Arthur Butler, The Man of Many Hustles

Today’s work culture has normalized the taking up of more than one job or acquiring “side hustles.” Whether due to economic limitations, where a single salary cannot anymore sustain a modern lifestyle or because of passion, people often bolster their incomes with different avenues of employment.

It’s a role not uncommon to the contemporary consciousness; working at an office during the day, then freelancing online at night, or the quintessential handyman, working as a mechanic, plumber, as well as a cable technician. People are taking up a lot of jobs with seemingly superhuman abilities and infinite energy. Be that as it may, it takes a rare kind of dedication to surpass or even match the hustles of multi-skilled man, Arthur Butler.

An innovative thinker, entrepreneur, athlete, managing partner, and visionary, among many other hats he’s worn, Arthur Butler has done so much and is working on more. In only over six years, he has launched several successful businesses. It is one thing to pursue plenty of paths, but to be a success in most, if not all of them, is something absolutely noteworthy.

One successful project of his is a real estate firm where he also established the Relocation firm, a vital part of the real estate industry, in the latter part of the year 2017. Aside from that, another very notable feat among his long list of accomplishments is the launching of a new, innovative vitamin supplement brand called Hello August Rush.

Born in Indianapolis but raised in Nashville, Tenessee, Arthur Butler proves he is unafraid and always willing to take measured risks. He places a significant belief in going the extra mile, whether in business or on the field. Since he was young, Arthur Butler discovered his appreciation and ability for inventiveness, in himself and in others, which would explain how he can pursue a multitude of projects and careers most would deem impossible to accomplish. His core principles of integrity, passion, transparency, and compassion have propelled him to unprecedented success, scarcely afforded to those that don’t share his relentless drive.

Even though side hustling has been growing more and more, that does not mean it is effortlessly done. As the trend of taking up more than one profession goes up, the rate of burnout does so as well. The human being can only do so much. That said, perhaps it only takes a story of a man doing it correctly to instill hope, perseverance, and the resolution necessary to build the life– or lives they desire.

Arthur Butler’s life is an example and an inspiration that you can achieve all you’ve set out to do, no matter how much nor impossible it seems. For those working several jobs to support themselves or their families, the people following their passion outside their day job, and those that are stuck dreaming of accomplishing more with their lives. You can follow him on Instagram at @abutleriv or email him at