CeoGamble: Success & Fame in the Telecommunications Industry


You might be someone who is interested in building up a start-up telecommunications company but can’t seem to get things right, then meet Craig Davis. 

He is the CEO of the well-known multi-award winning telecommunications company named Fastwave Communications. It offers over 5 types of services around the country. Over the years, it has proven itself successful by being awarded the “Best of Atlanta” Awards for being the best small business in the Telecommunications Industry in 2019.

But before you dive deeper into what this company offers, it would be nice to first know the man who made it successfully today. He is considered to be one of the top leaders in telecommunications. He is a multi-talented, passionate, and excellent businessman that continues to inspire thousands of workers and young entrepreneurs all around the world. His story is one for the books, because of how it always captivates a reader or listener, especially when it talks about how it all began. 

It began in his hometown when right after college, he worked as a waiter at a local restaurant. And just like any other low key job, every day was tough for him. But being a hard-working and highly motivated person himself, he did not let those hard days get the best of him. He continued to persevere until he got enough money, knowledge, and experience to start off his company. 

While being a husband and a father to his 2 kids, he continued to work himself up to his big dream! Surely, no dream is too big for anyone who believes. The path of determination was not just a walk in the park. Surely, there were a lot of ups and downs along the way, but they only made his dream grow stronger each passing day. 

Fastwave Communications was built and founded by himself. He currently leads many teams of experienced engineers who are robust and experienced to offer more than 5 services to anyone who needs them. Additionally, his business management and consulting services have helped countless models, producers, musicians, and creatives from different parts of the country. One of the secrets to his success is his leadership. He is not just an entrepreneur, he is also a motivator, an educator, and a liaison. The way he leads his team and company isn’t something that you always see in other leaders and companies. He leads with boldness and dedication. He never accepts defeat nor retreat. He goes to the battlefield always prepared. 

The leadership of Craig Davis is what makes Fastwave Communications very successful today. Despite his busy schedule, he never fails to do other things that he is also passionate about, such as being a husband and a father to his family. When he is not busy with the company, you would often see him playing football or recording music. These simple things are what makes him amazing.

If you think that spearheading a company, much more leading a very competitive industry is easy, you need to think twice! But how does he do it? Surely, there should be a lot of variables to consider, but how can he turn his business into a National level for quality of service on the latest installs of 5G Technology and currently operating in 7 states in the S.E? 

It is indeed true that you live by the standards you offer. And so what is the standard that Craig Davis or his company Fastwave Communications display? The answer is found in their company’s motto, which is FIRST IN QUALITY AND INNOVATION, SECOND TO NONE. A company may become successful by providing quality services and innovation, but it can never withstand excellent leadership. 

Craig Davis is the man behind this multi-awarded, telecommunications company! There are a lot of things to learn from this man. People these days are dying to hear him out or even sit down to his teachings and expand their company or even a professional brand. He has a wide knowledge and skills in his craft, but his experience and background overtake them all! If you wish to learn more about Craig Davis and his company, you can visit or for more info.