X28, the Fitness and Nutrition Authority Journeying with People toward Better Health and Improved Well-Being

Keeping fit and staying healthy have always been on countless individuals’ New Year’s resolutions. But, over the recent years, the health and wellness industry has noted a considerable surge of interest from those who wish to embrace a healthier lifestyle and truly begin the journey toward a more improved physical, emotional, and mental state—a surge that could be credited to people’s awareness of the association between illnesses and factors such as poor nutrition and a lack of exercise. Established to help those under its wing transform into the best versions of themselves, X28 has emerged as a go-to provider of fitness, nutrition, and weight-loss programs. At the core of its services is the recognition that hitting fitness goals is a challenge that not everyone can overcome when alone and unsupported.

A Black-owned company that places a heavy premium on establishing a tight-knit connection with its customers and shedding light on the realities of diets and exercises, X28 was established in 2017 and managed to reach great heights in a short amount of time. In its first year, its revenue went from 0 to $1 million, a feat that cannot be easily achieved in today’s competitive commercial space and one that’s thanks to its all-out attitude toward helping people get in shape and the leadership of its founder.

At the helm of X28 is Gee Bryant, a highly accomplished health and fitness trainer who’s had his fair share of struggles. Growing up, he had to contend with the harsh truths that come hand in hand with not having the means and the privilege to live life comfortably. So, having known what it’s like to thirst for a better life, he understands the depth of people’s need to see an improved version of themselves.

Through X28, Gee Bryant and his team of dedicated go-getters offer weight loss solutions for all levels. Their easy-to-follow and straightforward system includes a variety of programs designed to help clients reach their health and fitness goals, from losing weight to toning up and building muscle.

“Each program combines challenging workouts with diet guidelines, nutritional supplement recommendations, and unmatched customer service,” shared the purpose-driven CEO.

Well aware of the importance of support in endeavors that require a certain degree of commitment and accountability, X28 has also made sure that it has mechanisms in place that promote a sense of community. Its peer support system, a component of which is the Facebook group X28 Challenge, hopes to emphasize that people are not alone in their weight loss journey.

So far, this fitness authority has lent a hand to thousands of people, maneuvering them in the direction of health and wellness. More impressively, it has documented over 1.5 million collective pounds lost from the participants of its X28 Challenge, a contest that rewards clients for hitting their health goals successfully. In the years to come, it looks forward to seeing that number rise as its 100,000 members continue on their journey toward better health and improved well-being.

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