem

“I was 18 years old, without a plan, but I knew I was interested in entrepreneurship,” recalls Rene Lacad, about his humble beginnings, dropping out of college after one semester. In today’s freelance and online course economy, a beginning like Rene’s, which in the past would be much more unforeseeable how he would be able to surmount, nowadays is a strong possibility for today’s youth. Rene changed his life by stepping out of the normal corporate ladder rat race that many of today’s society is still stuck in. A journey of learning he was on his way to undertake, but it wasn’t going to be from sitting in the lecture hall for another 4 to 5 years…

Today, 36% of US workers are in the gig economy, and the rest are still in the corporate system’s way of doing things. The regular college degree, entry-level job, etc. stairway to retirement and 401ks. Yet, many are still dying deep down hoping to leave that life for something more.

Here are tips from Rene Lacad’s journey to multimillion-dollar revenues:

1. Start from the fundamentals (grassroots)

Rene didn’t just start working for a big 7 figure and 8 figure companies right away. His first steps right out of college were to get a job to pay the bills and enhance the skills he wanted to acquire. He landed a job selling cars. Car sales are a quick way to grow your people skills, presentation skills, sales & negotiation skills. In a short period of time, Rene became one of the top performers at the dealership. He was growing tremendously but he knew he needed to apply himself to something more challenging. As an avid learner and someone trying to develop, he stumbled upon internet entrepreneur, Tai Lopez. As many people know today, Tai is the epitome of an educator for how people can start and grow their own online businesses. He has a whole portfolio of courses to his name, youtube videos, interviews and more. To Rene’s excitement, he saw there were opportunities to apply to work for Tai and ended up applying for a job. He landed it. Taking what he learned from his previous sales position, Rene excelled under Tai, and eventually that sales job turned into a marketing job in the Tai Lopez corporation. “While there I learned everything about entrepreneurship, and business to the point where I was able to start my first business, a social media agency,” says Rene about the experience. As you can see, in order to build his own agency, Rene had to learn the ropes. He didn’t just launch a company on the back of zero expertise, he went the long route of learning and growing in order to build him into that go-to professional that he left Tai’s company to become.


2. Model Success

We all know who Tai Lopez is. Whether you hate him, love him, or just don’t pay attention to his content. There’s no denying he hit the internet by storm and hasn’t stopped since. Rene saw a person doing what he wanted to be doing and said, I need to go learn from him. He saw the insides of what it takes to build a Tai Lopez machine, and he replicated it. Not many people are willing to do the work that entails. It takes a huge amount of humility to say I’m going to dedicate a large amount of my time to go and listen and work for and pay attention to someone who knows things that I don’t. Yet, that’s what Rene did, and that’s an incredible strategy for success. He learns methods that are tried and true, and then ventures out on his own. Now he’s Generated over $5,000,000+ in online revenue for over a dozen businesses, has worked with multiple influencers with a cumulative following of over 20,000,000+ followers, and his very own personal brand receives over 100,000 impressions a week.


3. Be Patiently Impatient

What I mean by patiently impatient is; he knew that the standard route people take wasn’t going to take him where he wants to go, as fast as he would like to get there. With that being said, he was still very patient, as you can see he took on several opportunities and has fought for 6 years to get him to where he is today. Many people mess up at this because they just are impatient. They aren’t willing to do the extra things that successful people end up doing, and it hurts them in the end. Follow Rene’s lead, impatiently go after it, but stay patient.

What I like about Rene’s journey is that it shows a unique approach to the gig economy. The normal agency model of today has drastically shifted. Individuals buildings companies from their laptops, services clients on the go. Yet, Rene went within a well-established company so that his gig would end in a well-established company of his own. It wouldn’t just end as a gig. We can all learn from this, beginning with the end in mind, and growing towards it everyday. Just like Tai, he now mentors millennial entrepreneurs with the same goal and vision, giving back what he’s learned to the youth.