21-Year-Old Royston G King Goes from Living Off His Girlfriend to Running His Own Six-Figure Agency

Royston G King
Royston G King

The story of Royston G King is an inspiring tale of scaling and growth. Even in his personal life, he has experienced immense positive change and development which he currently hopes to bring to his clients. Royston comes from a background of borrowing money from and living off his ex-girlfriend. Through determination and hard work, he reversed his circumstances and forged his own life. He is now helping other people and businesses achieve the same results. 

Before making the decision to pursue his own path, Royston worked for Bain & Company. The prestigious company is a leading management consulting firm to billion-dollar companies and boasted one of the best workplace cultures in the world. Having learned what he could from this experience, and feeling that he had a different destined goal, he left. Royston would later turn down multiple offers from hedge funds, private equities, and investment firms to focus on his own business.

In just 90 short days, he built a 6-figure digital growth marketing agency called Master Scaling. The company has a projected run rate in the millions of dollars by the end of 2020. Having accomplished all this by the age of 21, Roston clearly has the talent and skills to grow and scale businesses, and achieve financial success.

Royston and his team at Master Scaling help local and international businesses like dental practitioners, real estate agents, restaurants, and e-commerce businesses to reach more customers. Royston has clients and team members from the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

Master Scaling uses cutting-edge digital marketing to generate quality leads for their clients. However, Royston’s agency does more than digital marketing. What sets Master Scaling apart from the competition is that the team goes above and beyond lead generation and actually delivers booked appointments and sales for their clients.

A proprietary secret selling system is used by Royston and his team to close the gap between lead generation and actual sales. This system is proven to be highly effective in scaling business operations so clients can experience rapid business growth.

Royston sees his company as the Number 1 growth-focused digital marketing agency across the US, the UK, and Australia. He has been interviewed by London’s leading digital marketing agency. He has also received a personal Facebook message directly from Australia’s top fastest-growing digital marketing agency. What’s more, Royston is well connected with multiple million-dollar digital marketing agencies across America.

Throughout his illustrious career, Royston has connected and rubbed elbows with highly successful millionaires and billionaires. These include Tim Cook, John Paul Dejoria, Gary Vaynerchuk, Janice Bryant Howard, and many others.

From living off his ex-girlfriend to running a six-figure company by the age of 21, self-made entrepreneur Royston is set to win big at life. And he is only getting started. Together with his team at Master Scaling, he is passionately engaged in sharing his success with other businesses in any industry, both local and international, through innovative digital marketing strategies and their proven secret system.