Author Chanceé Lundy’s Book It’s Just High School Paves the Way for Discussions in Groups and Between Mothers and Daughters

High school is often a difficult time in the lives of many teenagers, especially girls, who endure issues like bullying and shaming. Chanceé Lundy is an author, speaker, and social justice advocate who has watched news of young teenage girls endure issues that lead to tragedy and set out to make a difference. Utilizing her platform as an author, she penned a book titled It’s Just High School, hoping to make a significant impact on the lives of the youth.

Chanceé Lundy is a Selma, Alabama native who knows that she would have walked a path of destruction without women filling the void she experienced in her youth. She believes that there is a thin line between success and failure and the path we choose in life that shapes our outcomes. Chanceé is a firm believer in exposure being utilized as a fundamental tool that can change the trajectory of a young person’s life as it had worked for her. Since then, she has become passionate about creating mechanisms to expose young women to all that life has to offer.

It’s Just High School is an anthology that depicts the real stories of eighteen black women reflecting their high school experience. Each story tells the triumphs they achieved over tragic circumstances, illustrating that nothing is insurmountable. The book and its accompanying journal are tools that tackle the challenges teenage girls face in one of their most critical developments towards young adulthood. It’s Just High School tackles suicidal thoughts, depression, teen pregnancy, peer pressure, sexual violence, and so much more. 

“With the advent of social media and the 24-hour cable news, we are now seeing more of what many have experienced for years,” shared Chanceé Lundy, “I believe that sharing our stories can be powerful, and I don’t know of any other collaboration of black women, specifically geared towards high school-aged girls.”

Despite the unique experience that everyone undergoes, the non-action stories in It’s Just High School reveal that while times have changed, many people share the same experience. The book was written to serve as a source of comfort for girls entering or matriculating through their high school journey.

“This book is a dose of reality for girls who may believe that their circumstances must deny the rest of their life,” said the author, “I believe that this book should be in libraries, used by girls’ organizations, reading clubs, and for shared discussion between parents and teens.”

Chanceé Lundy reveals that she was driven to write It’s Just High School after hearing many stories of teenagers attempting or committing suicide, involving themselves in violent altercations, bullying, struggling with self-esteem issues, and succumbing to peer pressure permanently changing their records.

While It’s Just High School was rereleased in 2021, Chanceé Lundy hopes that her book will become more than just a casual read for some as she strives to turn it into a classroom companion akin to  Maya Angelou’s I Know Why the Caged Bird Sing. The author hopes that her work will be used in mentoring and counseling circles.Additionally, Chanceé foresees It’s Just High School’s success will propel other people who want to speak out and share their stories and how they ultimately succeeded. Learn more about Chanceé Lundy and her book It’s Just High School by visiting her official website.

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