Cony Continues to Surprise the Music Industry by Earning High Praise from Hip-Hop Legend and Movie Star Bow Wow

Being recognized by big names in the music industry is a telltale sign of an artist’s prowess and potential. In recent months, budding musician Cony has been making waves and is consistently being noticed by icons of the hip-hop world. In the past, rapper The Game was spotted riding around his car and listening to Cony. This time, he has caught the attention of award-winning movie star and rap star Shad Moss, more famously known as Bow Wow. 

On his most recent Instagram post, the singer shared a clip of Atlanta legend Bow Wow reacting positively to one of his tracks. The veteran has nothing but praise for Cony and even shared a few words of advice and encouragement to the young musician. The recognition could not have come at a better time as the up-and-coming rapper had just moved to Atlanta a week prior. 

Getting these well-deserved acknowledgments from people he idolizes and looks up to is momentous for the newbie. Getting the proverbial stamp of approval from those who had come before him is a clear indication that he had indeed arrived and all his efforts have finally paid off.

Ever since he was young, people had told him to drop his dream of becoming a musician and pursue a different field. He had to fight for his passion and deal with failed expectations from his loved ones. However, he did not lose faith; he turned his pain around and used it as an inspiration and fuel to succeed and build his brand. 

Nowadays, Cony is everywhere, and it is getting harder to keep up with the young man and his busy schedule. He has sold out headline shows and press runs, and many publications have noticed and featured him in their articles. He is even seen on various billboards in Times Square in New York and Atlanta. 

His intense drive and discipline are what sets him apart from the competition, and his rapid rise to stardom is a testament to that. Relentless in his pursuit of success, he can be found in the studio almost every day of the week. Refusing to delay any work that needs to be done, Cony would at times stay up for days on end. Most of his days are spent either strategizing and planning his next move or building meaningful relationships with his idols. Aside from his impressive work ethic, the talented individual is also very versatile and has touched on different genres like R&B, country, and hip-hop. 

When asked about his plans for the future, Cony already has a clear vision for the next few years. He sees himself winning numerous accolades from prestigious award-giving bodies like the Grammy’s in terms of his personal career. The dreamer is also planning on going behind the scenes managing artists and helping them work on their press and production. Ultimately, he wants to become a CEO and the overall boss of his very own music company.

Fans and music lovers alike should be on the lookout for Cony as the gifted artist quickly makes his way to becoming the most talked about person in the music industry. 

Learn more about Cony and his music by visiting his Instagram page.

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