Entrepreneur Kevin Miller to Give Away Free Business Growth Toolbox for Small Business Owners

The current pandemic the world is facing is affecting businesses, both big and small, in a way that no one thought possible in this generation. World economies are gravely suffering because of the lengthy quarantine period required by leaders. While people understand the necessity of staying at home and minimizing possible exposure to the virus, they cannot help but feel discouraged. Small businesses with a little surplus are the ones that are affected the most.

A lot of businesses are opting to close down. Sustaining the monthly operational costs at this time would make the personal finances of business owners bleed heavily. It is safe to assume at this point that a lot of entrepreneurs are discouraged, confused, and anxious about what is happening. It is even harder for many of them to accept that they lost their primary source of income.

There is a pressing need to help entrepreneurs revive their businesses. They need encouragement and ideas on how they can get back up again after a significant fall. There is good news amidst this difficult time. Affected business owners can access a free Online Business Owner Toolbox that will help them get back on their feet.

26-year-old entrepreneur, Kevin Miller, is giving away 10,000 free Toolboxes for small businesses affected by the pandemic. The online Toolbox includes a Growing Your Business Online Checklist, Online Customer Persona Guide, and Online Business Owner Toolkit. Small business owners currently struggling due to the pandemic may download the free Toolbox via this link. The Toolbox is also very helpful to those who are planning to start their businesses soon.

Miller is the founder and CEO of the digital marketing agency All Approach. Despite his age, he is one of the most sought-after digital marketing consultants in the greater Seattle area. His track record includes helping companies such as Microsoft, Western Washington University, University of Washington, Qumulo, and Holland America Line implement marketing initiatives.

Aside from being a digital marketing expert, Miller is also an emerging TV music composer & songwriter. Miller is the founder of the music production powerhouse All Approach Music. He has composed music for several TV shows on networks like CBS, NBC, MTV, VH1, Telemundo, Rete 4, Bravo, and HGTV. His song composition, “I’m the Man,” became one of the featured songs in the soundtrack of the feature film, “Almost Christmas.” The film premiered in theaters worldwide on November 11, 2016.

The young CEO finished his degree in Communication Studies at Western Washington University in 2017. In 2016, he was the guest speaker of his alma mater during the president’s annual holiday dinner. He also has fond memories as a panelist at the Students of Color Career Conference held at Everett Community College in 2014.

His passion for helping young people in this generation is something that he takes very seriously. He has been mentoring hundreds of children in his community for more than ten years now. Some of the past roles he happily takes on include being a Camp Roots Lead Teacher and Northshore Youth Basketball Association, referee. He was once a Northshore YMCA summer camp youth counselor. Miller was also a youth mentor at Western Washington University Compass 2 Campus.

He attributes this constant desire to help young people to his mentors when he was growing up. Their compassion and kindness guided him expertly. Their influence in his life shaped his character and taught him the value of hard work.

Miller’s life took an abrupt detour when he survived a sudden cardiac arrest in August 2019. The experience made him realize how precious and short life is. That unexpected turn of events gave him the idea to invest in the lives of entrepreneurs like him. Barely a year after his cardiac arrest, he relaunched his digital marketing agency for the third time and found massive success.

This inspiring survivor wants to show people that rising after a bad fall is still a high possibility. He is a walking testimony that there is life after a crisis. His present motivation to stay healthy and steady is the people waiting for his guidance, wisdom, and positive influence. Sharing his personal Business Toolbox to the world for free is just the beginning.

Interested parties may reach out to Miller and his team at https://www.allapproach.com/. Please feel free to download a free copy of Miller’s Toolbox at https://offer.allapproach.com/special-offer-500-on-us