Business Advice From Joe Amichia

Good day to all the entrepreneurs & rich with time/freedom individuals out there. Give yourself a pat on the back because not only are you successful but can do whatever you want, whenever you want, with whoever you want. Now this is your dream, let’s put it to reality. Understand this, we all must learn to embrace our failures without losing enthusiasm each step of the way. This not only builds your character, also strengthen your mind.

Take your time to choose your friends wisely. You need more business partners and fewer friends, that way you know these people are serious as you in the pursuit of a flexible lifestyle. You’re special and unique, figure out how to seize crucial chances that come your way. Bet & invest on yourself; do calculated risks and don’t get upset if you lose money because it comes and goes. Don’t be sensitive to constructive criticism as this is to only help you grow!

Read books and skip going out on Friday night sometimes, it will pay off. Give more than you receive, the universe and good karma will come your way if you keep the faith. JOB stands for just over broke, therefore a job is good for some time but in the long run, strive hard to own your business. Study more about assets such as stocks, bonds, notes, real estate that way money can work for you instead of the other way around. Life pushes us all around and you have options: push back or give up joining the rest of the average minded world.

It’s never easy, but it’s worth fighting the good fight. I know as people we want to be “know it all” its ok if you don’t, rather be humble and realize we have two ears and one mouth & that’s the ratio we should use & listen more. Fully immerse yourself into building a meaningful network especially through social media. Work your brand/business daily and keep on moving toward chasing your dreams. In this microwave age we’re living, a person can become the next hottest commodity in a second (viral) and get irrelevant in a second too, stay active and take action. Grow bold and fearless when arriving to new ideas, don’t become discouraged by small minds who only want to hinder you to keep you mediocre.

I’ve observed that we live in an oversaturated world and the human population is growing by thousands as I type so it’s imperative to do good work and promote yourself. If you don’t who will, be confident in your talent and move your business from stagnant to active. The little things do matter; keep your word, have eye contact when talking to people, give a firm handshake and never ignore your gut feeling. Train your mindset to have a strong belief that you already won the battle before even starting, no matter the odds. Live your life with no regrets and just go for it. Tomorrow isn’t promised and you will never be sure of something unless you actually attempt it.