Veterans Wellness Summit as Healing for Native American Warrior Culture

In every country, there will always be citizens who dedicate themselves as warriors of defense by providing an act of service – protecting and fighting for the nation. As they continue risking their lives while in service, there are only two paths that await them; die in honor of the country or live as a living proof of a brave soul that conquered the hardest battles of humankind.

One of the strongest warriors in the US is the Native Americans, who represent the largest indigenous people community. As the country progresses towards growth and development, it is apparent that the plight of Native Americans is still unheard amidst their representation in the country. 

As indigenous communities continue to strive for representation, the Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement, Inc (GIIA) was created in 2000 with a mission of advancing the social, health, education, and economic status of Indigenous people worldwide. The four pillars are the areas that need focus and attention in developing and promoting the overall wellness of indigenous people. GIIA envisions to empower the indigenous people by giving access to workshops and programs that will help in improving their lives.

One of the wellness programs created by Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement that happens every year is the Veterans Wellness Summit. As one of the strongest warriors of the country and with the highest rate of military service, the Native American veterans remain underserved by the Department of Veteran Affairs. As living proof of brave souls, the indigenous veterans need a new approach to wellness. GIIA commits to bring exposure by conducting workshops for tribal veteran representatives. The workshops discuss veteran benefits and services available for the indigenous people community.

The five-day summit will help in training tribal veteran representatives in the healing process of the warrior culture. GIIA recognizes that indigenous veterans suffer from chronic health problems, severe PTSD and other mental health issues, and high suicide rates. Raising the mental health awareness and training the representatives are crucial in every Native American veteran’s journey towards resilience.

GIIA also pays to respect the brave men and women who died in honor of the country by observing the Veterans Honor Ceremony during the closing ceremony of the summit. Furthermore, this year’s 2020 Veterans Wellness Summit will pay tribute to the 400th anniversary of Landing of the Pilgrims in Massachusetts.

The most important part of the Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement is the people themselves. Believing in their network of people who share their experiences and resources, the mission and vision of GIIA in advancing the lives of indigenous people are realized. Joining their mission could help create and build a future for the Native American community. 

GIIA also recognizes the need for support to serve better and address the plight of the Native American community. Their cause has been supported by donations from people who also want to make an impact. The success in their mission and vision is contributed by the people who believed in the advocacy; the power to change the lives of every Native American.

To know more how Global Initiative for Indigenous Advancement is making an impact in the Native American community visit their website. For more information on how you can join and donate, contact Daniel StrongWalker Thomas on Facebook.