Case Barnett Law, the Personal Injury Firm Serving the California Community

Working to better the lives of others is one of the many reasons the team at Case Barnett Law fights so hard. The firm, started by husband-and-wife team Case and Nicole Barnett, works to better the community starting with helping every single client with their case, and expanding that to giving back to the community, and making the world safer for everyone. They work in many ways to better the lives of others, whether that is working with charities both local and global, or by advocating for people who have been hurt or severely impacted by negligent actions or unsafe practices of others.  

Case Barnett started his career out as a public defender and learned how to take a case to trial, in some of the hardest situations anyone has ever seen. Taking that same dedication and fight to the private sector, he works every day on cases that have changed client’s lives. At Case Barnett Law, their amazing team is dedicated to getting victims what they deserve. Child injury, moving vehicle accidents, elder abuse, and personal injury are all areas of expertise where Case and the team have made a difference in the lives of individuals and the community, taking on the toughest cases, and changing the way things are done to prevent other people from getting hurt.  

“We try to see the bigger picture of protecting all of society through this one case, we want to do good in the world, and have a bigger impact. Our goal is to effectuate change so that people take the right safety precautions and do the right thing moving forward. And that means working in the community as well, not just on the legal side of it,” Case Barnett. 

The Barnett’s are working to create a place of healing for the community, through what they call “holistic lawyering” looking at the whole picture for clients, not simply trying to get a large settlement.  Nicole is a health integrated practitioner and provides clients resources to help with trauma and healing, and they plan to build a new law firm and family center that has specialized areas with resources for families and children.  

Along with this dedication and work, Case and Nicole are motivated to help others through philanthropy and giving back. Dedicated to helping the children of Orange County and those across the world they work closely with Giving Children Hope, a worldwide organization that aids children in need and is one of the first organizations to get in and provide aid when disaster hits. On a local level, they work every week with the “We’ve Got Your Back,” a nutrition program through Giving Children Hope that provides food to school children in need in Orange County. Every Friday the team helps pack up food bags and give them out to children who need them.   

Case Barnett Law is the firm that is devoted to making things right, and helping people who need it most, those injured and impacted by the negligent and abusive actions of others. With over 14 years of trial experience Case will get the results clients need and will not back down until that is achieved. “We fight because we love setting things right, being the one to place a finger on the scales of justice, ensuring the legal process understands and acknowledges the rights of the victim.” 

Connect with Case and Nicole Barnett and the highly dedicated team at Case Barnett Law on the firm’s website and social media, to see how they go above and beyond in every aspect to serve clients and better the community. 

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