Certified Personal Trainer Becomes a Millionaire After Dropping Out of College

Tanner Fox had always been an athletic kid while growing up in Orange County, California. He played several different types of sports, including football, basketball, and hockey. His favourite sport was hockey above all else, and he would play it often with his friends for fun and on a team in school.

As a child athlete, Fox developed an appreciation for health and nutrition. He learned the value of eating nutritious foods and exercise early in life. He credits fitness for helping to develop both his body and mind. It taught him the discipline to work hard for what you want and to never give up.

After Fox graduated from high school, he became a certified personal trainer because he wanted to make money doing what he loved. He also became a roller hockey coach on the side too. However, both jobs still did not pay enough for him to support himself as a student while attending California State University Fullerton. This forced him to get a third job as a pizza delivery man which he wasn’t so crazy about.

One day, Fox had an epiphany about his situation. He was tired of receiving tiny paychecks for a hard day’s work. Furthermore, he hated not having any free time to do what he wanted because his schedule was always controlled by his bosses.  He yearned to find a better type of lifestyle for himself. That’s when he discovered the potential to make a lot of money online.

For the next few months, Fox researched different ways to make money online by reading articles and watching YouTube videos of other online entrepreneurs. By junior year at California State University Fullerton, Fox was ready to drop out and pursue his own online business venture. He was only 20 years old at the time, and yet, he managed to create multiple six-figure online businesses over the course of the year.

Fox mainly focused most of his time and energy on his biggest business, his Amazon FBA business. The income he made online had greatly surpassed any of the income he made at his previous jobs, including his job as a personal trainer. Although Fox loved helping his clients lose weight and get in shape, that job did not secure his financial future. Only entrepreneurship did that.

Personal health is still something that Fox cares deeply about. That is why he scrounges up whatever limited time he has available each day in order to exercise and take care of his own physical fitness needs. He simply doesn’t feel right unless he’s performed numerous gym workouts. They help him feel better, think better, and perform better at his business endeavours.

With the increase of his own personal success, Fox still missed the positive feeling he got from helping people. But rather than help people train their bodies, he decided to help them train their minds. As a result, Fox started a business where he teaches entrepreneurs how to become financially independent online so that they can quit their jobs and live happy and free.

He’s already trained thousands of entrepreneurs personally and has taught even more students indirectly through his YouTube Channel. Now more people can live out their dreams just like Fox has. 

For more information, please email: thetannerjfox@gmail.com