Daniel Guaragna-Millionaire by 25 says “One Million is the New 100 Thousand”

Daniel Guaragna
Daniel Guaragna

I had the pleasure to sit down with Daniel last week, and asked him some questions in regards to business and sales. We got on the topic of goal(s) setting and he started to talk about how people need to stop taking other people’s old washed up goal(s) when earning an annual income. The goal(s) should no longer be “to make 6 figures” but think bigger. That’s our parents and grandparents goal(s). Back in the 1960’s, one hundred grand would now get you $900,000 annually in 2019. The truth is, things will always continue to cost more. Stuff like housing, transportation, and food will take more out of your paycheck every month more than they used to. So the goal should no longer be set at making $100K… aim for $1,000,000.

Why not set your goal(s) at one million dollars? If your goal(s) is to make one million dollars… your energy, actions, and excitement must be much higher to hit that goal(s) rather than one hundred thousand dollars. Do you still not believe me?

Any target you set 99% of the time, your going to fall short anyways, so why not raise the target to one million. When you make 750K at the end of the year you will be smiling from ear to ear.

You’re not going to make a million dollars or more per year working for someone else. You need to solve problems and build teams. Put yourself in a position where you can solve a problem in the marketplace while building an empire that can help you reach your goal(s). 

For example; being an independent business owner in a network marketing business, you have the ability to impact millions of lives and the opportunity is endless. The industry gives you the ability to reach your million dollar goal(s) through building teams around the world of like-minded individuals. 

Step 1: Find an irresistible product or offer that you can sell and build an empire. 

Step 2: Create a detailed plan on how and when you will get to that million-dollar goal(s) and execute that daily. Micro over macro. 

Step 3: Attach your goal(s) to a deeper meaning with a stronger “why” for achieving it. 

Remember, things will get tough on this journey but it’s important to never change your goals, but you can always alter the plan if you have to. Never give up to reach your dreams and keep pushing.